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Video Window is the world’s first always-on immersive video conferencing portal for teams. Now having instant communication with colleagues across the region, country or world is a breeze!

The Challenge:

The folks at Collaboration Squared wanted an inspirational and humorous video with a human-centric approach. In this particular piece, we needed to show the technological aspect of the product as well as the dynamics of the company, which implied showing a lot of characters interacting in a friendly workplace.

The Solution:

We created a video full of stylized characters with a splash of (simile) traditional animation that helped us get that humorous tone. The vast color palette gave us the opportunity to make a vivid and cheerful video with a modern feel. We even included some reference to the epic movie “Back to the Future” per the request of our client. Can you find them through out the video?


2D Animation


60 seconds


Information Technology

Daryl Hutchings

Daryl Hutchings

Owner and CEO at Collaboration Squared

“The best thing about working with Yum Yum Videos was the quality of their work and that they’ve got things under a quick space of time”

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