Spitz | Explainer Video

Spitz manufactures and installs planetarium projection systems with interactive 3D visualization designed specifically for teaching.

The Challenge:

Spitz reached out to us looking for a video that communicated their product’s capabilities to a wide crowd of educators, science coordinators, and teachers at school and university level. Our challenge was to make a video that would appeal to a personal level to them all and be inspirational in nature. The company wanted the viewers to imagine themselves immerse in this universe of knowledge and to make a real impact.

The Solution:

We crafted a character-driven story that the viewer can relate to. In terms of design, we opted for a more realistic approach with well-proportioned and defined faces which helped to convey emotions much more effectively. The result was a very lively video, with an aspirational tone.


2D Animation


60 seconds



Daryl Hutchings

Jen Erickson

Director of Digital Advertising at DocuSign

“The internal feedback we’ve gotten has been great and we appreciate Yum Yum Videos ability to remain responsive and meet deadlines.”

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