Rhombus Network | Explainer Video

Rhombus connects your blockchain-based smart contract with accurate, computable, secure and dependable data. How do they do it? Find out in this explainer video we’ve made for them:

The Challenge:

Our friends at Rhombus Networks wanted a video with a modern and technical look. They needed to convey sophistication to their audience (as they are a software company), and chose to have a combination of characters and motion graphics. The challenge was to combine all these elements in a compelling way.

The Solution:

With the “sophisticated” concept in mind, we created a balanced pastel palette of purple and pinks that remained consistent throughout the entire video, achieving cohesion and promoting product identity. The result was a a sleek and modern look with smooth animation and beautiful transitions.


2D Animation


90 seconds


Information Technology

Maria Brenner

Maria Brenner

Writer, Producer, Editor at Phelps

“If you need something that they’re going to remember, something that belongs only to your brand, Yum Yum can give you that”

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