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11 Ways to Not Ruin Your Whiteboard Video Production


Are you ready to have a great whiteboard video for your brand?

Well, stop there for a second!

First, let me answer that question for you. Of course you are, because whiteboard videos are highly engaging. They mix high-quality animation and an educational value to help you increase conversions and improve your marketing strategy.


But, like other great things in life, there’s a catch! Even though whiteboard videos are incredibly useful tools, you must be sure to use them correctly.

There are some rules that must be followed, or else, your video could be ruined from the very beginning.

There are some ways to avoid ruining your whiteboard videos, the first one being that you must know the rules of the whiteboard video production process. But, something even even better, you must know the rules but also find a professional that specializes in them: find a high-quality video production company.

But first, let’s talk about the ways you can keep your whiteboard animated video from being ruined!

#1. Always show the drawing hand!

There are three basic elements in any whiteboard video production process, and the first one of them is the drawing hand.

When whiteboard videos first appeared, everything was drawn by hand. Now, the work is mostly done in a digital way (which is great, because you can add some special effects, and overall the videos look cleaner and more professional), but the drawing hand is still an important part of this equation!

If you want your video to have the recognizable style of a whiteboard video, you can’t forget the drawing hand.

Look at this example!

#2. Remember the white background

This is the second of the basic elements for whiteboard videos. The white background! Of course, if what you want is a whiteboard video, you need the white background that mimics the whiteboard.

Of course, you could get a little creative and change it, if you think it will add a layer of meaning to your story; but keep in mind that this may erase the whole spirit of the whiteboard video production itself.

#3. A continuous black drawing

Ok, the third basic element for a whiteboard video is this: a continuous black drawing. Interconnected drawings will give continuity to your story, and also create anticipation in your viewers, and spark their interest.

How? As the story is going to be created in front of their eyes, they will be always wondering what comes next.

#4. Keep it traditional!

Now that you know the three basic elements of any great whiteboard video, it’s time that you internalize them and use them. Keeping your video traditional will guarantee that the whiteboard video style is recognizable. That means that it will be effective: interesting, educational and fun.

Whiteboard Animation Production

So, keep your video as traditional as you can.

#5. But not so much

Does it sound like I’m contradicting myself? Well, I’m not! Because even though you should keep your video traditional, you’re actually encouraged to add some creative details to emphasize some key points in your message.

For example, even though you’ve read earlier that a black continuous drawing over a white background is what makes the essence of a whiteboard video, you can disrupt this a little bit by  adding some hints of color. Even better, add some hints of your brand’s colors so you make your brand present during the video.

The point here is to keep everything in its correct balance. You can use color, but not too much (because if what you want is a full color video, there are some other types of explainer videos you can use, like a cartoon animation).

This way, you’ll be keeping the essential style of a whiteboard video, and at the same time adding a bit of a personal touch.

awareness - how to improve your marketing

#6. Animated Characters

An animated character is a representation of your buyer personas (which are, if you recall, the representation of your ideal customers).

It’s incredibly important to put some thought into using animated characters in your whiteboard videos, because animated characters are what will give real continuity to your story — because you’ll be building your story around them!

Also, animated characters make your audience feel empathy and identification. This will add a personal approach, and make your video entertaining and fun to watch!

For example, look at this video. It uses an animated character, and also some hints of color, as we discussed in #5!

#7. Stir your audience’s emotions

Following that train of thought, yes, you want your audience to feel empathy, you want them to feel identification, you want them to feel something!

What you should be looking for, is to stir your audience’s emotions with your story. Why? Because emotion is what will engage your audience, and catch their attention.

Make them feel happy, nostalgic, empathetic… this is what will make them identify with your message. If you strike the right cord, they will remember your video, and be interested in your brand.

This is a perfect example of it:

#8. A Whiteboard Video is an educational video!

Yes, whiteboard videos and educational videos go hand in hand. Even more so, education and whiteboards go hand in hand! (Because what could be more educational than a whiteboard?)

Whiteboard animation has  great potential for education, so use that in your favor. They are perfect for attracting and retaining your audience’s attention, and people learn things better when they’re interested, and having fun!

#9. Be sure to have a great script

You want to have the best story, the most engaging one. This is done by knowing how to write a consistent and interesting script, and especially, knowing how to write a script by keeping your online marketing strategy in mind.

To achieve this, and to write the best script for your whiteboard video, your goal should be to focus on your potential customers and their needs. When writing a script for a whiteboard video, always keep in mind that your prospects have questions and problems that need to be solved.

Actually, we’ve created a free e-book, just for you, with the information you’ll need about  how to write a video script! Go take a look, to learn about the script writing process in depth.

#10. When your script is finished, read it out loud

Just like you would test a recipe before serving it to a queen, you must test your script before it goes out to the world. And how can you test it? It’s so easy, it may even sound dumb: you have to read your script out loud.

It will help you a lot! This is because you want to have a script that sounds natural, so you must read it out loud to be sure that your choice of voice inflections, speed of speech, and emphasis on some words sound as natural as  can be.

best Whiteboard Video Production

#11. Find the best Whiteboard Video Production Company

The most important tip I can give you, if you really want to have the best whiteboard video for your brand, is this: Your videos always have to be  the best quality.

If your whiteboard video is not of the highest quality, the credibility of your brand will suffer. Of course, you don’t want that! So you need expertise and professionality.

More specifically, you need your video to be done by people who know what they’re doing: a team that is capable of turning your complex concepts into the best custom whiteboard video.

Look for a whiteboard video production company that has a solid portfolio and good references. Do your research!

I could give you a hint of who we think the best explainer video production company is!


You need to keep some things in mind when you’re creating a great whiteboard video. First, remember: if you really want to create a whiteboard video, you must follow the three basic elements (a drawing hand, a black continuous drawing and a white background to draw on).

These elements are what give whiteboard videos their style, and without them, you may as well be creating any other kind of video, because it will be very difficult to identify as a whiteboard animation.

But besides this, you can add your personal touch, like your brand’s colors or special animation effects. Also, you must be sure that your script highlights the educational power of whiteboard animation: it’s such an important advantage to use whiteboard videos as educational tools, that you’d be missing out a lot if you didn’t use it!

The most important thing of it all, is that your video must be of the greatest quality, and the only way to ensure this is by hiring the best video production company!

So, if you’re you ready to have the best whiteboard explainer video for your business, let’s chat!


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