Improve your Buyer’s Journey With Different Types of Video Content

24 September, 2018  

There are a lot of different kinds of videos out there. And by a lot, we mean a lot.

Yes, having different types of content is essential to create an inbound marketing strategy that actually works, but you must be smart – it’s not enough to use just any kind of video… You need the right one, used in the right moment.

It might be tricky to understand which types of videos will meet your brand’s goals, but it’s not impossible. The secret is to identify and understand your audience.

If you understand what they need, it’ll be easy to create video content that meets those needs. The best way to do this is by tracing a clear path of your buyer’s journey.

Let’s dive deeper into that!

Let’s refresh concepts: Buyer’s Journey

The buyer’s journey is every step your customer takes before they make a purchase.

From the moment in which they become aware of a certain need, until they decide to take action and buy a product or service that solves this need.

It’s an active process in which your audience will need a lot of information. Your job is to provide this information and help them go through the journey as easily as possible.

But they won’t need the same kind of content all the time. It’s important to provide your audience with the specific kind of information they need in every step of the journey.

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How video will improve your Buyer’s Journey

Video content is effective. It’s one of the most engaging types of marketing content out there!

  • Video gets 1200% more shares than text and images combined
  • One-third of all online activity is spent watching video
  • It’s the type of content with the best ROI

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg right there. Video content is the golden tool of online marketing – people consume it, share it and retain its content better than any other type of content.


This is why it’s so effective for your inbound marketing strategies. It gives the necessary ‘fuel’ to your buyers, so they can go through the journey and get all the way to the purchase phase.

Using video in your strategy is important, but it’s not enough. You need to maintain high-quality standards in your videos, and you definitely need more than one.

Different types of video content will cover every need of your audience. Let’s take a look at some types of videos and how they’ll improve each stage of the buyer’s journey.

The best types of videos for every stage

As we saw earlier, the buyer’s journey consists of three main stages: awareness, consideration and decision. Which videos work for each stage?

1. Awareness Stage

In the first stage of the journey, your audience is becoming aware that they have a certain problem they need to solve. Your job is to educate them about it, using great quality video content.

Educational Videos

So, if you need to educate your audience, it doesn’t get more obvious than using educational videos, right?

Well yes, you’re right. Educational videos are great for the awareness stage, because with them you can educate your audience about their problems (and how they can, eventually, be solved).

They’re also shareable and fun… and people love to learn new things. Especially through video.  

Commercial Ads

Commercial ads are your way to go if your goal is to engage your future customers. With these videos, (which use an engaging story and powerful visuals) you’ll make a great first impression.

2. Consideration Stage

During the consideration stage, which is the middle part of your buyer’s journey, your audience has become aware of their problems, and now they’re actively looking for ways to solve them.

There will probably be many different kinds of solutions. Your job is to show your audience why the best solution is the one that you’re offering.

How-To Videos

How-To videos will solve any questions your audience may have. With them you can educate your audience in an entertaining way, while at the same time you’re offering a valuable piece of content.

Take this video as an example. We made a how-to video explaining the explainer video production process, which is valuable information for our customers, and it also helps promote our work:

Product Videos

Most people like to see the product in action before they buy. With product videos you can give your audience exactly what they want: Show them how your products work and how great they are!

You’ve got many options to do this. One way to go is to use live-action videos, because it can be very engaging for your audience to see the reactions of customers just like them.

But you can also give it a twist and create an animated product video, which can be much more entertaining. Or a screencast video, which works great for digital products or services.

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Explainer Videos

Explainer videos introduce your business to your audience in just a few seconds. These videos tell the story of your business, what you do, how you do it and why your customers need you.

They’re one of the most effective kinds of video because they essentially work as the ultimate sales pitch – they offer a lot of information in the least amount of time, with a concise message, powerful visuals and a clear narrative.

And they come in many styles, too! Whiteboard animation, cartoon animation, motion graphics… You just have to choose the one that blends best with your brand’s style.

Look at this example:

3. Decision Stage

During the decision stage, your prospects will actually become your customers by making the purchase decision. They’re ready to buy, they just need a little bit more information.

You see – they may be ready to buy, but they haven’t decided which company they’re going to buy from. It’s your job to show them what makes your company special, so they end up choosing you.

Give them a little push in the right direction. Show them why you’re the best.

Customer Testimonials

A great way to show them this, is by building brand trust. And one of the best ways to do it is by using customer testimonials.

Testimonials are videos that show your real customers, telling their own success stories of working with your company. They become your brand’s advocates, and that increases your prospect’s confidence about the product or service that you’re offering.

One thing to remember? Be authentic – feature real customers, with real and powerful stories to tell.

About Us Videos

Another way to build trust is by making a video that shows the real story and people behind your brand. People like to know (and like!) the people they’re buying from, because it makes the whole process more real.

Use “About Us” or Company Story Videos to share your story to your customers. If they feel like they really know you and your team, they’ll be inclined to trust you – and they’ll choose your product over anyone else’s.

Build Brand Loyalty: The Delight Stage

Everything that comes after the buyer’s journey, it may be technically not an official part of the journey, but it’s a really important one.

Let’s call it the delight stage.

It’s much easier to encourage people to buy when they’ve done it before. This is called customer retention, and it’s a level of loyalty that can be achieved with video content. 


Thank You Videos

First, think about the customer experience. After they’ve purchased the first product, they think that the experience is over, right? They bought, and that’s it.

Why restrain yourself from walking the extra mile – and actually thank them for their purchase instead? Send them a personalized ‘Thank you’ video. Your customers will appreciate the attention and the follow up, and the pleasant surprise will make them come back.


Create video content that promotes your other products, especially those that can relate to the product that they’ve already bought.

This way, you’ll be helping them add value to their previous purchase experience.

Summing it up…

There are many types of videos that will help you improve your buyer’s journey. The trick here is to know when to use which kind of video.


There’s no video that will fit perfectly in every stage – they must be placed especially in the right stage. Your videos also need to be completely customized: a one-size-fits-all generic video won’t do any good to your marketing strategy, and it won’t work for your brand at all.

All of your video content must be tailored to meet your needs and the ones of your clients. Don’t take it for granted! You need video content that represents you, that communicates your message and that speaks directly to your target audience.

At Yum Yum Videos we know how important this is, because completely customized content is what makes our videos a success.

Your brand will need many different types of videos to succeed – high-quality, 100% customized video. So, if you’re ready to start creating the content that will boost your marketing efforts, just drop us a line!

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