Don’t Make Any More Animated Videos for Your Business (until you read this)

17 November, 2017  

Yeah, I know animated videos for businesses are very hot right now. And I’m also aware that those videos have tons of benefits. Yet I’m still urging you to stop making them. You read that right. You have to stop creating videos…on an assembly line, that is.

That’s not how you get to the 55% of people that watch videos every day – not now, not ever.

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Even if all the videos you’re putting out are part of a bigger marketing strategy, there’s something you might not be taking into account that’s hurting you in every possible sense. You’re wasting money and time only to have a minimum impact. You’re forgetting the fundamentals of making cartoon explainer videos.

Which ones are those? Read on to find out!

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#1. Stop making videos no one can relate to

All animated marketing videos aim for the same thing – to engage with their audience. If that goal isn’t achieved, then nothing else matters. You can have thousands of videos in your YouTube channel but if they don’t engage with the public you’re after, then you’d better stop uploading them and take a moment to think. What could you be missing?

Though it can be due to multiple things, chances are that the people watching your cartoon animations can’t identify with what they are seeing. The story you’re telling, the characters you’re using, the way in which you’re presenting the problem and the solution – all of that might be broken and need fixing.

For your videos to have some sort of impact, they have to feature characters with which your viewers can relate to facing problems that are familiar to that audience. They should be watching your video and pointing their fingers to their screens saying “that’s me!” If you aren’t getting that reaction from your audience, then stop making those videos.

Lacking that identification with what happens on screen is a fatal blow to your intentions. If people can’t put themselves in your character’s shoes, then they can’t really see the point you’re trying to make. Only failure follows from that.

#2. Just cut it with the videos that look generic

The importance of videos in marketing has brought an epidemic throughout the digital world. People from all kinds of industries are running to release their own animated videos for their businesses without ever designing a proper strategy or caring how to truly make a lasting impression.

Thus, the perceived need of having to put out videos clashes with reality. Creating interesting videos is challenging and time-consuming (and that’s without mentioning the cost). That’s why many people are taking the easy road – going with template videos that look like anyone with a computer can pull together.

Go to YouTube and check how many videos made out of predesigned templates you can find. There are millions and millions out there and they all look boringly similar. In fact, many of them are so similar between them that it seems like they were created by the same person that only stuck different brand names on top of them.

Now, the question that rises from all this is simple – how can your target audience trust you if your video seems like something anyone could do? How can they trust you if you don’t take the time to talk to them directly? How can they trust you if you don’t show them that you understand who they are and where they come from?

Template videos (or pretty much all generic-looking videos on the Web) can have some positive impacts but they will never have the lasting effect you should want out of them. If all of what I said here sounds like the videos you’re uploading, then please, oh please, stop making them.

#3. Enough with the cartoon videos that seem OK for branding

At Yum Yum Videos, we are proud of the focus we use in every project we tackle. Basically, we believe that all animated videos for businesses should aim for greatness or not exist at all. Striving for that sort of quality is truly hard but it’s the only way we can be sure the results brands are looking for will come.

However, there are countless company owners that seem happy with their cartoon videos just being OK, without realizing how much that hurts the way they brand their companies. Look, branding is a very important aspect of modern marketing. It defines how people see your brand which, in turn, will influence how they interact with it.

If the videos you’re making don’t take proper care of branding, then people won’t see a difference between your videos and the ones your competitors are putting out. If you don’t take the time to work on the tone, the style, the colors and the “spirit” of your videos to match those of your brand, then you might as well give up.

You should be creating cartoon marketing videos to increase your brand’s awareness. You want people to recognize you and associate positive things with you. If you settle for being OK, the few people that will remember you will have that image in their minds. That’s not precisely what you’re looking for, right? Then say “no more” to cartoon videos that aren’t properly branded.

#4. Ban animated videos that aren’t doing anything for your ROI

Did you know that animated explainer videos are capable of boosting your sales by an impressive 20% on average? Now that your mouth is watering, let me bring you back to reality. You won’t get that kind of number unless you start taking your video marketing more seriously.

Instead of focusing on quantity, perhaps you should be thinking about quality. That increase is only possible when the cartoon animation is good enough to keep people hooked and watching. Given the insane amount of video content available on the Internet, you won’t be able to pull that off unless you aim for the highest of qualities in all aspects, from scripting to execution.

Instead of spending time putting out video after video just to see if they work, you should be going back to the drawing board to rethink your whole approach. People want quality and if you don’t give it to them, then they’ll look elsewhere. You know what that might mean for you? That they go straight to that one competitor that is actually doing all of this right.

You may argue that you’re seeing results with your current videos so you don’t see the need to change focus. That’s good. Keep at it if you feel like it’s working. However, you should sit down and do the math by predicting how much that kind of sales boost will mean for you. The numbers won’t lie – they’ll say you should banish low quality animated videos that aren’t doing anything for your bank account.

Is there a way to fix all this?

If you’ve found that you’re doing at least one of the things above, you should truly bring your video production to a halt. You are going nowhere even if you feel otherwise. You need to strengthen your video strategy to offer something different, fresh, unique – something that stands out.

And you know what’s a great way to get to that? Betting on full customization for all cartoon videos for your business. Adjusting all of the elements of your videos to fit your company’s needs is the only way you can beat all of the problems above. Customization puts your brand and your audience before anything else and ends up providing high quality results and huge benefits.

With customization, the characters you use, the color palette with which you paint, the communication tone in which you speak – all of it is tailor-made for you. Thus, the characters will feel like members of your target audience, with their basic traits and their problems. This will lead to a strong identification of your public with the characters, because they’ll recognize themselves in those characters.

This, in turn, will make them more invested in what you are saying, because the characters are facing similar issues to the ones the audience is facing. The viewers will pay more attention and will be more interested in your message. In fact, they’ll likely head to your site to research your brand even more. This will boost your website ranking and bring an increase in your visibility. It all adds up to more business opportunities.

Besides, full customization means your animated videos will be branded up to the last detail. In time, with more and more videos using customization, people watching your videos will start to recognize you more easily, thus perceiving you as a known and trusted source. That process will lead you to the golden path to become an authority.

To sum up

Putting out cartoon videos just because you’ve read that they work wonders for your marketing isn’t the way to do it. Video marketing isn’t that simple. It takes time to create a sound strategy, to get to know your audience and how to talk to them. After that, you have to take care of every minor detail in your videos to make sure they’ll have many chances for engagement.

Customization is the way to go here but it isn’t a magic trick. It requires vision, goals and know-how to do it right. So, if you aren’t ready to follow the rules, please stop making animated videos. You aren’t doing yourself a favor. Better use that time to pick the right animated video company that can help you get out of that hole you may dig yourself into and bring you back into the light.

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