How to Mix Video Content Marketing with Your Ongoing Strategies

There’s no denying that video is a powerful medium on its own. It boasts a tremendous potential to attract, engage, and convince viewers, and marketers who use it are usually delighted by the results it provides.

But did you know video content marketing can deliver even better results when paired with other strategies?

Just as video can spice up other marketing setups, unleashing their full potential, these strategies can benefit video as well, serving as excellent distribution and outreach channels.

The thing is, it can sometimes be challenging to figure out which strategies and channels match your niche and style best. But fret not; we are here to make things easier for you 😉

In this piece, we’ll talk about the benefits of mixing video content marketing with a number of digital marketing strategies and tell you how to full advantage of each combination! Giving you the basic framework to improve your promotional efforts in no time.

Let’s dive in!

Video content marketing

Video + Content Marketing – Generating instant appeal

Providing your audience with valuable content is a surefire way of winning their respect, and – why not? – loyalty.

Your audience appreciates that you invest time and resources in educating and informing them instead of constantly pitching your products or services. So, not surprisingly, a content marketing strategy can help position your brand as a knowledgeable authority and make people hold you in high regard.

Doubly so when combined with video content.

Few (if any) types of content have the condensing power that video wields. Any topic you want to explain to your audience becomes easier to understand once you add video into the mix. Yes, even that super complex idea that’s at the core of your industry!

As a result, when you combine your message with video, it becomes more engaging and valuable – attributes that are common to any successful content marketing strategy.

Pro tip: the aim of a content marketing setup is not just to educate but also to attract. And who can argue the fact that video is one of the most enticing mediums out there? Explainer videos, in particular, mix visuals, sound design, and information delivery that can turn watching a piece into an immersive experience!

Check out our portfolio for more video examples like this!

To Make the Most Out of the Mix:

Even after deciding to bring video into your strategy, you can’t forget the first and foremost rule of content marketing: quality.

Yep – to reap the benefits of video content marketing, your pieces should be polished to a professional level!

We are not just talking about offering them helpful information with a fresh approach – although that’s part of it, – but also about optimizing each element of your piece in a way that boosts your brand image. An entertaining script, beautiful visuals, expressive acting, and meaningful sounds… when it comes to effective video content marketing, there’s no part of the puzzle you can neglect.

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Video + Email Marketing – Forming deeper connections

We have written various articles about the power of this combo – and there are good reasons why!

Take the streamlined immediacy of email and add the attractiveness of video content marketing. What do you get? A reliable way to connect with your leads and prospects!

Video and email mutually benefit each other: email accounts for an effective way to distribute video content, whereas video makes emails more engaging and appealing. So much so that just adding the word ‘video’ to your email subject line can drastically improve open rates!

There are plenty of studies showing how click-through rates skyrocket once you include videos inside. Moreover, your message becomes more impactful and informative with video, which allows you to fit a lot more information into your emails without making them boring or long.

All of this adds to recipients being more likely to open, engage with, and process your entire message instead of just scanning through it or binning it.

Last but certainly not least, let’s not forget that video emails are more measurable than regular emails. Video content marketing can provide you with a number of metrics to help you understand your audience’s watching behavior, which you can use to shape and optimize your content accordingly.

To Make the Most Out of the Mix:

Something vital you need to remember when implementing this strategy is that many big-name email providers, like Gmail, can’t support embedded videos.

To ensure all your recipients can watch your content comfortably, you have to embed a video thumbnail or GIF that redirects viewers to your video. Otherwise, your strategy might fall short of expectations since a portion of your audience won’t even get to see the videos!

Video + Social Media Marketing – A driver of engagement

Social media is a world where established and flourishing businesses can capture new clients’ attention. It’s also a place dominated by visual content, so it’s safe to state adding video content marketing to your social accounts is bound to be a winning move.

Most audiences nowadays are tired of brands that fill their feeds with self-promotional content and “special offers” exclusively. So, using helpful or interesting video content marketing as part of your social strategy can help you gain more followers and turn them into loyal customers.

However, that’s not to say you can’t benefit from both camps! If your current social strategy relies heavily on promotions, video can make your message more attractive and more likely to grab people’s attention.

To Make the Most Out of the Mix:

When leveraging this combination, you must consider the differences between a traditional video and one meant for social media.

Social videos differentiate from traditional videos just as much as social users differentiate from other online audiences. On most social platforms, people tend to enjoy short and dynamic video content and are prone to abandon long, dull videos at the beginning.

So, remember to make your social videos brief and to the point. It doesn’t hurt to start with a compelling introduction, either!


ebook: The definitive guide for video in social media

Video + Advertisement – A conversion powerhouse

Try to think of TV commercials that have stamped on your memory.

Ready? Good! Now do the same but with static graphic ads – not so easy, right?

That’s the power of combining video content with advertisement. Even great images or texts aren’t as memorable as videos. Maybe more important, they aren’t as enticing.

Videos’ motion and sound design bring about a powerful dynamism that, almost magically, can capture people’s attention and stick in their minds.

Moreover, video is a highly efficient way to convey your message. You can fit more information in a shorter time and in an effective manner. As a result, you can provide more context to viewers, which can get a much clearer idea of what you are selling and how they’d could benefit from it.

In short, it’s a perfect medium for promoting your products and services.

To Make the Most Out of the Mix:

Two words: on-point branding.

Branding is fundamental for any video content marketing campaign, whether or not it involves ads. That said, most advertisement efforts are meant to raise brand awareness and retention, so branding is particularly important in such a framework.

So, when producing a video, aim for the tone and style that distinguishes your brand from the rest. The color scheme, the logo, the words in your script… every element should sound true to your brand’s unique style.

Video + SEO – The definition of synergy

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most instrumental practices of online marketing.

Designed to make your online content appear on top of SERPs, this strategy can expand your content’s reach with a relatively low investment. And with video content marketing into the mix, you stand a higher chance of landing among the precious first results!

You see, search engines like Google favor websites with videos for a couple of good reasons:

Using a video increases click-through rates on search engines by a whopping 157%. It also reduces bounce rates, as visitors spend more time on websites with videos than those without. These facts serve as another proof of the magnetism that videos generate.

To Make the Most Out of the Mix:

Your instinct might tell you that the more videos you add to your website, the more they benefit your SEO. Well, that’s a big no-no.

Search engine bots crawl one video per page, so they only register the first piece they come across. With this in mind, you should use only one video per webpage. If that’s not possible, always put your most important video first. After all, neither crawlers nor visitors want to scroll far down to find your quality video content.

Video + Social Proof Marketing – A road to solid consumer trust

Social proof is a psychological concept that determines that people tend to follow their peers’ actions believing that if they did something and are happy with the results, it’ll probably apply to them as well.

This concept has inspired marketers to highlight the popularity of their products and services and use third-party opinions as a way of winning their customers’ trust – something easier to accomplish once you add video content marketing into the recipe.

We are talking about creating customer testimonial videos. This type of content showcases a former client speaking positively about their experience with your products or services. Quite logically, viewers tend to find this kind of video more reliable than sales pitches.

It’s an awesome video style to use at the very bottom of your buyers’ journey to give customers a much necessary nudge to finally make a purchase.

To Make the Most Out of the Mix:

To take full advantage of testimonial videos, you need to interview a client with a relatable story – one that other customers can identify with.

The idea is to focus on the pain point the interviewee used to have before finding your product or service and develop how your company help solve that problem. The more viewers can relate to this story, the more likely they’ll see your offerings as the right fit for them.

The Takeaway

By now, you’ve read plenty about combinations involving video content that can take your campaign to another level. However, there are other possible unions that we haven’t addressed yet.

We are referring to how the previous strategies can overlap with each other. For example, video ads can be displayed on social media, and video content marketing can benefit from SEO efforts.

It’s up to you to explore how much to mix these strategies, but whatever the case, always measure and analyze the results. It’s the only way to know which combinations work best for your audience.

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