How to Build Brand Loyalty with Video Content

25 April, 2017  

Where does the relationship between your brand and your leads end? With the purchase, or maybe when they reach the final stage of the buyer’s journey? Well, it actually doesn’t end! Your job is not done, and you still have some steps ahead.

You might even say that the buyer’s journey never ends.

It’s time to build a relationship based on loyalty. You can do this by creating good video content and using it in a smart way, what we like to call “smart video strategy“. This means that your customers will be linked to your brand on an emotional level, (just as they already are linked rationally, because of all the good reasons you’ve given them in the past stages). Creating an emotional and rational bond between you and your client results in repeated purchases and loyalty to your brand.

After you’ve successfully used your smart video content strategy to help them reach the decision stage, it’s time to keep creating equally great content to grab your audience’s attention. So, what kind of videos can you use to achieve this customer success and retention?

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Which Types of Video Can You Use?

You’ll see your options for video content multiply as the journey evolves. However, the first thing you should be focusing on is to create videos with good and relevant content, and of high quality. Use your imagination, the possibilities are endless.

The options consist of reactions from happy customers, demonstrations of new features from your products, videos about customer training, vlogs or live videos about your day to day as a company… Between all of these options it might be hard to choose, but there are a couple of things that stand out. It’s also vital the style you want to use in your videos, so let’s watch this video first before we move on:

One of the highest priorities in your video content strategy should be keeping up the high quality of your animated explainer videos. You should also consider an extra thing that comes with quality, authenticity- this can be achieved with, for example, thank you videos. Nurturing the relationship between your client and your brand with gratitude will take you a long way.

Thank You Videos

Never underestimate the power of gratitude. After your customers made the purchase, they probably won’t be expecting much of a follow up. The trick is to go the extra mile when they’re not expecting it: be thankful and thoughtful. Your customers will appreciate the attention.

Also, after the purchase, always remember that the relationship between your brand and your client can always be enriched through upselling strategies! Your leads are not just leads anymore, they’ve bought your product, the barrier has been broken. Use this in your favor and keep offering products that will be helpful to them. Keep being a solution for their problems.

Upsell Videos

Create video content that offers complimentary products or services. This will generate additional sales from your customers: show them the benefits and solutions that this new product will be creating for them. Be sure that the upsell product makes sense for your customers– it should relate to the product they’ve already bought, and it has to add value to the experience.

Tip: Your starting point for this upsell video can be the same sales script you had before, but be sure to tweak it for the benefits that this new product creates for your customers.

Keep Your Audience Engaged: Use Animated Videos

Using animated videos is a great way to reinforce customer loyalty, as it’s simple, engaging and entertaining. Animated videos also give you the advantage of easier customization, and you know that customized videos are key to developing a deeper connection between your brand and your customers. Watch this cool example, an animated explainer video we developed for Catan:

How Long Should Your Videos Be?

As your options increase, you can also start being more flexible about the length of your animated explainer videos: your customers are invested in your brand and are willing to spend more time watching helpful and interesting content from a trusted business. (Yours!)

So, even though the best advice is always to keep them short, you can be more flexible about the timing at this stage.

Another Tip! Focus on the quality of your content, this way you can adapt the length of your video to the necessities of what you’ll be creating.

Refine Your Strategy, Measure Success

How do you know if your video content strategy is succeeding? The answer is in your metrics, of course! Keep an eye on your metrics to track if your strategy is working or know where you should tweak it to make it better. Remember what your goals are, to get to this loyalty stage you’re aiming for, keep track of these metrics:

  • Social media shares, views and interactions
  • Video views in social media channels
  • Average time spent watching the sales video
  • Percentage of viewers who perform the call to action (to purchase)
  • Percentage of upsells and cross-sells

Review these metrics, and if there’s something that’s not working as you and your team would like, change it or tweak it. Constant improvement is the key to success. Check these 5 tips for optimizing your marketing videos for social media.

With the result of your reviews, you’ll also be able to see which techniques are giving you the best results. Understand why some things in your strategy are working better than others, or being received with the most enthusiasm, and replicate successful tactics in your future videos.

One Last Step: Your Customer Becomes an Ambassador

Your audience started with a problem or maybe just out of curiosity. They may have not even realized at the moment that they needed or wanted your product in their lives. They followed the journey, became engaged, made a purchase. Your brand was helpful and grateful, and now they want to stay around. They now follow you and interact with your brand on social media, they keep buying your products and are delighted enough to share and recommend you! And, just like that, you have new ambassadors for your brand.

The outline of the journey is clear. Your customers will feel highly appreciated if you succeed in creating and delivering content for them that is personalized and relevant, and this will keep them wanting more. They’ll become ambassadors of your brand if they’re satisfied with your product and with your relationship of your brand with them.

So, make them happy. Keep creating good content, stay relevant, and keep solving their problems.

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