Explainer Videos on Your Website: Do’s & Don’ts

Having a static, block-of-text kind of website is no longer a good idea.

In today’s digital landscape, people expect dynamism and innovation in their content, especially from brands they are interested in! Naturally, most businesses have turned to video content to engage visitors and connect more deeply with them in those terms.

And out of the many different styles out there, well-made explainer videos are one of the most effective in terms of delivering meaningful and compelling experiences. Helping brands to increase traffic, generate new leads, and improve conversions.

However, while having a high-quality explainer video goes a long way, it’s also very important to place it in the right place and under the right conditions.

Today, we are going to learn how you can craft a memorable experience properly combining your explainer video with your website. Ready?

The Best Spots for your Explainers

As enriching as an explainer video can be on your website, where you place them can impact how effective they are. Think about your goals for the video, and make sure its placement matches them.

1. Homepage

Your homepage is one of the first (and most defining) points of contact your potential customers will have with your brand. It is where they go to learn more about you and your product; to see if your solution is the solution they are looking for. And to understand if you are a reliable, professional, useful, and even entertaining brand!

Therefore, adding a beautiful and engaging video that quickly explains what you do and addresses their specific pain points, it’s a no-brainer.

On a higher note, having a homepage video can also help you keep your visitors stay longer on your site. A boon from an SEO standpoint, since Google uses on-page session time and bounce rate as a ranking factor.

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2. Dedicated Landing Page

Sometimes you need to get proactive and bring the customers to you rather than focusing on reaching out to them. That’s what a landing page is for: funneling visitors to a page that’s purposely designed to convert those visitors into leads.

Placing the right explainer video on your landing pages can help you get your message across more effectively, advertise your product or service, and persuade visitors to take action.

And all of it from a single piece of content!

3. Blog Posts

To enhance your brand’s core message, each piece of content you develop should work in tandem with the rest. One of the easiest ways to capitalize on your marketing efforts after producing an explainer is by adding them as media to enhance your blog posts.

When you write useful articles, you are sharing knowledge with curious prospects, which helps you foster trust in your brand and build more solid relationships. Adding awesome videos to accompany and enhance your information makes those posts even more appealing!

The great thing about embedding video in your articles is it provides useful context and enriches your ideas. Helping readers to have a better understanding of what you do, how experienced you are, and how original your solutions can be.

Explainer Videos on Your Website – Do’s

Prioritize Value Propositions

Have you ever checked a website to learn more about a product, and after a couple of minutes, you click away completely frustrated because you couldn’t find a proper answer? I know I have!

Online, people need to answer their questions as quickly as possible, especially when they are being introduced to a brand for the very first time.

“You have to be clear about your business and its value proposition right from the start.”

Never make your prospects waste time digging through long and confusing texts when it comes to explaining why and how you can help them. Using a cool, engaging, and short explainer video to highlight your key benefits in a way that resonates with them is, evidently, a great alternative.

How are you going to make their lives easier? Why is your product the best solution out there? Why should they trust you? Explainer videos are designed to address these questions quickly and efficiently.

Check this beautiful explainer video we developed for Collaboration Squared, a platform designed to solve the problem of inter-office and remote teams. In less than 90 seconds, it presents a common scenario for modern businesses (the attendance levels for remote conference calls) and provides the perfect solution – theirs!

Autoplay & Muteplay

Autoplaying videos can provide a website with immediacy and dynamism, helping the viewer quickly get your business idea without even needing to click. But, in total fairness, it can also get quite invasive and sometimes straight-up annoying if you aren’t making sure they are quiet!

Here are a few tips you can follow to implement autoplay without interfering that much:

  • Keep your video short, simple, and eye-catching.
  • Try not to show too much motion and fast transitions that might distract or confuse new visitors!
  • Disable your video’s sound or make it sound-optional – Let the person decide!
  • You can try using a looping movement from your video as a “preview” of what’s to come if the visitor hits the pay button.

Visibility is Key

As obvious as it may sound: if you invested time and money on developing a gorgeous, high-quality explainer video, don’t hide it!

Explainers are designed to quickly illustrate a message in a way that resonates with its intended target audience’s pain points. Making them a great way to connect with prospects and help them understand how a specific solution can make their lives easier. And all that potential is lost if you bury them in a forgotten corner of your site.

That said, do keep in mind that if you want to keep the focus on your piece, you will probably have to adjust or balance some other elements on your page. You don’t want that an enticing photograph or a big copy steals your video’s thunder and vice versa, right?

Explainer Videos on Your Website – Don’ts

Don’t Set Too Many Goals

This is pretty standard but still very important to remark: Identify a singular goal you want to achieve by adding an explainer video to your website and work towards that.

Do you want to use your explainer video to rank better on SERPs? Are you trying to increase your conversions? Do you need to improve your online presence? Are you using it to help prospects understand better your product or service? Do you want to build consumer trust?

By setting clear objectives, you will be more prepared to measure your video’s overall performance on your site. It will also help you understand what you should modify or change to improve your next video marketing strategy.

Inevitably, great video content on your site will help in many different ways. But keeping your focus on a primary goal will help you test, measure, and tweak for effective much more easily and consistently.

Don’t Forego Well-Written Copy

Even though your explainer video should be in the center of the stage, your copy still is an important backup dancer! One that’s going to help complement and enhance your piece.

Basically, text guides your visitors through your website, helping them scan your page more quickly and understand what to expect in each section. Choose the most relevant information and place it on the first few paragraphs, headers, subtitles, and bulleted lists!

Moreover, keep in mind that great copy helps you improve your site from an SEO perspective. Writing persuasive copy with the appropriate keywords, alongside a powerful CTA is a killer formula to get the most out of your video!

Pro Tip: When in doubt, don’t make it too complicated or get super technical. Keep your sentences short, simple, reader-friendly, and accessible! 🙂

Take a peep at Wistia’s homepage. Check how every element works in harmony, providing all the information needed at first sight. It has a single, looping movement video that organically flows with the main copy, matching the overall brand tone!

Don’t Get in the Way

Whether you place your explainer video on your homepage, blog post, landing, or product page – never get in the visitor’s way!

Every element on your page should encourage prospects to keep on browsing and facilitate further interaction. Strive to build your page in a way that makes it easier for them to get and navigate to other pages on your website.

Yes, your gorgeous and high-quality explainer video is probably going to steal most of the attention. That’s perfectly fine, but it shouldn’t be the only content that viewers consume! To build a long-lasting relationship with them, your piece should assist with the navigation. Intriguing them enough to keep on gathering information about your brand and ultimately close the deal!

It’s All About the Experience

Our online life is full of stimuli – We are constantly bombarded with a never-ending flow of content, notifications, and alerts. So, to catch your prospects’ attention, it’s necessary to create positive and memorable experiences. At the very least!

Luckily, explainer videos can help businesses’ websites to make a fantastic impression and stand out from the competition. Providing prospects all the information they need to fully understand a brand’s value proposition while keeping it engaging and entertaining.

So, if you are thinking about creating an explainer video to add to your website, keep these tips, do’s, and don’ts close to you. They can help you craft a great experience, one that will make all the difference for your business and, above all, your future customers!

Oh, do you need a hand to develop your next explainer video? Because we will be happy to hear all about your cool idea! 🙂

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