How An Explanation Video Can Increase Your Conversion Rate

23 March, 2018  

We’re sure it’s not the first time you read about the important of putting out videos. The results used to support that statement are quite outstanding. Rates can grow up to 80% if you embed marketing videos in landing pages. Also, videos about products can increase the chances of customers making a purchase by 64%, according to what they have affirmed, especially when we talk about explanation videos: 90% of clients are saying that they are really helpful.

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It’s completely fine if you are still not sure about investing in videos. Those numbers sound almost too good, right? But we are totally convinced that you can be one of those satisfied customers. Of course investing in videos is not the only thing you will have to do. Before we unveil what else you’ll have to do, we want you to understand how that rise in conversion rates operates. So we will concentrate on the most useful video marketing strategy that seems to work: the explanation video.

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Get more potential customers with an explainer video

If you want your business to succeed, then you already know that your product or service covers a specific need. Transport, dates, food delivery, whatever. They solve problems or make life simpler. If customers are looking to make their issues lighter, the companies that offer that solution want their potential clients to know about them. And explainer videos are perfect for that.

As you can see, this type of video content offers a clear explanation on how the problems of customers will be solved by your product or service. With no need of making eternal articles, confusing charts, and avoiding complex tech language. Just a one minute video that explains to potential clients why they should choose your product instead of anything else.

In that paragraph, you’ll find all the reasons that make explainer videos so good for marketing. We can go over them one by one:

1) Videos make the visitor pay attention to you longer

The colorful shapes, the faces of the actors, all the content captures the attention of internet users and makes people stay to watch the full video. Obviously, if users keep watching your video, that means they will spend more time on your site, which increases the possibilities of buying your product or service.  

2) Videos decrease Bounce Rate

As we said, in order to sell something on the internet, it is necessary to get the visitor’s attention, in times that this can be a difficult task. That’s the reason videos are great: they really attract the attention of the users.

Besides, that may increase the average time of the visit, it can also lead to a decrease in the bounce rate. You need to avoid people leaving your website and make them get to know your brand. Videos are the best option for that.

3) They make people understand your business

The name is not a coincidence: explanation videos are useful to know what a business is about. Short videos should get to the point and be easy to understand. Any user will be able to understand the essence of your product.

Also, explanation videos (specifically the animated ones) are good to make people imagine what it feels like to use your product. By using an actor that resembles the target audience, people can see how that product will make their life easier.

To sum up, explainer videos can be a powerful way to make your target find your brand. Once the users you need know your business, you will see an important increase in your potential clients.

4) People love sharing videos

People really enjoy watching videos and sharing them with friends and family. As you should know,  people believe in other people like them more than they believe in companies’ ads. It’s easy to conclude that there are lots of chances that users will believe in a video that family members or friends shared to them.

The difficulty lies in creating videos that people want to share. But we think it’s worth it. You just have to be creative and try hard.

5) Search engines love videos too

Search engines show users content that may be relevant to them in the first search results. Since tons of videos are being watched daily, engines take them into account as the most important content to display. This is particularly true if your video has many impressions or if it was shared many times.

That’s why it’s very important to make high-quality videos. The best videos are the most-watched. Good videos can take your site to the top. Why not give it a try?

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What can you do to get the most out of your video?

We can imagine after saying all this stuff about explanation videos, you are eager to start producing your own one. But before that, we must clarify that it takes a little more than just making the video. Here we have some tips that can be useful for you:

– Choose a good thumbnail that intrigues the users, so that it catches their attention and they click on the video. It’s the first thing they will see from your video. If you do this, statistics guarantee an increase in views by 34%.

– Always use the colors of your brand. To promote an identity, you must show your image everywhere. You should know that the colors of the miniature photo and the player can increase the percentage of reproduction by 53%.

– The shorter, the better. A perfect explanatory video should be short. People do not usually maintain attention for more than two minutes. We recommend that the duration be from one minute to one and a half minutes. This can generate a 70% reproduction rate.

– Make Call to Actions. If the first three items guarantee that your video will be played, Call to Actions will increase your conversions. It is important to consider where they are placed. See if it’s better to put them in the middle instead of the end: many companies say it’s better. It’s just a matter of trying.

– Think beyond a unique video. While a video will give you good results, it will be much better if there is a general video strategy. Customers like to be reminded about everything you can do for them: you can make a combination of good videos that spread throughout the entire purchase journey. Every video you can imagine will work.

To summarize:

If you haven’t done any audiovisual work for your brand yet, the best thing to do is start with an explainer video, which has a lot of benefits as you read above. But the most important one, is that they can surely increase your conversion rate, making them a great tool to double your marketing ROI.

People trust videos even if they are not aware of it, and that’s why videos are a great complement to make sales. Contact us now and let’s make a strategy for your business. You have the info, now It is all in your hands!

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