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5 Ways That Custom Animated Videos Can Make Your Brand Popular


There are literally billions of brands globally and as you read this, more are being developed. Although all these brands strive to be well-known, not all will attain sufficient popularity.


Video is catching on fast especially among mobile users; it is the centerpiece of content marketing. Video is to brand promotion what SEO is to organic searches. This makes video one of the most effective ways to gain brand popularity. Custom animated videos can be very engaging when creative. What makes it possible for animated videos to easily capture the attention of people is their flexibility.

Animated videos can easily be made to be professional, casual, fun, educational or entertaining without costing too much or taking a long time to produce. A very popular type of animated video that brands use a lot is the whiteboard animation videos, which can be used to explain in simple steps, a desired process.

Using animated videos has become extremely useful in making simple educational videos which may be used for teaching concepts, tutorial videos, lectures and online classes. Brands interested in carrying out campaigns about social issues can utilize the concept of custom animated videos to make their advocacy videos; this method has proven to be effective in making brands popular.

For videos to be effective, they need to be engaging. One way to ensure videos stay engaging is by using the analytic tools. Using analytic tools can be compared to using an SEO analyzer to monitor how a video performs especially on social media in order to make improvements on future video projects.

With all that said, here are 5 ways custom animated videos can make your brand popular:

They can be Customized for Different Audiences

Animated videos are extremely easy to customize to suit a desired audience. This means even after the video is created, it can be easily altered to suit the intended audience.  For example, if the video is intended to be used by an audience of a language other than the original one; all it takes is simply voicing the audio in the recording studio and adding it to the video for the desired audience. This is so flexible it can be sent over to the location and a native speaker of the language can add a voice over before releasing it.

This allows for videos to easily reach a wider audience than it would have otherwise not been able to reach due to a language barrier.  Due to the fact that these videos are usually animated, it takes a shorter period of time to complete compared to traditional video production which requires scene preparation and other time consuming ventures.  Customizing to add branding elements such as brand colors, logos, and other graphic elements is easy to pull off.

They offer Flexibility

Complex and very difficult concepts can easily be simplified when using custom animated videos. This allows for the audience to easily understand the message being passed across in the video. For a brand that has multiple product brands under them, short videos can easily be made for each of them with the concept of promoting the brand at large.

Ideas can easily be communicated through simple video concepts that would have been otherwise complicated to explain. This is so flexible it does not require serious technical knowhow to manipulate the software for making these videos. Some of these tools can be manipulated by individuals who have little knowledge in traditional video production.

They are Cost Effective

We live in the era of Digital Marketing, and it’s slowly taking over traditional advertising. Before animated videos became popular, traditional methods required a huge budget for production. The cost of production, which is usually expensive, can now be channeled into activities that promote branding. The cost incurred in making custom animated videos is relatively lower, this allows for more animated videos to be created and sent out. For small brands operating on a budget, custom animated videos provide them the opportunity to make quality and professional videos which may help in promoting the popularity of their brands.


They Save Time

An old saying goes ‘Time is money’. This goes without saying that time is an important part of brand promotion.  Traditional videos take longer to produce compared to custom animated video production methods. Animated video productions require the use of computer software and tools which can be surprisingly easy to manipulate.  Take social media as an example, when a brand takes too long to post something interesting, its audience begins to forget. The time it takes in making animated videos can help a brand meet up with the increasing demand on pages to post regular engaging content.

They Tell Stories

People love stories. People like to sit and listen to the beginning of a story, and go on a journey with the storyteller to the end of the story. Storytelling is about entertainment, this concept has been used by brands large and small to capture the attention of customers worldwide. Using the concept of storytelling to make animated videos can drastically improve the popularity of a brand.

Summing up…

We’re living in the perfect time to use animated video in marketing. They’re cost effective, attract the masses and there are no limitations, only your imagination! The next step is hiring a professional video company to help you make your vision a reality. Contact us!

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