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How to close sales deals with video content
Which Metrics to Use to Measure The Success of Your Marketing Videos

Ok, so you’re done with your video marketing strategy, one that incorporates some marketing videos made to pursue several goals. People are beginning to watch those videos, and the...

MEasure the performance of your video
How to Analyze Your Video Analytics to Get The Best Results

Oh well… so now you have produced various explainer videos pursuing various objectives as part of your video marketing strategy. Each one of those videos is generating its own...

6 Video Metrics to measure the success of your video campaign

Ok, so now you have established your video marketing strategy, in which diverse explainer videos have been produced for certain purposes. Those videos are starting to get some traction...

YouTube rankings
Video SEO 101: 5 tips To Improve Your YouTube Rankings

If you’re reading about YouTube rankings, then you surely know by now how important it is for any brand to have a video marketing strategy in place. Perhaps you’ve...

How To Do YouTube Video SEO, the right way!

When it comes to ranking videos on YouTube, there aren’t magic formulas or secret recipes you can follow to get to the top. Since we don’t know exactly how...

video marketing strategy
How to measure the success of your video marketing strategy

Only you can tell if your video marketing strategy has been successful – so let us teach you how! Alright, so you have developed an entire video marketing strategy,...

All You Need To Know About Video Marketing Insights

Have you heard about the amazing benefits video content can bring to your marketing strategy? If you have, by the end of this article you will love this fantastic...

Why Do You Need An Educational Video To Boost Your Site Visits?

At Yum Yum Videos we always highlight the importance of offering valuable content to target audiences (See? We actually highlighted that!). This is why today we are diving deeper...

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