10 Companies That Can Really Help You With Your Business Animation Video

15 November, 2019  

Video’s the darling of digital marketing.

It’s engaging, helps websites rank higher on search engines (Google loves videos,) increases conversions, and fosters consumer trust like no other type of content! And when you add animation to the formula… the possibilities are endless.

The thing is that most businesses have already realized this, and shifted their marketing strategies to become more video-centric – marketing videos are pretty much everywhere. With such massive amounts of content vying for people’s attention, it gets hard for brands to stand out and meet audiences’ high expectations.

Unless you partner with a professional and skilled video marketing team capable of bringing your ideas to life.

The question is, which ones fall into that shortlist? Today, we’ll talk about 10 fantastic companies that we feel you should definitely check out to start planning your business animation production right away. 

Ready, steady, go!

Business animation

Our Criteria for This List

Let’s take a minute to talk about decisions. 

You’ve decided that your company can benefit from an awesome business animation. That’s great, we love them too!

The next logical step, then, becomes choosing a video marketing company that can actually make it just the way you need it. And for that, not just any company will do. You want a team that has the necessary experience to capture your brand’s identity, combine it with your message in a unique way, and use it all to create a piece that delivers on your expectations. Easier said than done.

The truth is not every video company can rise to the challenge of creating a brilliant, custom-made piece. But fear not! Here are 5 major factors that can help narrow down your choices to the ones who do!

  • Quality and Expertise: To make sure that a company’s work measures up to your needs and requirements, go over their portfolio and pay attention to the quality of their previous work. 
  • Communication: Nobody knows your brand better than you do. That’s why you need to choose a vendor that constantly listens to your doubts and ideas. Make sure they have smooth communication channels to prevent any issues or delays.
  • Customization: Great video companies should be able to tailor-make business animation pieces that reflect their clients’ uniqueness. Last thing you want is to end up with generic content! 
  • Feedback: Online reviews, shared experiences, and other types of client testimonials provide good insight into what working with a specific company is actually like. 
  • Price: Work with a video company that can deliver quality at an affordable budget. You can always go with cheaper options, but that usually means getting templates and generic content that won’t get you where you want to go! By the same token, more expensive doesn’t automatically guarantee awesome results! So keep all other points here in mind!

Video Marketing Trends

10 Animated Video Companies Out There

  • Yum Yum Videos
  • Blink Tower
  • Demo Duck
  • Sandwich Video
  • Thinkmojo
  • Explanify
  • Switch Video
  • Kasra Design
  • VeracityColab
  • Sparkhouse

You’ll notice we made an effort to include a variety of video companies on this list; some of them work with more than animation, others specialize in a particular niche, etc. One thing is for sure, though: all of them have the talent and experience to help you craft an amazing piece.

#1 Yum Yum Videos

Well, yes, that’s us! It’s sort of hard to sing your own praises without sounding biased. The last thing we want is to come off as presumptuous! But we honestly believe that we can help your company make the fantastic business animation you are looking for 🙂

Our tagline goes “Animated videos that taste different”, and we really mean it. Here’s how we manage it: 

  • Our goal is to develop beautiful, fully customized animated videos for every one of our clients. 
  • We offer nothing but the highest quality around. Top of the industry. 
  • We’ve developed a video production process that helps us deliver top-of-the-notch results every single time. 
  • We provide an outstanding price-quality guarantee
  • Because we want to help our clients to grow their businesses, we also offer an integrated video marketing strategy.

For years now, we’ve partnered with hundreds of brands from all around the globe and produced tons of out-of-the-box animated business videos for brands like Walmart, Fox, Red Bull, and McKesson, just to name a few. 

However, we prefer for you to see it for yourself, as we are always eager to let our work do the talking for us! Check out this cool video we made for Green Geeks, an awesome, eco-friendly web hosting service. 

And you can also check how our previous clients feel about teaming up with us!

#2 Blink Tower

The team behind Blink Tower, a South-Africa based agency, develops animated videos for big brands and small start-ups alike. For each of their projects, they assemble a completely new team (writer, storyboarder, illustrator, and animator) that gets involved from brainstorming to the final delivery.

#3 Demo Duck

Demo Duck’s focus is to learn all they can from their clients and then translate all that information into a high-quality video with a well-written-script. They work on all types of videos, like promotional, explainers, and ads, mostly for the non-profit and healthcare industries. 

#4 Sandwich Video

Sandwich Video believes in the power of simplicity, and that philosophy makes them of the most interesting companies these days! They specialize in live-action videos but also do business animation. Their secret is in their scripts, which are always very clever.

ebook: How to choose the right explainer video company

#5 Thinkmojo

Thinkmojo’s team is known for its high-quality explainer and product videos, but they also develop ads and many other styles. They work with companies of various industries and like to offer visual experiences for brands through beautiful and engaging visuals. 

#6 Explanify

Explanify believes that length is a video’s first and most important aspect, which is why they develop 60 to 90 second “solution” explainer videos, mostly around the tech industry. They accomplish that by focusing on writing, as solid scripts are the only way to make short videos work. 

#7 Kasra Design

The folks at Kasra Design develop explainer videos, motion graphics, 3D, commercials, and even corporate presentations, all lead by the principle of creativity and inner curiosity. Their main focus is to help brands communicate complex subjects with easy-to-understand visuals. 

#8 Switch Video 

This video marketing agency develops video campaigns with a particular emphasis on email and social media. They mostly do animation, motion graphics, and whiteboard videos for the healthcare, educational, and financial industries, and their team feels that great storytelling is the secret to success. And we second that! 

#9 Veracity Colab

Veracity Colab is a California-based boutique agency that works with both animated and live-action videos. Their main goal is to inspire, delight, and educate through their work, which always showcases high-quality and classy elegant designs.

#10 Sparkhouse

Sparkhouse is a video marketing, advertising, and video production company that fuses filmmaking with the digital world. They provide a wide array of services, like commercials, product videos, explainers, and corporate videos, and do so with a focus on accomplishing their client’s marketing goals.

And there you have it! Our top ten favorites companies that can help your brand shine through business animation! Each of them stands out in terms of quality, expertise, and services. 

In our case, we’d like to add that our guiding principle is to help the businesses we work with achieve their marketing goals. Something we accomplish by paying exceptional attention to our client’s needs.

No two brands are the same, so we craft our videos with that uniqueness in mind. Keeping an eye on the details that, ultimately, will bring life to your brand’s voice. However, it’s not something that happens by accident! 

It takes a talented team of marketers, writers, illustrators, and designers listening to your feedback and refining those ideas into that beautiful and effective video you are looking for.

But hey, if you want to know more about our production process, we made a cool vid about it!

So, if you are looking for an awesome business animation piece that can help your marketing push, don’t be shy and contact us today! We’ll be more than happy to hear about your project and tell you where we can help 🙂

Wrapping Up

Every business animation is special and unique, or at least they should be! And there’s one thing all the great ones have in common: they all have a well-prepared, committed, and skilled video marketing team behind them.

We know that finding the perfect match can be a little tricky. And hey, you shouldn’t have to settle for anything less than perfect! 🙂

The good news is that any of the companies we talked about today are more than equipped to offer nothing but brilliant, world-class videos. 

So, you have already begun your search with the right foot.

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