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How To Improve Your Conversion Rate With Just One Video


Everyone’s searching how to improve conversion rates and I have the nerve of saying that you can do it with just one video? Watch me do it! Though it might seem like some sort of trickery, I can assure you that this isn’t just possible but attainable for anyone looking to generate more leads.

How can that be? Simple. You’ll need a specific type of video, adjusted to your target audience, created with attention to several crucial details, and combined with a couple of result-oriented elements. Yeah, I know it sounds like a lot of work but what you’ll get out of this video will be so beneficial for your brand that you’ll be glad you invested in its creation.

Now, let’s take a look at how to improve your conversion rate with a single video!

Increase your conversion rate with one video

Explainer videos – the basis of a great lead generation strategy

Explainer videos have been a widely used resource for marketers everywhere since the dawn of the video age – and they still are! The reason behind their overwhelming popularity is simple: they have so many benefits that’s foolish not to use them. Among the many things a company video can do for you there’s the traffic and rankings boost, the increase in the average visit time, the engagement with the target audience, the sharing potential and, of course, the number of sales it can generate.

It’s easy to understand why one type of video is capable of giving so many things. The combination of factors like the video format popularity, the decreasing attention span, the ability of explainer videos to tackle on complex concepts and their entertainment value turn these contents into true marketing stars.

No wonder why that’s the kind of video I’m telling you should be betting on to generate leads. They encompass several things that can help you in garnering the attention of your target audience and attracting them to your business. The most important are:

  • They scream for attention. Getting people to focus on what you have to say when browsing the Web is harder than winning a marathon. You need to compete with thousands of distractions and with an audience that grew accustomed to jumping from one thing to another without any logic. That’s why explainer videos (especially animated ones) are so perfect for it. Colors and movement have always drawn our attention. Besides, people already prefer to watch videos than to read about companies, products and services. That’s why an explainer video has such a potential success rate in capturing your audience’s attention. They combine movement with colors, sounds, music and (hopefully) an entertaining storyline that can get your message across in less than 2 minutes.
  • They make complex things seem simple. Given their standard length, explainer videos need to be straight-to-the-point. Thus, complex services or products get simplified to fit in the format, making them more easily understandable for anyone. This helps your target audience understand who you are, what you offer and what you can do to change their lives.

Apart from that, a good explainer video will make its characters look, talk and behave like its target audience. This allows for a stronger identification (the good ol’ ‘putting in their shoes’) that can make the audience click more quickly with your brand.

But how does an explainer video actually increase conversions?

Now that you understand the basic benefits of explainer videos, it’s to see how they all combine to increase your business opportunities (and what you can make to maximize them).

Of course, you’ll get more people to watch your explainer video if you maximize its reach. There are a couple of ways in which you can do that. The most obvious one is to post it and use it wherever you can. The natural choice is to upload it to YouTube but you have to go beyond that and upload it to more video platforms as well as use it in your blog posts, guest articles and emails. The more places your video is, the more chances it has of finding its audience.
Boost your marketing efforts with video

The other way in which your video can get in front of your target audience is more indirect but still wonderful – by improving your rankings. Videos have a huge impact on SEO. For the last years, search engines have been awarding videos with more relevance within their algorithms. That means that videos with high view counts or that are shared a lot are seen as relevant and valuable content, and get more exposure.

This also works when videos are embedded in landing pages or websites, where the boost on their conversions can reach a whopping 80%. Naturally, these benefits rely on the quality of your videos, but don’t tell me that this kind of benefits isn’t motivating you!

Making the most out of your visibility

A video can get you to the top results of certain searches and put you in tons of screens in your desired market. But if all the people that find your video don’t watch it, it all be for nothing. That’s why you’ll need to work on certain aspects to make sure the audience actually sees what you did.

thumnails and search results video contentI’ve said above that explainer videos (with animated explainer videos at the top) are capable of catching the eye of any digital passer-by. That means that anyone bumping into your company video will at least check its thumbnail. Meet the first one of the crucial details I’ve talked about in the beginning!

That’s right, a thumbnail can decide whether someone will play your video or just move on to other things. That’s why you can’t just upload the video to YouTube and let the platform decide the thumbnail for you. You need to make it work for you!

Studies talk of a boost of 34% in the play rate videos with custom thumbnails. That’s an impressive number you can get, provided you know which frame to pick. According to research. people are drawn to thumbnails that show other people doing something intriguing. We also like to click on videos whose thumbnails show a smiling person (we love when people is nice to us!). Finally, a thumbnail branded with logo and colors from your brand will also serve this purpose.

You know the other ‘detail’ that gets your explainer video played? Its length. People aren’t used to watch long videos (unless they are watching Netflix or a movie). So, you’d better keep your video below the 2-minute mark. This will also be a good exercise for your script, because it’ll force you to cut the parts that aren’t essential for your message to leave only the most relevants ones.

If you can respect that time limit (or even get closer to the best duration of 1 minute and a half), you’ll enjoy an average play rate of 70%.

From views to conversions

Let’s recap. An explainer video exists with the sole purpose of explaining your product or service to your target audience in a simple, short and entertaining way. They can replace long blocks of texts and get your message across to anyone interested in just a couple of minutes. As such, they work as introductory channels to who you are and are great at breaking the ice and engage with your audience.

If that audience is willing to learn more, then the explainer video will have done its job. But, how can you be sure that the people that wants to keep researching your brand ends up in your sales funnel? You’ll have to ensure that by adjusting the video’s call to actions (CTA).

There are several ways in which you can take advantage of the engagement that happens when your audience watches your video. The most common ones are the annotations and cards used throughout the video. Whenever you mention a benefit of your product or you draw a comparison, you put a link within the video to drive traffic to a landing page designed specifically for people arriving from that video.

You can also use links in your video description to make sure the audience interested in learning more ends up in your website, where you control the journey. That’s not all.

You should definitely use your explainer video to create a landing page around it. Like I’ve said above, a video of this kind can impact on a landing page’s SEO, making it rank high on search results. If you build contents and an actionable CTA around your video, chances are the landing page get to that top, your audience will watch your video and all the things to keep the journey will be right there.

The secret is use your video for more than just brand exposure. You have to show your audience the way after the explainer video is done. A great explainer video will build trust with the viewers but it’ll also leave them wanting to learn more. Be sure to capitalize on that feeling by pointing them where to go next. The reward – more leads, more conversions, more sales.

To sum up

A properly designed company video is more than just an introduction to your brand. It can take what makes you unique and put in the spotlight. This is your most important sales pitch, after all, so you want to make it central to your marketing strategy. Besides, the video will contribute to your SEO rankings which, in turn, will boost your awareness.

You have to be prepared to channelize all the attention this video will get you. Videos by themselves don’t convert. They are an essential cog in a bigger machine that has to run perfectly for results to knock on your door.  A single video can truly change how much business opportunities you get. You’ll only have to know what you’re doing!

Don’t you? Then let us help. Yum Yum Videos have years of experience in creating explainer videos for all sorts of companies. You can check our portfolio and, after seeing how awesome we are, you can drop us a line to arrange the meeting that will change your business for good!

Improve your marketing campaign with video



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