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It’s Time To Create A Video For Your Business — And We’ll Tell You Why!


Are you ready to create a video for your business?

I’m sure you want to know what the real advantages of creating and implementing video content are. So, if you aren’t sure if you’re ready for video yet, we’ve got 12 reasons to help convince you!

It’s time to understand why it’s so important to use video content in your marketing strategy.

Let’s get started!


1. People prefer videos instead of text

When you want to tell your audience about your company and your products, you have to choose — is it better to do it through text or through an explainer video? If your audience is given the choice, they’ll choose video.

But, why?

Because reading paragraph after paragraph can be tiring. Studies show that when given the choice, people tend to avoid cognitive strain, and this is why people choose their information sources on how easy they are to process.

Video content is designed to communicate information in a better way — it’s more engaging than text, it catches attention quickly and people learn better when they watch video. So it’s only natural that your audience prefers to watch an explainer video than to read text.

2. Video will help with your SEO efforts

One of the effects of people choosing video over text, and overall people loving video so much, is that they tend to play every video that they find on their way.

Consider how very powerful this gets when you use video on your website.

Using video content in strategic places of your website, like your landing page, means that your audience will take a moment to play your video before going through the rest of your site.

This increases the time spent on your website, and that’s something that search engines value a lot.

Search engines like Google (and its not-so-famous distant relatives, like Bing and Yahoo) value the time your audience spends on your website for their rankings. So, having video on your site works as a way to appear higher in searches — in fact, you’re 53 times more likely to show up first on Google if you have a video embedded in your site.

3. Video content gets you on YouTube

Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, just after Google? And, just like Google, appearing on searches and getting ranked high is very important to improve your visibility and awareness.

Getting to the first results in YouTube searches is not an impossible task (in fact, we’ve written a free e-book about how to rank #1 in YouTube, you should check it out!) — but you should consider how important it is to deliver the kind of videos that people are searching for on YouTube.

What are these videos, you may ask? Well, when people are looking to learn a new skill, DIY something or investigate about a subject, they tend to do it on YouTube (because it’s a fact that people learn things better and faster with video!). In fact, “how-to” searches went up the last couple of years.

Educational video content is important, and it’s also important to be on YouTube. It’s the only way you’ll get to appear in the second largest search engine!

4. Video sparks emotion and identification in your audience

When you manage to create a strong emotional connection between your audience and your brand, you’ve got the battle half won. Video content is extremely effective at building this kind of bond with your audience, especially with animation, like animated explainer videos.

How can they be so effective? It’s a mixture of storytelling and magic. (I’m kidding, it’s mostly storytelling).

With animated videos, you’re able to create cartoon characters that resemble your target audience, and stories that make them aware of a certain struggle they’re going through (and how your company can help them solve it!).

Also, cartoon animations have the power of reminding your audience of the cartoons they used to watch as kids, sparking some healthy nostalgia. They will link these positive emotions to your brand, creating a deep connection!

5. Video increases purchases and conversions

Did you know that 65% of people say that they’re more likely to buy a product online after they’ve watched a video? Don’t worry, we’ll say it for you: That’s A LOT. In fact, marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users.

But the stats are not over, no. A website that doesn’t use video has an average conversion rate of 2.9%. Compare that to the 4.8% average conversion rate of a website that uses video, and then you’ll understand why video content is not just an option anymore. It’s a must-have for any business.

6. They also show a very high ROI

Let’s keep up with the stats a bit longer, because this is a big one: a whopping 52% of businesses say that video content is the one that has the highest ROI (Return On Investment). This is something that many business owners worry about, and they’re right to do so! But with video it’s just not a problem.

Boost your marketing efforts with video

The cost of creating a video sometimes can be high, but you’ll be right if you assume that you’ll get your money back in just a few months– and everything that comes after that will be just profit for your brand.

Knowing this means that you can safely invest your money into video content, because it will be worth it.

7. Video is the cornerstone of social media

Video content is the king of every social media platform that’s worth considering, and it’s because of a simple reason: it generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined. The rising importance of video in the daily lives of social media users just can’t be denied.

Facebook, which wears the crown for the biggest social network in the world, has launched a series of new video-centered features: Facebook Live, 360 Videos, Lifestage… Because video is the cornerstone of social media.

76% of users say that they would share a company video as long as it’s entertaining, because they’re looking for entertainment– regardless of the source.

Lots of conversations are actually shaped by that entertainment, so if you want your brand to be at the center of the conversation, you must bet on video.

8. Video + Email marketing = A match made in heaven

We all know how big the power of email marketing is. But video content has some superpowers of itself, and one of them is that video boosts email open rates and click-throughs!

The simple inclusion of the word “video” can increase your open rates from 7 to 13%, and if you put a thumbnail of your video in your email’s body, your click-through rate will be multiplied by two.

With video, you’re showing your audience that you have something important to say, and you’re going to say it in the most direct, simple and comfortable way for them.

So, when you create a video for your business, make sure to include it in your email marketing strategy!

9. Video content can always be recycled!

After you’ve created and successfully used a video for your business, it doesn’t have to be the end of its life. If you know how to do it, you can definitely increase your video’s worth by extracting so much more content out of it.

For example, you could create GIFs out of some parts of your video to post funny reactions on Twitter, or short Instagram-friendly videos like “How-To”s. You can also reshuffle them to make whole new videos!

Video content is just like a gift that keeps on giving.

10. Video ads have the highest click-through rate

On average, the click-through rate of video ads is 1.84%, which is the highest for any type of online advertisement. Why do you think that is?

It’s because Internet users are constantly being bombarded by ads of all kinds, so they get to a point where it’s just easier to ignore them. The only way to make your ad work is to stand out from the crowd, grab your audience’s attention, and retain it!

And standing out from the crowd is something that video content does better than any other kind of content. In fact, even if your audience doesn’t click through to your ad at first, they’ll surely remember you afterwards: 76% of total Ad Recall can be achieved just in the first 10 seconds.

11. Video fits perfectly on mobile

When you’re thinking of strategies to reach your audience, you’d be wrong if you don’t take mobile devices into account. Mobile has taken over the world, and anyone with eyes can see it– everywhere you go people are always connected to their devices!

And this is a good thing. We’re more connected, we’re always aware of lots of information, and we watch a lot of video. 33% of tablet owners watch about an hour of video every day, while 28% of smartphone users watch a video at least once a day. This number might seem low right now, but it’s growing by the minute.

The numbers are growing so fast because video is the perfect type of content for mobile screens. Reading on these screens is tiring for most people, and it often represents a hard task that people don’t want to do.

Instead, video fits perfectly on mobile screens and it’s a way to communicate a message that’s simple and easy to watch on any device.

12. Videos are a great way to explain concepts

When you need to explain complex concepts, or just concepts that you need your audience to understand perfectly, video is your best choice.

There are things that need to be understood very clearly, like new products or services, their features and how they can help solve your prospects’ problems– and this is something that only an explainer video can achieve.

Most people, in fact 98% of users say they’ve watched an explainer video to learn about a particular product or service, and this is why explainer videos are such an essential tool to have in any business— especially given how many people are actually watching them!

Bonus: Videos are an amazing data source!

Let’s wrap this up in a more technical note: With videos, you’ve got the ability to track everything that happens when your audience is watching. Video has a lot of data to provide and it’s important that you learn to track this data and interpret it.

With this, you can learn a lot about your target audience. How long are they watching your video for? In which parts of the video did they click on key areas? If they stopped watching it at some point, which point was it and why? By looking closely at this data you’ll be able to enrich your strategy even more.

For all of these reasons, video content is essential for any business. At Yum Yum Videos we are totally aware of this, and that’s why we’ve created a little something for you– A free infographic on why explainer videos are the greatest marketing tool. Enjoy!

Improve your marketing campaign with video



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