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26 October, 2017  

The first thing you have to focus on if you want to get to a highly enticing, persuasive and effective marketing video is the script. And it’s not about making it “the improvised way” or “just because”. There are some important guidelines you should follow to develop an engaging and compelling script that quickly captures the interest and the attention of viewers. Today we’re going to share with you some key tips to get to a stunning animated marketing video script that delights your audience! Ready to start?

How to write an effective animatd video script

Animated Marketing Video Script: The Basics

Let’s start by clarifying some basic concepts so you can be fully prepared to understand the scriptwriting process. An animated marketing video script is, basically, the message you deliver to your audience and what the voice-over will say in the video. It sets the foundation for the entire video and that’s why it’s considered one of the most important parts of the  video production process.

It’s very important that you find the right balance between the content (this is, making an engaging script) and the form (camera angles, visual effects, soundtrack, images, etc.). Also, keep in mind that the main goal of the script is explaining how your product or service can be a good solution for your target audience’s problems. So it’s not advisable to brag about how great your brand is or the amazing features your product has. There will be time for that. Let’s go step by step…

In case you haven’t seen a script before, take the time to download this free example to keep it in mind while you get all the information in this article:

ebook: How to write a script?

5 Tips To Get To a Stunning Explainer Video Script

It’s time to review some valuable tips to develop an amazing explainer video script! Here we have made a quick compilation of the main points, but if you want to get all the details and complementary data, we invite you to download our eBook called “How to write a script for an explainer video”. Let’s start!

#1. Know your audience from head to toe and make them “the star” of your video

Knowing who your target audience is, is a must before developing the script! This will be highly important to set a strong connection with them towards the story on the screen. So take the time to answer these questions consciously, before writing down the script: How old are they? Where do they live? What is their job? What’s their style and look? What places do they like to visit? How do they dress?

This, plus any other additional information that might be useful to define them, is essential to get the big picture of your buyer persona. This way, you will be able to customize the script based on their characteristics and needs.

Take all the time you need to define this buyer persona: it will become your guide throughout the whole video production process. Why is this SO important? Three strong arguments behind that: first, having a clear idea of how your buyer persona is will be of great help to craft the characters in the next step of the process (when developing the storyboard). Secondly, you will exude a specific personality and mood to those characters. And finally, if you get to that point when the viewers can identify with what they see, you will grow empathy and trust towards your brand. This will all help you to raise sales and conversions. And that’s one of your main goals, right? 🙂

#2. Stick to the classic narrative structure

Forget about improvising when writing the script. Instead, focus on following the classical narrative structure, which has a beginning, a middle and an end. This is not “just a recommendation” – if you do so, you will make your video much more engaging, understandable and memorable. And also, if you follow this logic, you will find it easier to write the script down.

In video production, we call these 3 steps the what, the how, and the why. See below:

Step #1. The What.

First thing you have to do is to explain the problem your product solves. This way you will quickly grab the interest of your audience and will encourage them to keep on watching. Avoid mentioning or showing your brand at this stage. There will be a specific time for that. At this phase, focus on providing your audience with a specific solution.

Here you can see a good example of what we mean:

Step #2. The How.

Now you have to “educate” your viewers about how your product can solve their specific problem. This is the time when the brand comes into scene: typically, this “act” starts when the logo appears or the brand is mentioned.

In this video, “the how” starts at 0:20.

Step #3. The Why.

Finally, you have to provide your audience with a good argument so that they choose you. So focus on describing your product features and main benefits. This is probably the most “salesy” part of the video, in which you apply all your resources to persuade your viewers about how great your product is over the competition.

Animated marketing video tip

Watch this video to identify the 3 acts:

#3. Keep it brief

Video length and engagement go hand in hand. You have to focus on quickly grabbing your viewers’ attention and engaging them  (ideally in no more than 2 minutes) while you provide them with your key messages. Not a minor thing at all! “e3 said “2 minutes” – that’s because, based on our experience, the optimal length for an animated video is 90 seconds.

But how can you know how long your script should be? Consider this: 160 written words equals one minute of video. So, if you want to make a 90-second video, you will need 240 written words for your script.

#4. Be straightforward

People have really short attention spans nowadays: less than 8 seconds! So make sure you give a simple, clear, straightforward and compelling message. Don’t aim at explaining everything in just 90 seconds. Keep in mind that after making your video you will have the chance to complement that information with other marketing initiatives (sales calls, ebooks, whitepapers, blog posts, and more). Just focus on identifying what has to be in your video and leave the rest aside.

Check out how we’ve made it happen in this video:

#5. Add a strong Call To Action

It’s vital that you tell your viewers what the next step they should take is, after watching the video. It could be downloading an eBook, subscribing to a form, sharing it on social media platforms, or anything else. But remember to be specific. And persuasive! Add an irresistible call to action to guide them in the direction you want. It’s important that you include one single call to action per video. This way, you will avoid confusion and misunderstandings. In case you want to use different calls to action, you can make different versions of the original video and add the CTAs you need.

Tip: review these tricks on how to include call to actions in your animated video. They will certainly help!

Last Words

Finally, let me share with you some additional tips you should follow when writing down the script:

  • Tone: it’s vital that you choose the tone your video will have wisely, to make it resonate with your target audience. Details such as the cast, the pace, the dialog type and a custom narrator, among others, will be essential to make it even more catchy and persuasive.
  • Humor: if it fits your story…why not add a good dose of humor to make your video even more fun to watch, entertaining and captivating? Just don’t force it: include it if it goes with the story…conversely, dismiss it.
  • Benefits:  it’s important that you focus on your target audience’s needs, remember? So talk about the tangible and specific benefits they could get from your product, instead of talking about features and characteristics. This way, you will avoid being too salesy (we talked about this before).

Now you have all the tools you need to work on your marketing video script. You can start with a draft, of course, but then we always suggest that you assign this endeavor to a professional explainer video production company. They have all the experience, skills and technology needed to produce a high quality, persuasive and attractive script. At Yum Yum we have developed thousands of scripts for different clients of diverse industries. And we always focus on customization: this is, making a unique specific script for each of our clients. Adapting the script to their specific needs is the only way they can get great marketing results and that’s a priority to us. So, if you need help with your marketing video script, feel free to get in touch with us.

In Summary

Now you know that an animated marketing video script is one of the most important parts of the video production process. And, to get to an amazing script, you have to follow some basic guidelines that will help you get the best marketing results. We have revealed them all in today’s blog post! So all hands on deck and start working on your next marketing video script 😉
Last but not least, take a look at these additional tips to get to a perfect animated video. Enjoy them!

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