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How To Make Your Business Shine With Animated Explainer Videos


What is an explainer video?

Simple: It’s an animated marketing video that will explain your business idea in just a few seconds. But not so fast, it gets a lot deeper than that!

An explainer video communicates what your company offers, how it can help your customers with their specific problems and why it’s better than your competition, and it does it in a simple and persuasive way.

It’s one of the most beloved tools for marketers because it communicates a lot of information in the shortest amount of time. Almost like magic! Except… no, it’s not like magic at all, because it requires a lot of expertise to do it right.

Or maybe, it is like magic…?

But in this case, you won’t need to go to Hogwarts to learn how to create a magically effective explainer video – we’ll explain it all to you!

Let’s go through the basics of explainer videos, and you’ll understand why it’s such a popular and effective marketing tool.

video the greatest marketing tool

How to recognize a great explainer video

Now that you know what an explainer video is, let’s take a look at its main characteristics. This way, you’ll have a trained eye to recognize a high-quality explainer video, everywhere!

  1. They’re short: You read it before in its definition, they present a business idea in just a few seconds. Specifically, they usually last less than 90 seconds – which is the perfect amount of time to communicate a straight-forward message without losing your audience’s attention.
  2. They’re simple: Forget complicated words and concepts, any concept that’s hard to grasp can be made simple by communicating it with an explainer video. Narratively, they usually follow a classic structure of “what”, “how” and “why”.
  3. Meet their target audience’s needs: A great animated sales video has to focus on its audience – even when you’re explaining what your company does, it has to revolve around how it helps to improve your audience’s life. That’s how you make them feel identified with your brand.
  4. They use branding colors: Which is a great way to generate brand recognition. If you want to know if you’re looking at a highly effective video, look to see if they’re using the look and feel of the brand’s identity.

Okay, these are the main characteristics of a really effective, high-quality explainer video. Now, let’s take a look at an example so you can watch all of this in action!


You see how everything comes together? Branded colors, a short and concise message and speaking directly to the target audience. Recipe for success!

We’ve covered all the basics, and you know what you can do to create an amazing explainer video. Now, let’s look at the other side, and talk about what explainer videos will do for you.

Key benefits of using Explainer Videos

Let’s dive into this topic, which is especially intriguing for all of us, marketers. What can explainer videos do for your brand?

Basically, they’ll help you optimize your marketing efforts, but they can do so much more. Let’s look at at the main benefits of using explainer videos in your marketing strategy.

First, like we said before, explainer videos explain your business idea in a matter of seconds. In 90 seconds tops you get to tell a lot of information in a very effective way.

Besides this, they get the most of visual and verbal learning, and because of that, they’ve got a highly effective communicational power and a strong effect on the human brain. We’ve got science to back it up!

These videos boost your online visibility by getting your website higher in the search engines: by embedding a video on your landing page, you’ll be encouraging your visitors to stay longer. This is highly appreciated by Google and other search engines, which will rank you higher in the queries.

Also, a video is the only way you can get on YouTube, which is the second largest search engine in the world! And explainer videos perform especially well on this platform (in fact, we can tell you all the secrets of how to rank #1 on YouTube!)

Animated explainer videos help you build brand awareness by using branded colors and other distinctive elements and including them in every scene of your video. This way, you can reinforce the identity of your brand by letting your audience know that you are the one behind the business proposal!

Look at this example in which we used the branding elements of our client Walmart to create a custom explainer video for them!

Also, you get to create animated characters that represent your target audience, sparking empathy and identification in your viewers.

Maybe one of the most powerful benefits of these videos is that they make your audience take action. Because you’re giving them a lot of useful information in a very short time, your video will get your audience all excited, and it’s the perfect moment to include a CTA (call to action) to make your viewers take action in the direction you want.

And they help you raise conversions and sales. Just by embedding a video in strategic places, like over the fold on your landing page, you get to increase conversions by 20% on average.

Have you noticed that people love to share fun and interesting content with their peers? Well, that’s another one of the benefits of animated explainer videos: they increase shareability. It’s a highly engaging type of content that gets shared 1200% more times on social media than text and images combined.

You see why it’s so easy to say that explainer videos are magical? They bring so many benefits to your brand that it’s like you’ve cast a charming spell on your audience.

Also, they’re magical because they can take any shape you want. This just means that there are many different styles of explainer videos, and you can choose the one that fits better with your brand.

Take a look!

Not that you’re officially in the explainer video fan club (with us), let’s dive in the next step, which is explainer videos in action. Where can you use it to maximize its results?

How to integrate explainer videos into your marketing strategy

It’s not a secret anymore: a smart marketing strategy is one that is built around video content. To get real results, it’s important to use very different types of video in every step of your inbound strategy… But before we talk about this, let’s refresh some concepts.

 What is inbound marketing, and what’s the role of video in it?

So as you can see, the buyer’s journey is the active process your customers go through before they make an actual purchase. It’s usually composed of three main stages: awareness, consideration and decision; and for every one of these stages there is specific video content that goes with it.

But let’s focus on the consideration stage, the middle part of your buyer’s journey… because there’s where your explainer video will shine.

In this consideration stage, your prospect is already aware of their problem and have identified it correctly, and now they’re looking for the perfect solution for it. They’ll be researching about different types of solutions, and then…  they’ll find your brand.

That’s your opportunity, right there! Let them know what you do and why you do it better than anyone else. And what’s the best tool to communicate this? Of course, an explainer video.

So, explainer videos fit perfectly in the consideration stage of your buyer’s journey because they show exactly what your audience needs to know. They stand out as a great tool to nurture your leads and educate them about what you can do for them.

Let’s recap!

A highly effective animated explainer video is not only about its key elements and characteristics, but about how you can use it to nurture your leads.

In the end, explainer videos are the ultimate sales pitch, and should be used as so. They’re a highly engaging piece of content that work great in the consideration stage of your buyer’s journey, and that should be a really accurate representation of your brand.

Because of this, explainer videos need to be 100% customized. They need to be created for your brand and speak directly to your audience – and a generic video won’t do the magic trick!

At Yum Yum Videos we know this by heart, and we proudly create completely customized video content that stands out from the crowd and wins the audience’s hearts (because it’s created especially for them!).

Making the best explainer video means to adapt it to the specific viewers that will enjoy it, so they’ll feel mesmerized by it, growing trust and empathy… and raising conversions and sales!

We want to share this free slide about how we produce an explainer video step-by-step, so you can get the full picture! And if you’re ready to create the best-animated sales video for your brand, let’s work together!


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