How to Convince Your CEO You Need an Explainer Video

31 May, 2017  

Your CEO is asking you to come up with something that boosts your company’s sales and visibility? Are you panicking trying to find a solution? Don’t! Here’s the solution you’ve been waiting for: explainer videos, a proven marketing tactic that can give your brand exactly what your CEO is looking for.

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For several years now, this kind of video content has provided companies across many industries with 3 distinct benefits: an average increase in sales of 20%, better visibility and a pillar to show the company’s unique edge. But before you go rushing into your CEO’s office yelling ‘Eureka!’, you need to know how to get him invested in the idea. Here’s how you can do it.

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#1. Make the Explainer Videos’ Benefits Crystal Clear

Engaging, compelling, distinctive. All of those characteristics apply to company videos but won’t convince your CEO to go for them right away. So, you’ll need to speak a language he can understand – numbers! A customized explainer video can bring these sweet benefits to your company:

  • They can increase your website’s average visit time by 2 minutes. They’ll make sure your visitors stay longer browsing the site, making it more likely for them to get into your sales funnel.
  • Google and YouTube love these videos – and they reward sites with them with higher rankings. You know why you need to rank higher on Google. But did you know that YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world? So, being among the top search results there can increase your brand’s awareness and the number of visitors to your site. Here’s a breakdown of how you can do that.
  • You can expect a 20% conversion rate increase on your website. By explaining your company in a funny and memorable way, you’ll have more chances to get your point across and make more sales. Sound too good to be true?

That’s not all. There’s plenty of other reasons why your CEO should be thinking about videos about your company for marketing purposes. First of all, explainer videos can distinguish your brand from your competitors. They can show who you are in a more direct way and help people stay on your site (hence reducing that ugly bounce rate everyone’s always talking about).

Another thing people like to talk about are videos. Go ahead, open your Facebook or Twitter profiles and take a look. See how much of what’s being shared is comprised of videos? That’s no coincidence. Consumers prefer to watch a video about a product than to read about it on a 4:1 ratio. Having videos on your brand’s side is a no brainer.

Finally, videos are great to promote all kinds of services and products. Ads on YouTube and Google Display show amazing results and their cost per click (CPC) isn’t as high as the CPC for keywords on Adwords. In some cases, the difference can be overwhelming. A keyword for Adwords can cost up to 20 US$ while creating an ad with Display through banners and videos costs only 1 US$.


You could argue that all those benefits should be enough to get your CEO on board. But you want to be sure the deal gets closed, right? For that to happen, you should check out these free resources that will come in handy.

How To Improve Your Marketing Campaign with an Explainer Video” – A great guide to everything you need to know about using these videos to blow your marketing strategy up.

Why Explainer Videos are The Greatest Marketing Tool” – An infographic that’s more to the point and will help you get your point across more quickly.

#2. Address the Budget Concerns

While you’re throwing figures at your CEO hoping for the best, he’ll be thinking ‘That’s fine but how much will all of those benefits cost me?’ In fact, you’ll surely hear that question sooner rather than later. But before you give him a number, you’ll have to make him understand some things that help to explain where the cost of that video is coming from.

  • Quality that makes a difference. The videos that cause more impact are the ones that have the highest quality. That’s what makes them memorable and stand out among the competition. Achieving that quality isn’t easy – it takes time and effort to get there. If a company wants that distinctive quality, then it has to be ready to pay for it.
  • Videos that represent YOUR company. Another key aspect for great videos is customization. You want this video to actually represent your company and you’ll only get that by bringing it closer to your brand’s spirit. Creating exclusive characters, applying the company colors, and matching the whole video to the brand’s tone is the way videos can provide unparalleled value.
  • Style that speaks to your audience. There are different video styles out there that appeal to different industries and audiences. From motion graphics and cartoon animations to 3D and whiteboard videos, there’s plenty of options to choose from. Of course, developing some of them can be cheaper than others.
  • Development needs that fit your agenda. The price of an explainer video will be determined by its length and the development time it’ll take to get it finished. On one hand, longer videos will be more expensive (though sometimes a 90 second video can cost almost the same as a 60 second one because of material recycling).

On the other hand, deadlines shorter than 6-8 weeks (average production time) will be pricier. That’s because the video development company has to focus on your video almost exclusively, turning down other clients and paying for extra hours.

explainer video production process

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  • A video company that’s perfect for your budget. Finally, the country where the video company is located can have an impact on how much an explainer video costs. You may already suspect it – paying a US-based company won’t cost the same as paying one located in Argentina. And there aren’t quality differences between them! Both the US and Argentinian companies use American script writers and narrators, and make the animation and technical parts outside the US. However, the Argentinian company can charge you half the price.

At this point in your presentation, your CEO will probably come out and say it: ‘Give me the cost already’. A good US video development company is charging between 15,000 and 25,000 US$ per video, while other countries are more affordable, between 6,000 and 12,000 US$ for a video with the same exact quality (In both cases, we are talking about the best explainer video companies with really high quality videos).

After hearing that figure, the CEO might laugh at you and leave. Here’s why you should stop him. Ask him if he believes that spending that kind of money on an explainer video is worth it. If he says ‘no’, then talk about the Return of Investment (ROI) with him. A company that can generate that amount in revenue in 3 months or less should really go for it. Remind him of the benefits. Make him repeat after you: ‘an explainer video is an investment.’

#3. Help Your CEO Find the Right Match

If you got to this point and still have your CEO’s attention, then it’s time to take the final step – getting the perfect video production company for your needs. That’s a tricky thing that involves a lot of research – unless you already know a company that can do the work (ahem). Look, we don’t mean to brag over here but we believe Yum Yum Videos is the perfect choice for you. Here’s why:

  • We can create fully customized explainer videos
  • We have the highest quality standards
  • We have a strong background and have worked with big names like Walmart, Fox and McKesson
  • We have the most competitive prices around
  • We work with a highly standardized process that guarantees amazing results. In only 3 simple steps, we work along with our clients to develop just what they need. Check out the video below to see how we do this.

Don’t want to believe in this highly biased opinion? Fine by me! Perhaps this testimonial by the McKesson guys (a Fortune 500 company and one of the biggest in the world) can make the case for us:

[video_youtube url=””]

When betting for video content, your CEO has to understand that you need the very best video production company working with you. If you want to look for it on your own, then you can surely benefit from our free eBook ‘How to Choose the Right Explainer Video Company for your Business’. In it, you’ll learn how to measure the quality of animations, compare expertise, and develop an eye for detecting the best portfolios. After reading that, you’ll be ready to sit down and talk with your CEO!

To sum up

What you should take from all this is fairly simple – explainer videos work. They can contribute to your sales funnel, boost your online presence, increase your engagement on social media, and become a cornerstone to your overall marketing strategy. And if your CEO keeps focusing on how much it costs to develop these videos, remember that high quality work gives the best results and provides the highest ROI.

In fact, you should sell him on the idea that videos are a sound investment in today’s online world. And we’re not just talking about explainer videos here. Testimonial videos, educational videos, and commercials should also be among your marketing tricks, as they contribute to all of the stages in the buyer’s journey.

We’re living in a society that relies on visual content more than ever. It’s time to get on that wagon. Tell that to your CEO and let us know how it all went down in our comments section!

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