How To Make Your Explainer Video Effective And Profitable

11 July, 2017  

Do you want to make your explainer video highly engaging, persuasive, memorable and -ultimately- effective? Then you have to bear in mind some key considerations that will help you get in front of the right audience with a compelling message. Review these tips on how to give your animated marketing video the right approach to maximize your ROI!


6 Killer Tips For An Amazingly Effective Explainer Video

From the time you start developing your animated marketing video, make sure you implement each of these suggestions – you will undoubtedly get to a catchy, straightforward and enticing video that your audience will love!

#1. Give it the right focus

You shouldn’t develop an explainer video with the idea of “selling” something. The web is full of salesy content. Your goal has to be to prioritize the needs and expectations of your audience and present your product as the best alternative to solve those specific needs. You should do this in a subtle (but highly effective way). How? By generating a strong connection with your audience and the story you’re telling. You can achieve this by fully customizing your explainer video.

Golden tip: don’t talk about the great features your product has. Instead, talk about specific tangible benefits it offers to solve the particular needs of your prospects.

This video is totally focused on the target audience of this brand. Check it out:

#2. Give it the right length

In such a fast-paced world, in which people are full of stimuli and information, hyperconnected, and using multiple devices at the same time, you have to be very straightforward and compelling with your message. Keep in mind that the attention span has decreased to only…8 seconds! Moreover, the length of your marketing video is highly related to the engagement it generates. So try to keep it under 2 minutes. Based on our experience during explainer video production, the ideal length for your animated marketing video should be 90 seconds.

infographic: how to create an explainer video

#3. Make your audience enjoy it

Your marketing video should be capable of not only generating strong emotions in your audience, but also be entertaining and, -why not?- fun. Amusing and interesting, for sure. And you can even also consider adding a good dose of humor (if it fits with the type of product/service you want to promote and with your marketing goals, of course) to make it even more catchy, engaging and memorable. Check out how we’ve made this happen in this cool explainer video:


#4. Leverage the power of storytelling

The storytelling technique is, basically, about explaining ideas through narrative. And this has a reason why: people tend to remember a story more if it’s told as a story rather than as a list of facts. Moreover, the storytelling technique gives you the chance to set an emotional connection with your audience, and that’s why it’s highly used in content marketing. In explainer video production, storytelling can be combined with amazing visual components and animations to connect with your audience in a direct, easy and strong way. Take full advantage of this!

#5. Add a compelling Call To Action

You can work on the best animated marketing video ever, but if you don´t guide your viewers in the direction you want to meet your marketing goals, everything will be in vain. So, make sure you include a compelling CTA at the end of your marketing video, so as to encourage them to take the next step in you sales funnel (it can be subscribing to an email list, downloading a marketing material, sharing the video on social networks, or any other action). Check out some key guidelines to include calls to action in your animated marketing video!

#6. Set up a wise video SEO strategy.

Focus on defining a wise video search engine optimization strategy that helps you get more reach and exposure. Whether you upload your video to the giant YouTube or any other video hosting platform, it’s highly important to “polish” some details such as the thumbnail, the title, the description, and the keywords, among others. We suggest that you download our free eBook on “How to rank #1 on YouTube” to get these and some other valuable tips that will help you rank higher in the search engines. This is vital to win more online visibility and get in front of the right audience!

You should really consider these recommendations to get to a highly effective and profitable explainer video! Are there any other tips that you consider important in this sense? Share your thoughts with the community!

Lastly, check out these suggestions that will help you track of the performance of your animated marketing video. See you later!

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