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Your Explainer Video Is Not Working? Here are the Reasons Why


I can tell from here you’re frustrated. ‘Where are the benefits of explainer videos everyone told me about?’ You’re asking your marketing team, in-house experts, colleagues, and everyone you meet on the streets. You feel disappointed and cheated, and you curse the day you put some money into making a corporate video.


explainer video step by step

Let me tell you one thing. You’re looking at this from the wrong angle. I know that this isn’t what you want to hear right now but you’d better recognize a mistake and move quick to fix it than to keep losing time – and money. As part of an experienced explainer video company, I can tell you that these videos work like a charm as long as you do them right.

If I’m talking about a ‘right’ way to do company videos, then there’s also a ‘wrong’ way – and that’s what probably hit you. There are several things that can be done poorly when developing them, all of which can undermine their performance and bring you to the state you’re currently in. So, let’s identify the issues of your videos and restore faith in what they can do for you.

Poor quality

Low quality is one of the main reasons why many things on this good Earth don’t work. Sometimes, we look to cut on costs earlier on by sacrificing quality, forgetting that what we save today will come with a high price tomorrow. Company videos are no exception.

Good explainer videos cost as much as they do because there’s a lot to take care of to keep a high quality standard. Whiteboard videos, motion graphics, cartoon animations – all of them take time, effort and knowledge to get them right.

Unfortunately, quality is the worst sacrifice you can make. With all the competition any company has to face today, looking decent just doesn’t cut it anymore. People are now accustomed to content that looks good, it’s useful and to the point, even in startup videos. Watch this one we made hor Gigtown (selected by Hubspot one of the most fabulous explainer videos on the web):

Now it’s time for you to be honest. How good do your videos actually look? If you went with a video company just because they were cheap, chances are not that great. Admit your mistake and move on. You’re hurting your brand a lot more by leaving subpar content on your site.

Lack of customization

Though it may seem fairly obvious, allow me to make it perfectly clear: if you are going to develop a company video, it has to be about your company. Think about it before you throw random insults onto the screen. There are oh-so-many companies in the world putting out videos that, if I lined most them up one after the other and showed them to you, you wouldn’t be able to identify which one belongs to who.

That’s because many of the video marketers in charge of developing those contents forget about one of the most basic things in marketing – uniqueness. The only way your video will have some sort of impact is if it feels different from the millions of others out there. You could argue that it’s a virtually impossible task and, while I see what you mean, I think that you could pull it off if you showed what your brand is all about.

the Right Explainer Video Company

Now that you’re frustrated with your video performance, go back and watch your explainer video again. And again. And as many times as you need to. Does it truly represents what your company is about? Check the music, the characters, the locations, the whole concept. Also, ask yourself – is it really different from what other companies in your industry are doing?

If you answer that last question with a ‘no’ (even with the shiest of ‘nos’), then it’s time to go back to the drawing board.

Inefficient length

Please notice that I’m talking about ‘inefficient’ length. In other words, a duration that doesn’t help the purposes of the video: to raise brand awareness, to get leads and to close sales. There are 2 ways to tackle this.

The first one is to see what the research data tells us about optimal times for videos. Recent analysis discovered that videos can last up to 2 minutes while keeping their audience’s attention. After that, people start to drop out and the performance is hurt. So, problem solved, right? Stay under 2 minutes and you’ll be all set.

ideal explainer video length

Well, there’s also the second way to get close to the efficient time you’re looking for: balancing who your audience is with what you need to tell them. Younger people tend to be more impatient and watch for a shorter amount of time with older people are the exact opposite. Additionally, you may feel tempted to provide an awful lot of information in your video. There’s a balance to be found there, between those 3 factors, there’s a sweet spot that will improve your video’s performance.

With that in mind, how is your company video doing, duration-wise? Is it below the 2-minute mark? Is the length appropriate for your target audience? And what about the amount of information you provide? If you don’t feel comfortable with any of these, then you’ll probably need to cut the video to make it more effective.

Horrible script

If you hired a marketing video company, they should have worked with a script in the early design stages. That’s how we do it, at least. With it, they lay down the direction the video will take, the characters that will be needed, the scenes – you get it. After that’s done, revised and approved, the filming of the video can start. This is one of the most important stages in the whole process – yet some companies don’t spend the necessary time to get it right.

The results are what you might be suffering from right now with your video. No one seems to watch it and of those who do, no one seems to like it. You can’t expect that to be different, to be honest. The script is the video’s skeleton, the thing that’s at the very core and keeps it all together. A false step here and all that comes after will suffer.

script for animated explainer video

You can identify videos with horrible scripts through some of their distinctive marks. One of the most notorious is when a video is so focused on talking about the company that it forgets to give its audience the reason why the company should matter to them. It spends its whole running time praising the brand and claiming how good it is. That’s a colossal mistake. People don’t care how big you think you are. They want to hear how your company will change their lives.

Videos without rhythm, a dynamic tone, or a logical narrative are also perfect examples of poor scripting. All of those elements are what makes videos appealing in the first place and they have to be designed in the early stages. If you see one of these issues with your video, then consider remaking the whole thing. Check this ebook we made specially for this stage: “How to Write a Script for an Explainer Video

Low visibility

Company videos are meant to be shown to everybody. You want everyone to watch it and fall in love with it! So, maybe the problem with your video isn’t any of the above – it’s just a matter of low visibility. How can that be?

Go now and see where you can find your corporate video (go, I’ll wait). Well? Did you find it in your YouTube channel and shared once or twice on your Facebook timeline and that’s it? Did you see it in your About page next to your company’s team members? If that’s the case, then you need to rethink your strategy.

The benefits of explainer videos will start to appear when people see them, so you have to understand how valuable it is for your marketing. Put it in your homepage, in a place when everyone can see it the second they drop by. Feature it in your social media, use it in your blog posts, make some ads out of it. In short – put it out there! No one will watch if it’s impossible to find.

If you have one of these issues, then you’re in big trouble. If you have more than one, then it’s a disaster scenario that needs immediate assistance from people that know what they are doing – like the Yum Yum team! With years of experience working with big boys like Walmart and Fox, we’ll make sure none of these mistakes are present on your explainer video. Besides, our highly standardized process will guarantee you fantastic results at the most accessible price in the market.

Take a look at what we can do and give us a call!

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