Do you really know how to make an explainer video?

6 December, 2017  

Ok, your business is looking healthy, you are making a profit and have a great customer base but that isn’t enough, right? Of course, you want your business to continue to thrive and grow which means you need to look at alternative marketing methods such as an explainer video.

how to make an explainer video

This is a method used to convey a message to your audience while showing how you can solve their problems. In a broad sense, it is relatively simple. You create corporate videos to show your audience how your products or services can provide them with a solution but there is more to it than that.

This kind of video is targeted at your audience and its main goal is to grab the attention and keep them interested, then they will trust your brand and your promise to them. However, have you ever considered whether you know how to make an explainer video? There is every chance that you are not sure what is required so read on to find out what you need to do and what you definitely shouldn’t do!

The Process Behind Making an Explainer Video

You are going to need a script

This is a video that needs to pack a punch so it needs to get your message across to your audience quickly and effectively. After all, this is a marketing video so you need to make sure it comes with a message and tells a story because that will capture the audience.

ebook: How to write a script?

Time to Design a Story Board

A storyboard will help you to gain an idea of how the video will work as it will provide an understanding of where the cameras will be located along with characters and all other aspect of the video. It paves the way for both the illustration and animation sections.

You will need a voiceover

As your video is delivering a message, it is important that the message is delivered effectively through the use of a clear voiceover. Therefore, you will need to use the services of a professional who will be able to add the correct tones and emotion.

Time to start illustrating

You have already created your storyboard which includes all visual elements of your video and so, you will need a professional illustrator to begin the process of bringing your video to life. Your audience should be able to identify themselves with your video and should be portrayed through your characters as this will help them to become familiar with your brand.


This is the stage where your video will come together because it will merge the storyboard and illustrations together and add all the visual aspects to really give your video an identity. Using professional animators is a requirement at this staged because they will give characters a personality.

testimonial video production

The Sound of Music

Your video may require background music or sound effects. This will make it extremely important to choose the right music to fit the mood of your video while ensuring it does not take over the importance of the voiceover.

Following the process correctly is key to making the video a success. The process outlined above will ensure that the process runs smoothly and efficiently.

So, now you understand how to get it right and how to create an explainer video but you are not in the clear yet because you are susceptible to mistakes, just like everyone else, but avoiding the obvious mistakes will give you a better chance of making the video a success.

The Mistakes to Avoid

The video lasts too long

Failing to provide your audience with relevant information quickly will result in them losing interest. A common mistake is for videos to be too long which clouds the message and makes it almost impossible for the audience to benefit from it.

Not Understanding the Importance of Your Audience

Any marketing video will have a target audience and your explainer video will be no different. Failing to acknowledge your audience will cause them to feel disconnected from your brand and that will mean that the message is lost. You need to identify your customers and target them through your video.

Bad Quality

Some people try to save money on the production of their video by creating one that is low quality and badly designed. This is a bad move because people want clear videos that look good because they want to enjoy it and it will also damage the image of your brand. This is why using the services of a professional video company is important. Regardless of the budget, make sure the video is of a high standard.

It Becomes too Sales-like

While you are in business to make money, you need to make your audience feel like you are trying to solve their problem. Many focus on the features of the product and that can result in the video feeling like it is a sales pitch. If this occurs, the audience will feel like they are being talked at as opposed to being helped which is exactly what you want to do.

ebook: You have an explainer video, now what?

No Consistency in the Design

Your brand will have an image. This could be a logo or a set of colours but failing to use them in your video will make your video feel like any other. Your video needs to reflect your business so that people recognise the video and your brand and link the two together. This way they will get a feel for your brand while forming a bond with it. Watch this great video we made for Docusign, and note what we are talking about:

The Same as the Rest

Using pre-designed templates to create your video is the quick route to failure because the characters and the video as a whole will look like many others. This will mean that it does not relate to your audience on a personal level. Quality is compromised and there is no real personality which makes it difficult to get your message and brand across.

Poor Sound

The video is pointless without the correct voiceover so make sure that you do not play your brackground music too loud at incorrect times. While adding music is an effective tool, your video will fail to deliver its message if the audience cannot hear what is being said.

Incorrect Voiceover

Trying to do the voice over yourself or by using a voice over that has a strong accent will seriously damage the impact that the video has. Therefore, it is imperative that you hire a professional who has a native voice to create your voice over because they will understand how the flow of emotion and tone will enhance the video. Check this video and pay attention to the accent.

It is not Easy to Understand

Too much information and a complicated video will see your audience tuning out pretty quickly. It is vital that your video is simple and effective. While it needs to be impressive so that it captures the audience it does not need to be over-complicated. Explain how you understand the problem experienced by your audience and then tell them how you will solve it. That is all they need to know.

You Give your Audience too Much

You may sell a range of products or services but your audience do not need to know all of this in one video. Providing them with all of this information will simply mean that they lose interest. The trick here is to target one product or service and aim to explain that in a thorough and interesting way.

You Go It Alone

It is possible to make an explainer video yourself because the tools to do so are readily available. However, it is not as simple as this. If you want to create a video that works on every level, you will need to use the services of a professional video production company who will bring a team of professionals together who know how to deliver marketing videos. It will take a team of around ten professionals to bring your video together because it is not an easy task which is why you shouldn’t attempt to do it yourself. If you attempt to go it alone, you will find that it will cost you money and lost time as well as a badly made video at the end. Therefore, choose a professional video production company that understands your needs and what the video needs to achieve. So, get in touch with us so we can help you to create.


An explainer video that is well structured and directed at the target audience will work in a successful way. They need to be informative and entertaining enough to keep the audience interested. The idea is to provide a solution once you have shown that you understand the problem that your audience faces. The stages of the process are important while avoiding the most common mistakes will enable you to create a video that will work on every level.

Make it unique, make it interesting and most of all, make it work. Don’t doubt and give us call!

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