How To Create A Whiteboard Animation Video The Right Way

6 September, 2017  

If you’ve watched a whiteboard video on the web, you probably fell in love with it. And if you feel like working on your own, a lot of questions may arise: what is the essence of whiteboard videos? what are they used for? how can they enhance my marketing strategy? And, the most important question: how do you create a whiteboard video the right way? In this blog post we’re going to share with you all the information you need to get to a stunning engaging whiteboard video. Join us!

The Basics of Whiteboard Animation

Let’s start with a good example. Watch this video and get enchanted by its appeal…

Just like you see, these videos stand out from the rest: they have that unique particular touch…and there are quite a few reasons for which they have become very popular in the marketing world.

From a traditional perspective, these videos used to be crafted by an artist, who drew on a whiteboard while being recorded by a camera. But with the passage of time, this technique was improved and became fully digital: it got the contribution of 2D character animation and also special effects, which made it even more catchy and charming.

If we think that video, per se, is one of the most attractive formats you can offer to your audience, consider that whiteboard videos are undoubtedly one of the best tools to connect with them on an emotional level by making use of cute animated characters. This is highly useful to educate them on any topic you may want, while you also deliver your business idea in a fast and straightforward way. Where does their magic lie? Well, in these videos, the story is created in front of the viewer’s eyes, and this ends up being highly captivating…and also intriguing! The perfect mix to quickly grab your audience’s attention and keep it all the way through 😉

To summarize, these videos have become highly popular, most of all, because:

  • They have a huge educational power that gives you the chance to deliver any kind of idea (no matter if it is complex or abstract).
  • The amazing visuals and the storytelling technique trigger strong emotions in the viewers.
  • The animated characters bring that extra human touch that also contributes to making the video even more fun to watch.

how to create a whiteboard video

Tip: check out these 5 fabulous whiteboard videos developed by different whiteboard video companies to see some other examples of whiteboard animation.

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When Should You Pick Out A Whiteboard Video?

You already got the basics about this technique. Now let’s understand when you should choose this style to complement your marketing strategy.

Consider making a whiteboard presentation when:

#1. Your product / service is quite complex

A whiteboard is, by nature, highly educational. Simply consider that we all used whiteboards to learn at school. Well, animated marketing videos took up this technique and implemented it in the marketing arena 🙂 This explainer video style is great to pass out any complex idea in a very direct and simple way.

#2. You need extra seconds to explain your business idea

Explainer videos must have a specific length. Right. But if you need some extra time to deliver your business idea (in case your product is more complex to explain) then whiteboard animation is your key ally. Keep in mind that when people are exposed to a whiteboard, they know that a lesson is about to start and they’re willing to pay attention and focus on that lesson. Also, the fact that the story is created in front of their eyes generates a strong expectation so as to keep them hooked.

Watch this video, which is a little bit longer than the traditional 90 seconds:

#3. You want to take advantage of the power of animated characters

Including animated characters in your videos is a great move. This way you can strengthen the bond with your audience by crafting custom characters that “represent” them (they will look and behave just like they do). In this sense, you will be building trust towards your brand and product, since they will feel that you know them from head to toe and that you have a true interest in solving their problem.

#4. You have a B2B or B2C company

No matter the type of company you’re running, whiteboard videos adapt perfectly to your needs. First of all because they make use of different elements that complement each other: attractive visuals, a dose of humor, the storytelling technique, and animated characters, among others. All these elements are great resources both for B2B and B2C companies: in the first case, they give you the chance to deliver any kind of idea no matter how complex it is; and in the second case you can make use of them to strengthen the bond with your target audience by triggering different emotions.

10 Tips On How To Create A Whiteboard Video

Now you know in which cases you should consider this style. But how do you create a whiteboard video that really captivates your audience? Here we go with some valuable tips…

The 5 Do’s

  1. Keep it classical: stick to the traditional black and white basis. This is the essence of this type of video, so there is no need of improvising! 🙂 Seriously…of course you can add some bits of color or make some minor tweaks, but losing its essence could be very detrimental for your goals.
  2. Apply character animation: animated characters are fun, catchy and enticing. If you make the video fully custom and focus on your target audience, you can enhance their engaging power, as the viewers will feel reflected in them. Check out this example:
  3. Add the drawing hand: it has to be part of any whiteboard explainer video! It’s one of the most peculiar elements they have. If you miss it, you will not get that educational approach you want to achieve.
  4. Connect the drawings: this is highly important so as to make the animation smooth, coherent and visually attractive. The connected drawings play a key part in engaging the viewer!
  5. Resort to emotional references: by including some extra references or elements that generate different emotions in your audience you can make your video even more persuasive and memorable. Consider adding some retro video games or classic films that trigger some nostalgia. This resource works very well!

ebook: How to write a script?

Tip: besides these recommendations, remember that the script per se has a huge weight in video production. Make sure you stick to the classic script structure to maximize the effectiveness of your video. Download this free eBook on How to write a script for an explainer video and get all the data you need!

The 5 Don’ts

  1. Forget to give it an educational approach: remember that this is a distinctive element in this type of video. Take advantage of it by explaining something you need, just like if you were the teacher in the classroom 🙂
  2. Forget to include the white background: without it, it wouldn’t be a “whiteboard animation” at all! Make sure the background is white because if you don’t, the video will lose its “nature”.
  3. Add a pallette of colors: ok, we said that you can add some hints of colors, but don’t make it too colorful! Remember that these videos are, traditionally, black and white. Watch this example so that you can understand our point:


  4. Use a template video: if you do  you will have no chance but to adapt your video to the expectations of your target audience. Instead, work on a fully custom video that quickly grabs your audience’s attention and keeps them entertained.
  5. Make it too long: considering that people have short attention spans, making your video too long could be a huge mistake. Try to stick to the classical 90 seconds of any explainer video production. But also remember that this style gives you the chance to push that limit a little bit more.  

Tip: why not review the whole explainer video production process? It will help you get immersed in many details you must know to develop your next video! Check out this guide on how to make a whiteboard video step by step.

At Yum Yum we have developed many explainer videos throughout all of these years. Our main goal is, always, to tailor each video according to the needs of our clients and the expectations of their target audience, in order to optimize results. Also, as a must, we always focus on giving each step of the production process the highest quality, while also keeping an eye on each detail. We think this is a must to get to a highly effective video for which our clients can be proud of. So, if you need help with your next explainer video, don’t hesitate to contact us!


In today’s blog post we’ve reviewed the great features and benefits this style offers to enhance your marketing strategy but, most importantly, have learned some golden tips on how to create a whiteboard video that gives you the best ROI. So, now that you have all the information you need, all hands on deck! You can start by watching our Top 5 whiteboard explainer videos and let your mind flow to come up with great ideas for your brand new video 😉

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