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How To Grow Your Business With An Explanation Video


If you’ve been looking for a way to raise your conversion rate, for sure you’ve heard about investing in videos. The obtained results seem to justify that suggestion. Numbers indicate that embedded videos in landing pages can increase conversion rates by 80%, and 64% of users stated that they buy more products when they watch a video about them. Furthermore, 90% of people also said that explanation videos help them with their purchases.

We are sure you are thinking that those numbers are too good to be true. In our experience, we know that videos are totally capable of helping you with your business. Of course it’s not all about making a video and posting it online. You will have to do a bit more work.

But before we go on, we are going to tell you how that increase in conversion rates works. So first we need to talk about explanation videos.

It’s not a secret: With explanation videos, you will get more leads.

The basis of any company (and yours too) is to create a product that meets a specific need. Sports applications, social media, food, the list is infinite. All businesses solve a problem for certain people and to do that, they need to be able to be found easily. To learn more, click on this link.

These videos are a brief option to clarify how your business will solve that problem, without the need to write long notes with difficult explanations.

We’ve outlined the main benefits you can get with explainer videos:


 1 – They make visitors pay attention

All the elements that compose the video make people look at them with interest. And if users on the Internet are watching your video, for sure they will spend some quality time on your site, and that makes it more probable for them to make a purchase.

2 – Videos make people stay on your website

Making people pay attention these days is a puzzling task. So if you manage to make them notice you, you should take advantage of it.

As videos can make people stay on your website, we can assume that it reduces the bounce rate. Videos are perfect to help deter people from leaving your website after the first click and to make them more aware of your brand.

 3 – They make people understand your business

In effect, this type of content can explain what your business is about in a clear and simple way. If you make good videos, you can turn your business into a simple concept to be understood by everyone.

On the other hand, if you choose the correct target audience, this kind of video makes people picture themselves using the product you offer. This will drive to an important boost in your leads.


4 – Everyone loves to share videos with their acquaintances

People really enjoy sharing videos with everybody they know, you’ve probably already noticed this on your own social platforms. And as we all experienced, friends trust other friends: if a friend of yours shares a video, you will probably trust in the product the video offers.

So all you need is your video to be shared. You can get that by creating an amazing video. You just have to be creative!

5 – Videos are the most relevant content on the Internet

Videos are the most relevant content on the internet, and that’s why they have priority in the search engines. Specially the high quality videos, which are the most viewed and for that reason the most shared across the Web. If you need your website to rank higher, you need a video to make that possible.

We are sure you are wondering what you can do to take advantage of an explanatory video. Well, here you have some tips about the elements you need to take into consideration when you make an explainer video:

– The thumbnail: First impressions are important, so you should choose a good thumbnail that causes intrigue and attracts viewers. If you do that, research guarantees you a boost in your play rate of 34%.

– The color: For sure your brand has a well-defined identity. So you must adjust the video to your colors and thus make people recognize your brand. It’s something simple that costs nothing, and can increase your plate rate by 53%.

– The duration: In the digital world, durations must always be short. An excellent explainer video lasts no more than one minute and a half to get an average play rate of 70%.

– Call To Actions: It is important not only to include them, but to also know when to do it. If the first three tips make your video be played, Call to Actions can boost your conversions. Maybe you prefer to put them at the middle or at the end: you should do some testing to arrive to the best conclusion.

– Full video marketing strategy: Making only one video is ok, but it’s much better if you create videos for all your customers’ needs around the buyer’s decision process. They want to know you are close to them and that their purchase journey is important for you.



If you haven’t done any video marketing action yet, making an explanatory video is the first thing you should do. It will give you what you mostly need: an increase in your conversion rate. Find out how!

The benefits are countless, if until now you ignored this fact, it is time to take action. Because videos are an amazing tool to reach your audience and build trust. They are not going to read boring texts about your product, so be smarter and explain to them all they need to know in just 60 seconds.

Need more advice on video marketing? Just contact us and let us help you put together a new strategy for your business.


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