How To Close Deals Faster With Video Content

8 September, 2017  

If you want to create a process to close deals faster, you must know how to do it the right way.

This means, using content that is engaging and interesting! And, of course, the best way to do this is by using video content. Video will help you build brand trust and boost your sales like crazy.

Video Engage

I mean, there’s a reason why video is shaping the present and the future of online marketing, and it’s not only because it looks pretty!

But first things first: you must know exactly how your sales process works, and which types of video work best for each one of its parts. Let’s talk a bit about this first!

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Closing Deals Faster: The Process

The first thing you need to know is how to plan your sales cycle. First, let’s define it — A sales process is a plan, an outline of the strategies you want your business to follow in order to close sales.

It’s a repeating model of the interactions your brand will have with your prospects, so your sales team can successfully take these leads and convert them into customers.

It features three basic stages. Depending on your type of business and the needs of your audience, these stages may vary: maybe one will take longer than the other… and that’s ok. Build your sales process in a way that fits your audience’s needs!

  • Awareness Stage

The first stage of the journey. This is when your leads will have the first contact with your brand. They’ll come to you looking for information, doing research about a certain problem they have.

  • Consideration Stage

During the consideration stage, the middle one, your visitors are considered qualified marketing leads. They’re now researching different options to solve their problems, and one of those options is your product!

  • Decision Stage

During the last stage, the decision stage, your leads are ready to make a purchase decision. This is the moment in which you should answer any last questions your leads may have, and boost brand trust by using video content.

Knowing what your leads need in each one of these stages is crucial, in order to have information that attracts your audience in an organic way, boosting your inbound marketing strategy!

Like this:

Now, it’s time to generate video content that’s useful for your audience and your marketing objectives!

But Why Video?

Long story short, video content will boost your sales process, making it more effective.

Let me elaborate on that By using the right type of video content, you’ll be giving your audience exactly what they need and what they’re looking for.

Video will meet their standards, because it’s helpful and effective.

Just during the first 10 seconds of a marketing video, purchase intent rises up from 44% to 72%! Video consumption rates are doubling every year, so you must jump on the bandwagon!

To do so, you must use video in a smart way. Let’s see how you can use it to build an optimized process and close deals faster!

Smart Video Content for Your Sales Process

A smart sales process will need specific types of video for each one of the three stages. Remember, video content is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, so you must know how and why to use each type of video.

And, most importantly, in which stage!

#1. Attract and Educate: Awareness Stage

So, as we talked about before, the awareness stage is the one that will open your sales funnel. Right now, your teams should focus on delivering real solutions: you must be aware of your prospect’s pain points, because they’re becoming aware of them too.

As they do research regarding these pain points, your brand has to be present.

Deliver the kind of information your prospects are looking for. So, this is the moment to attract them and educate them by using video!

  • How To Videos

How-To videos will help you with this, educating your audience in a fun way. Use this as a chance to show your product, to show what you can do with it and how your leads can solve their problems.

Answer your prospects’ questions. Remember, this is all about being there for them!

  • Educational Videos

With educational videos, you will also be delivering the exact kind of information that they’re looking for.

These videos have the potential to be very shareable, and they’re also interesting and useful. Educational videos attract organic visitors to your brand, because they’re giving information that’s valuable to your prospects.

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#2. Spice it up: The perfect video for your Consideration Stage

For the second stage of the process, the perfect type of video is the one that’ll spice up your sales pitch.

Bring your proposal back to life! Show your solutions in action by using the right types of video content.

  • Product Videos

Show, don’t just tell: With product videos you’re going to be doing exactly that.

These videos show your product in action, for example, by showing a character using your products, and solving the same pain points that your audience may be having. Take a look:

This way, you’ll encourage them to convert, because they’ll be able to identify with the characters in your video.

But live action videos are not the only solution! You could also use a screencast video, or an animated marketing video. Be creative!

  • Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are also great for the consideration stage in your sales process. It’s a kind of video that will introduce your product to your prospects, explain what it’s all about and why they need it, all in a few seconds.

An explainer video will help you show any difficult concept in a fun and simple way. (It’s also very versatile, as there are a lot of different styles of explainer videos).

Let me show you an example:

#3. Close Sales and Build Trust: Decision Stage

Your leads have come a long way, because they’re now in the final stage: the one in which they will make a purchase decision..

But, if they’re still here, it means that they need a final incentive. Usually, it means that they are deciding between a couple of companies, yours included. Brand trust is the main concept to boost here.

You can solve that by giving them real reasons to trust you. Do it  with the right kind of videos:

  • Customer Testimonial Videos

Customer Testimonials will work amazingly well to boost brand trust. This is because, in order to make the purchase, your prospects need some kind of validation. And this validation should come from their peers.

Customers trust their peers, and they trust their opinions. With a Testimonial, you’ll be showing your happy customers, telling their success stories with your brand!

Let me show you an example, so you can see that Testimonial Videos are extremely powerful!

  • FAQ Videos

To make a successful FAQ video, you should answer the frequent questions of your audience, by recording some interviews with members of your team.

It will boost your audience’s confidence in your product and your brand: They want to know that your teams will be there for them, to help them solve any problems or answer any questions.

  • Company Story Videos

Company Story Videos are great when you’re looking to build brand trust. Why? Because they show the real stories, the real faces of the people behind your brand.

You see, trust is a two way street. By sharing the real stories of your brand, you’re trusting your audience, and they will trust you in return! Company Story Videos will create a strong brand image, which is perfect for the decision stage.

Remember, your videos in this stage must be  authentic. Everything should look and feel as natural as possible.

Let’s wrap it up!

So, your sales cycle is basically the backbone of any marketing strategy. And such an important thing must be created with the best type of content out there.

Yes, video content!

Remember, this cycle is formed by three main stages, awareness, consideration and decision. By using the right type of content for each one of these stages, you can be sure that you’ll be boosting your sales in no time!

During the awareness stage, your goal is to educate. Use educational videos, and how-to’s to give your audience what they need.

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