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Why You Need to Use A Professional Voice Over for Your Explainer Video


If you are considering a new marketing strategy or taking your business to the next level then you may choose to create an explainer video. However, many people make the wrong decision of choosing to create their voice over themselves. There are many reasons why you would choose to do this such as saving money, believing it is easy and trying to save time.



While all of these reasons are legitimate, it will certainly affect the final version of your video and that could work against you. That is exactly why it is important to use a professional voice over for your explainer video.

Do I need a professional voice over actor?

This is a question that many people ask themselves when the time comes to creating a video. In some ways it is a valid question but it is only valid if people do not know how valuable a good voice over actor is to your project. How good do you want your video to be? Some are happy for it to be an average video that is cheap to make and has some success but if you want to be up there with the big players then you need to make your video stand out.

This is where a professional voice over actor will work wonders. Their ability to take your video to your audience in a way that is unique is something that will make your video noticeable and memorable. Of course, having a professional voice actor will cost you money, doesn’t it always, but it will be the best money that you spend simply because of what they offer your video.

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The main thing to consider is why invest all of that time understanding how to make an explainer video if you don’t complete the job properly by using a voice over actor? It is almost as if you almost create a video but fall short at the final hurdle. Amazingly though, there are many people who don’t use a professional voice over. The question here is why?

Why do some people choose to not use a voice over actor?

Creating a video costs money and takes time but if you want to do a job properly you have to spend money and take your time but some have different ideas.

Of course, creating a video and moving through the different stages such as creating a script, a storyboard and getting an animator on board are what help to create the visual aspect of the video and to some, that may be the fun part. They then believe that they can finish off the project by having a different idea when it comes to the voice over. Listen carefully to this voice over:

They try to save money

An explainer video, as you will know by now, costs money and many people do not have the skills to create the video but they believe that because they have a voice, they can carry out the voice over themselves. While some may be lucky enough to be able to do this themselves, the majority of people will fail to deliver a voice over that works. Trying to cut corners by doing the voice over yourself is simply putting yourself on the pathway to failure because a voice over actor has the skills, the experience and the knowledge to know what is required. It is not as simple as reading a script. There is a lot more to it and that is a fact.

They try to save time

When some decide that they want to create an explainer video, they want it completed almost instantly. They are excited by how the video will give their brand an identity and they want their audience to see it almost before it is made. Pulling all the different stages together takes time and once the video is complete, the time comes to add the voice over and that may mean waiting for the right voice over actor to become available for job. It is a waiting game and good things come to those who wait but trying to save time by creating a voice over yourself will not save time it will waste time because you will quickly realise that you will need a professional.

They believe it is easy

Many people believe they have what it takes to refrain from needing to use the services of a professional voice over actor for their startup videos. We all have a voice and we can all talk so it cannot be that difficult surely? Well, believe us when we say that there is certainly a skill involved with creating a voice over for your video. It is not as simple as hitting record, reading your script and then playing it over your video. If it was that easy, then every good voice over actor would be out of a job…but they are not and that should tell you everything. For instance watch this video and pay attention to the voice over:

Voice over software is readily available

People believe that technology has the ability to replace the skills and experience that comes with a voice over actor. In reality, while it is possible to purchase software that can help you to record a voice over, it will only go so far as to making it sound professional. It is worth remembering that there is still an element of human input and that means that errors and a lack of professionalism will be identified immediately by the audience.

It is your brand so you believe you should do the voice over

Your brand is your baby and that is completely understandable. After all, you have put a lot of hard work in getting it to where it is today and you want to remain in control of how it moves forward. However, when it comes to making a video, opting to use the services of an explainer video production company such as YumYumVideos will ensure that your video receives the highest quality content possible. Choosing to do the voice over yourself will certainly put you in control…it will put you in control of helping your video to fail and you would not want that to happen would you?

You know your audience

Of course you know your audience, you have been delivering your brand to them for some time but that does not mean that you know how your video should work so that it appeals to your audience. This kind of video is not just about “knowing” your audience, it is about getting deeper than that and finding something that they can relate to and believe in by using a convincing voice over professional.


I can record a voice over as many times as I like until I get it right

Many believe that by doing the voice over themselves they can keep on going until they get it right. As mentioned, it is very difficult to create a voice over and using the services of a professional is all part of the voice over process. Just because you can keep going back to the drawing board and starting again does not mean it is going to work at all. This will only make the process longer and more drawn out and it could seriously put the success of your video at risk.

It is important to use a voice over professional

As you have read through this article, it should have become clear as to just how important it is to use a professional for your voice over needs. This is such a crucial part of your explainer video that you have to do all you can to get right. There is absolutely no point in cutting corners and trying to save time and money because you will suffer for doing so. Your explainer video is going to be an insight into your brand as well as your products or services. Therefore, your audience are going to want professionalism in every sense of the word. Imagine if they begin to watch a high standard video only for it to have an awful voice over that you decided to do yourself? The first thing they will do is turn it off because your audience will expect the full package.

If you are spending money on creating a video which includes writing a script, creating characters, a story board and animation then there is no benefit from stopping short of the finish line by failing to use a professional voice over actor. They are a crucial part of the complete process and that is why you need to spend money and time finding the right voice over professional. They will ensure that your video is polished and professional.

Give your brand and business the credibility it deserves by doing things right, contact us. There is no doubt that you have done everything right to get to where you are today, so do not spoil it by having a voice over that simply ruins your explainer video.


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