The Complete Guide to Effective Real Estate Video Marketing

5 July, 2021  

It’s hard to think of a niche that wouldn’t benefit from video marketing, but few industries can get so much out of it as real estate.

Video is undoubtedly the best medium for showcasing a property on the web, promoting your business, and building customer trust. That is to say, video allows you to attract, convince, and convert more clients.

But in the grand scheme of things, real estate videos are a relatively new tool in the game, and few realtors and real estate agents are leveraging it to its full extent.

To keep that from happening to you (and give you a hefty competitive edge), we have come up with a concise yet practical guide to walk you through how to start or reinforce your real estate video marketing strategy. Examples and everything.

Let’s start!

Real Estate Video Marketing

Why Real Estate Video Marketing Is Vital in 2021

Many real estate agents are already seeing the fruits of adding video to their marketing efforts, and it’s easy to see why:

Videos put you ahead of your competition. Right now, videos are a fairly fresh addition to the real estate marketing landscape, with relatively few agents taking advantage of it. Incorporating it into your strategy can help you take the lead in the local market.

  • Listing videos help buyers consider a property more thoroughly – certainly more than pictures ever could.
  • Video can also help you spice up your email outreach campaign. A video email is way more likely to be opened and shared than a written one.
  • Real estate videos also boost your online exposure. Video plays a role in SEO, helping you rank higher in result pages and, therefore, reach out to a broader audience.
  • And last but certainly not least, real estate videos help build consumer trust. The right video content can help you demonstrate your know-how and generate confidence in your clientele.

Having said all that, knowing that video works and making videos that actually help you move more property are two entirely different things. So, it’s time to get down to business!

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Best Types of Videos for Real Estate Video Marketing

Not every type of video performs equally well in your niche. So, let’s start by going over some styles that can work like a charm in the real estate arena:

Listing Videos

If video is king in real estate marketing, listing videos are the crown jewels.

The idea with these videos is to showcase a property in detail, allowing buyers to fully understand the layout and ambiance of a house (plus whatever vibe and relevant data you decide to include). Evidently, the property is the protagonist here, but thinking that listing videos are just about information delivery is a HUGE mistake!

Listing videos are often your first chance to get a potential client emotionally invested in a property, so you need to be more creative with them than just providing functional footage. But we’ll talk more about the how of listing videos in a bit.

Explainer Videos

When promoting your real estate agency, it’s essential that clients fully understand what makes your services stand out in the local market. Explainer videos allow you to describe these qualities in a simple yet compelling way while capturing the essence of your agency. A perfect formula for video ads meant to attract new potential clients.

Educational Videos

Buying a property is no minor decision, so it’s only natural for people to inform themselves on the topic before taking the leap. Now, imagine how cool it would be that someone looking for this information came across a video of you giving tips to choose the ideal home and oh-so-casually mentioning you offer real estate services.

You’d not only boost your brand awareness thanks to organic traffic, but you would also be demonstrating your expertise and, therefore, generating trust in your agency. Not to mention we are talking about getting viewers who are interested in moving properties – a.k.a.: qualified leads.

Testimonial Videos

Speaking of winning customer’s trust, testimonial videos can give prospects powerful social proof to believe in and go for your services.

These videos show a former client explaining how your role was instrumental in selling their house or finding the ideal home, how you assisted them with the buying process, or whether they would recommend partnering up with you. Needless to say, you have to find a client whose answer will be a resounding yes!

Neighborhood Tours

The location is a critical factor for almost anyone who’s buying or renting a house. In this sense, a neighborhood video tour can influence your clients’ decisions nearly as much as a listing video.

Try to showcase important features of the neighborhood, like schools in the area and the best restaurants around (that would influence my decision, at least ;)). Even more vital is to express the overall vibe of the place – is it family-friendly? More of a vibrant nightlife type of place? Tranquille? These videos should reinforce the specific feel and audience appeal of the properties in it that you are trying to move.

Company Story or Introduction Videos

Clients like doing business with people they know. With this in mind, introducing yourself or your agency in-camera can go a long way in your real estate video marketing strategy.

The idea with these is to address your values, work ethics, and the things that set you apart from other agents or agencies.

It’s definitely a video that can shine like the Sun in the ‘About us’ section of your webpage and your social media.

Live Videos

Live videos are more popular than ever in real estate video marketing, and for a good reason. The spontaneity of a real-time video makes the audience connect with the streamer on a more personal level, especially when the host interacts with the live chat.

So, consider streaming live events, a house tour, and Q&A videos, among others – and don’t forget to address the audience’s comments!

9 Tips to Make Awesome Listing Videos

We’ve already established listing videos should be the cornerstone to your real estate marketing strategy, but it takes more than facts and clean shots to make listing videos that actually get people interested.

It’s crucial to showcase the property in the best light possible – both literally and figuratively – as these videos play a huge role in how clients perceive the place and whether or not they even consider it as a potential candidate.

That said, you don’t need to be Spielberg either, as there are a few simple guidelines that will keep you on the right track:

  1. Start with an attractive opening shot. First impressions count, so make sure your video leaves a great one and keep the viewer interested in the place.
  2. Highlight selling points.
  3. Use text overlays to display room sizes and important features.
  4. Shoot mainly in the daylight. This one may be a bit obvious for those who are familiar with listing pictures tips. There’s nothing like daylight for capturing the details of a place – plus, it lets the viewers appreciate the natural light of the home.
  5. Display aerial footage, especially if the property has a great extension of land, a fantastic view, or it’s in an exotic location.
  6. Film the surroundings. If the property is well-located, you should show nearby parks, schools, or malls. But remember – your main focus should be the home itself.
  7. Consider showing people using the property. Showcasing ‘a day in the life’ dwelling in the home can add a human touch to the video while helping the audience see themselves living there.
  8. Use subtle background music or ambient sounds. Forget about using loud or distracting music. You’d better go with the calm sounds of the location or with a tune that doesn’t steal the attention from the visual part – just make sure it’s royalty-free!
  9. Include subtle branding. The indisputable protagonist of the video will be the home, but it’s important viewers remember who is behind the listing. So, use non-invasive forms of branding: putting a small logo in a corner and showcasing your logo and contact info at the end can do the trick.

5 Examples of Awesome Real Estate Video Marketing

After reading so many tips and tricks, it’s time you see them in action! Check out these five examples that teach us a thing or two about real estate video content.

1. DocuSign (Real Estate) – Yum Yum Videos

Here’s a great example of an animated explainer video related to real estate that stands out immediately for the fact that it is not live-action. But that’s just for starters!

The coolest part about this video is how it uses storytelling in its favor. The value proposition is explained through a simple story that’s entertaining and easy to digest. But more importantly, it’s relatable!

The target audience can see themselves in the protagonist’s shoes, making it likely that they also see themselves using the platform. That’s how we like to do things here at Yum Yum, and it’s a guiding principle you should adopt for your content as well!

2. How Do I Buy a House? – LeAnn Henri

Here’s a how-to video that showcases the host’s expertise while also being super helpful for potential customers.

What’s worth noticing is how straightforward the explanation is.

The realtor doesn’t beat around the bush and uses simple language. You don’t need to be an expert to understand her, and that’s what makes this video so beneficial for the audience, especially if they are new to buying a house.

3. Have You Seen Hamilton? – Brian Keith Lewis

The first thing we like about this video is the title. It’s not just an address or a brief overview of the property. It’s an unusual question for a real estate video title – and that’s exactly what draws people in!

Once you click on the video, the content is as interesting as the title. The agent makes sure to describe the property in the best light possible, highly capitalizing on its selling points — real estate video marketing at its best.

4. Is the East Village Worth It? – Cash Jordan

Notice how this neighborhood video tour describes both the pros and cons of the area.

Unlike a listing video, neighborhood tours aren’t meant to showcase the place in the best possible way. The idea is not to convince viewers the neighborhood is perfect, but to help them realize if it’s the right one for them, whether they are a family or a single person, a car owner or a subway commuter, or if their budget is high or low.

5. Zapiola & Virrey del Pino – Martin Miranda Bosch

Here’s another listing video, but this one doesn’t include a spoken description of the place. It lets the property do all the talking.

We are welcomed by a striking shot the moment we see the inside of the house, and it continues to get better from that point forward. An excellent way of making a great first impression and solid proof that drones and listing videos are a perfect match.

Wrapping Up

Video content can spice up any real estate video marketing strategy, bringing about new clients and more exposure to your business as your video content portfolio grows. However, it’s worth noticing not every video does the trick, and quality has a lot to do with that.

You’ll find many articles online stating that you can make a great real estate video with your smartphone camera. While this is not necessarily wrong, the truth is that a professionally made video will hit different almost 100% of the time.

Keep in mind the quality of your videos can influence what the audience thinks about your agency, so you should take good care of it.

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