Do you really need Custom Animated videos for your business?

28 August, 2017  

We’ve said time and time again that you need custom animated videos for your business. Countless experts have also said it. A lot of companies have already seen the huge benefits that stem from these animated marketing videos. Everybody is saying so many wonderful things about these videos that you might feel like it’s too good to be true.


Well, today is the day you’ll change that view of yours. After reading this article, you’ll understand that the power of cartoon marketing videos can’t be overstated. And when you’re done, you’ll see why, in a world where 55% of people are watching online videos every day, having custom explainer videos by your side is the way to go.

Custom videos are the only way to find your voice

If you are paying close attention, then you’ve surely noticed that I’ve insisted a lot on the “custom” nature of videos. That’s not on a whim. Tailor-made videos for your company are what you need if you’re truly serious about your video marketing strategy. There are plenty of reasons as to why that is. The first one – betting on custom is the only way you can find your brand’s voice.

And you’ll need that voice, that tone that makes you unique if you’re going to stand out from an overcrowded medium as the digital video world. You don’t want to be mistaken by someone else and you especially don’t want to look like your competition. You want your audience to pay attention to you and find out that you’re different and that you’re the perfect match for them.

You can’t get all of that with a regular video (and certainly you won’t get that with a template-based video). You need a custom video able to show what sets your brand apart, to get your audience to feel that you’re “the real thing” and engage with you. Custom animated videos are the way in which you put your personality on display through the careful design of characters, backgrounds, music and a voiceover.

Here’s a practical example of this, a video we made at Yum Yum Videos for a mobile app called “I’m Here”. Watch it and tell me it’s not fresh and unique!

Get your branding going with a custom video

Perhaps you’re thinking “what you’re saying is good and all, but I can rehash some video templates and still have a unique vibe.” Maybe that’s true (although I doubt it), but I’m not done with my case for custom animated marketing videos. There are other things that you’ll only get when working with custom material. One of the best examples is branding.

Having a video that has your brand’s identity ingrained throughout its whole duration is only possible when the explainer video is made specifically for your company. It isn’t the same to have the entire video designed for your company’s colors, communication tone and target audience as having to settle with templates that are somewhat close to what you stand for.

You certainly need a video that underlines your brand’s presence through these seemingly minor details. You want the viewer to start associating all those elements with your name and your product or service. You need all this so, in the future, your prospects recognize you as soon as you start talking.

Take a look at the video we did for WSP. As you can see, there’s a distinctive style to it that’s close to the company’s overall spirit.

How people see you and how quick they are when recognizing your brand is key for your company. You certainly want your brand to be the first thing that pops into your audience’s heads once they need you. Branding is definitely the way to go when building that kind of awareness, and going with a custom video is the only thing that can guarantee that will happen.

People can relate more easily with custom videos

As anyone that has ever delivered an effective speech can tell you, the best way to convey your message is to think about your target audience when building it. The reason is simple – you want that audience to feel like you’re one of them, like you can understand them.

That works for any message you want to send out, so of course it works with custom animated videos for businesses in any industry. The people you’re talking to define how you build that message. In a video, that means that you determine who your audience actually is and identify its main characteristics. After that, you use all of those to create compelling characters in situations that can be interesting for that audience.

In other words, the characters in the video, and the situations they face are key to engage with your audience. So, adjusting them in your video so they look the same age, have the same background, and care about the same problems is a must if your video is to click with your prospected viewers. What you’re looking for with this is quick relatability, an audience pointing at the screen and saying “that’s me!”

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Think you can get that with a template video? I thought so. All audiences are different and have their specific traits, so doing a custom video is how you can ensure that your characters are precisely the same as your audience. And that it’s what will get them invested in watching your whole video. After all, your target audience shares the same problems as the characters in your video.

Don’t get me wrong here. This doesn’t mean your cartoon marketing video has to be realistic for it to work. You can have your characters fly out to space or fight dragons if you want to! The only thing you have to keep in mind is that your characters resemble your audience and that the problems they face are the same ones that your prospects are facing.

The following video can clarify all this. It’s the video we made for Gigtown and it was chosen by Hubspot as one of the best examples of explainer videos for a reason – it speaks to Gigtown’s core audience. Check it out to see how this works:

That video right there is enough proof for you to understand why you need an animated video company working on a custom video for you. But if that doesn’t feel like enough for you, then there’s more…

Custom videos build brand trust

With a custom video you can find your voice, strengthen your branding and get your audience to identify with you.  The next step that follows all those is pretty logical. Once your audience starts to see you as relatable, they’ll start to trust you. Since you know who you are and are direct about your service benefits, people will start to see you as an expert, as someone that’s capable of helping them with their problems.

When you create a video that depicts your audience in a detailed and precise manner and showcase their problems realistically to then offer a solution, people will think of your brand as a company that “gets them.” Your video shows that you know your prospected customers and their problems and it’s clear you know how you can help them. Thus, in their minds, they’ll see you as someone they can trust.

The importance of being trusted in the modern world can’t be overstated. A trusting audience will be more welcoming to your messages, will be more likely to recommend your brand and will remain a happy customer as long as you keep helping them. Trust certainly is nothing to scoff at and, believe it or not, a custom video can help you build it. That’s yet another reason why you need it for your marketing strategy.

All of this should be plenty enough but there’s one final thing a custom explainer video can give you…

Your ROI will boom with a custom video

If you’re more of a numbers guy or gal, then you want something more blunt and direct than all of the above. Let’s cut to the chase here – a custom video can boost your Return on Investment (ROI) and give you an average 20% of your sales.

This is courtesy of all the things we’ve said above. A trustful company that offers a distinctive message with a precise benefit will engage with its audience more often than not. Those people will spend more time watching your videos, researching your brand and browsing your site. All of that will increase your visibility and will make you rank higher in the search engines which, in turn, will bring more and more people to your doorstep.

If more people get to know you and start seeing you as a respectable company, then it’s fairly obvious that they’ll think of you whenever they need your product or services. This process will end up with people spending more on what you have to offer, simply because you’ll be perceived as the best in your industry. That’s how powerful video marketing is!

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The bottom line

We’ve said it before and we’ll keep saying it – custom animated videos are fantastic for any business wanting to strengthen its brand. They are great at showcasing a company’s benefits and increasing its visibility and engagement with its target audience. They can make you stand out from the competition and can even give you a mouth-watering sales boost.

The only condition for that to happen is to work with a company capable of giving your brand a custom video.  Template videos can never get all of those perks, simply because they were designed with a one-size-fits-all kind of mentality that can never fully click with modern audiences. Exclusive content tailor-made for your brand, on the other hand, is how you win your target audience over because that’s the only way they can feel like you’re talking directly to them.

Of course, you have to measure your expectations. All of these benefits will more likely appear if and only if you develop a sound video marketing strategy capable of seeing all of the phases of your buyer’s journey. Marketing is more than just custom videos, even if they can do amazing things for you.

Want to know what else you can make for your brand, video-wise? Look for the right explainer video company to help you! (Or, you know, drop us a line and let us do the heavy lifting for you).

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