Top Explainer Video Companies | Examples and Pricing 2024

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explainer video company

explainer video company
Finding a talented and capable animated explainer video company to help you tackle your next project can be a huge challenge. Particularly because a quick online search will give you lots of different options, each with distinct skills, styles, and services provided. However, choosing the one that perfectly suits your specific needs can bring on a big headache if you are, like most, a marketer or a business owner with scarce time.

.Explainer Video Styles

Since I know what that’s like, I wanted to help you in this endeavor 😊. I’ve done all the hard work for you and preselected the 30 best companies with the best combination of expertise, skills, and exciting portfolios. It’s all based on the opinion of our expert production team, so you can rest assured you’ll find a high-quality selection that meets all the criteria to make a fantastic video.

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Choosing the Best Animated Explainer Video Company

If you want to produce an explainer video to enhance your marketing strategy, you must pick out a good vendor. But, as you can imagine, many different factors come into play when making this kind of decision. You can base your choice on many elements, but from a general perspective, I strongly suggest that you consider these five before making your final choice:

  • Quality and expertise: Check out how the company usually works, if you like their portfolio, and if they can meet your brand’s needs.
  • Customization: Tailor-made assets make all the difference in ensuring your campaign’s effectiveness. Keep this in mind.
  • Communication: Setting up and keeping a smooth communication flow during the entire production process ensures that everyone is happy with the final product.
  • Feedback: Consider the reviews, comments, and general feedback that others have left after working with that specific studio.
  • Price: Your budget will play a big role in making a decision, but remember that cheaper animated video companies tend to work with template videos, which usually have less personalization.

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The 30 Best Explainer Video Companies in The Market

You know which factors play a key role when comparing each video company you want to consider. Now it’s time to quickly review which names really stand out from the rest in such a competitive niche. Ready to start?

1. Yum Yum Videos

2. Epipheo Studios

3. Sandwich Video

4. Very True Story

5. Vidico

6. Demo Duck

7. Explanify

8. Thinkmojo

9. Switch Video

10. Yans Media

11. Dinos & Teacups

12. Motion Story

13. Grumo Media

14. Blink Tower

15. Wyzowl

16. Digital Spark Studios

17. Kasra Design

18. mhf Digital

19. Antimatter

20. Oddfellows

21. SLON Media

22. Colormatics

23. Commotion Engine


25. Videorize

26. Sparkhouse

27. VeracityColab

28. Lemonlight

29. Social Driver

30. Indigo Productions

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1. Yum Yum Videos – Animated Explainer Video Company

.explainer video reel 2023 yum yu 68

Founded: 2010

Team Size: 10 – 20 employees.

Clients: Amazon, McKesson Corporation, Walmart, American Express, Vodafone, Red Bull.

Pricing: $8,000+

Who we are: An A-team of creative artists, experienced marketers, and passionate professionals seeking to always provide powerful video content that’s not only incredibly effective, but also makes an impact and brings you closer to your audience.

Here at Yum Yum Videos, we’ve helped many startups and companies across all kinds of verticals and from all over the world. If you want to know what it’d be like to partner with us, just check what our clients have to say about our explainer video production services:

.collaboration squared testimonia 14

We’ve been working hard for over a decade to earn our spot among the best animated explainer video companies around. With hundreds of pieces that combine compelling animations with emotional and relatable storytelling, our portfolio speaks to all the ideas and visions we’ve brought to life.

So, if this sounds like something you’d be interested in, don’t hesitate to reach out and drop us a message! We’d love to hear what you have in mind for your next project 😄.

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2. Epipheo Studios – Explainer Video Production Company

.zelle how to spot a pay yourself 2

Founded: 2009

Team Size: 10 – 50 employees.

Clients: Deloitte, SAP, Dupont, Epson.

Pricing: $10,000+

Who they are: One of the oldest explainer video services still around and a highly experienced provider that specializes in helping people “get it”. Their mission is to deliver epiphanies through video using different formats such as explainers, testimonials, branded content, and more. The talented and dedicated team at Epipheo is, in their own words, made up of equal parts creativity and logistics, and they claim they can cover virtually any topic and style a brand might need


3. Sandwich Video – Explainer Video Company

.so yeah we tried slack 5

Founded: 2009

Team Size: 10 – 50 employees.

Clients: Playdate, Lumos, Flip, Fairmint.

Pricing: $50,000+

Who they are: A unique explainer video agency that boasts great talent and originality. Specializing in live-action videos, they’re probably the best ones working with this video style. They aim to capture an audience’s attention with highly entertaining and funny scripts, and they can also help their clients with the distribution part of the campaign. Despite claiming to have come upon video production by chance, their great style speaks of an extensive history in the industry.


4. Very True Story – Explainer Video Services

.pendo software that makes your s 3

Founded: 2012

Team Size: 1 – 10 employees.

Clients: Nest, Pendo, Eero, Portland Timbers.


Who they are: Renowned for their pro services as one of the top explainer video companies, the folks at VTS specialize in creating beautiful animation, design, and graphic illustration. They like to take on projects that defy them to bring unique and creative ideas to life. Over time, this has allowed them to create an array of visually appealing pieces that boast a distinctive style and helped other companies stand out from the crowd.


5. Vidico – Explainer Video Production Company

.incredible glasses incredibly af 3

Founded: 2016

Team Size: 10 – 50 employees.

Clients: Airtable, Cascade, Montu, Digital Ocean.

Pricing: $10,000+

Who they are: An experienced animated explainer video production company that also produces live-action commercials, case studies, career videos, and more. Vidico is well-known for its 2D and motion graphics animation techniques, as well as its visuals and animation quality. On top of that, they create wonderful scripts that are both engaging and simple to understand. This way, they ensure their client’s explainers are effective regardless of the audience they’re targetting.


6. Demo Duck – Explainer Video Services

.crazy egg 4

Founded: 2011

Team Size: 20 – 30 employees.

Clients: Weizmann Institute, IMB, GEICO, Zocdoc.

Pricing: $15,000+

Who they are: Almost needing no introduction, Demo Duck is one of the best animated explainer video agencies working with a wide variety of styles. Like us, this team believes that scriptwriting is the most crucial stage in the video production process. Whether the goal is to promote products, humanize brands, educate audiences, or simply boost a marketing strategy with video content, their skills and creativity can make it happen.


7. Explanify – Animated Explainer Video Company

.reviewbuzz get the most reviews 1 4

Founded: 2012

Team Size: 10 – 49 employees.

Clients: MGA Systems, DevSquad, Panasonic, Bayhealth.

Pricing: $10,000+

Who they are: One of the best video companies that strongly believes in the power of storytelling to connect brands with people and change the world. They’re aware that one-size-fits-all video productions damage brands, so their results-driven and people-focused team offers high-quality pieces that can effectively explain and simplify a brand’s story.


8. Thinkmojo – Explainer Video Company

.square dashboard a bright idea 3 7

Founded: 2011

Team Size: 10 – 50 employees.

Clients: Jumbo, Fico, LinkedIn, Lattice.


Who they are: A  studio aiming to improve customer and brand experiences with eye-catching videos. But that’s not everything they can do. In fact,  They also produce various video styles, including educational, editorial, commercial, personalized videos, and more.  With an extensive track record in the industry, they keep on optimizing their video production process so the final products are not only delightful to watch but can also complement any marketing setup.


9. Switch Video – Animated Explainer Video Agency

.public health informatics knowle 3

Founded: 2011

Team Size: 10 – 49 employees.

Clients: Nespresso, HP, Cisco, Amazon.

Pricing: $10,000+

Who they are: An animated explainer video production company focused on whiteboard animation, motion graphics, and 2D animation videos. To produce great videos in these styles, the team bases their work on three key premises: set reasonable timelines and stick to them, keep the client informed during the entire process, and complete every aspect of the job so that the client does not need to ask twice. With simple and straightforward stories, their videos are sure to achieve the client’s goals.


10. Yans Media – Explainer Video Production Company

.tourbuds video explainer english 3

Founded: 2015

Team Size: 10 – 49 employees.

Clients: Stacks City, Hive, Barclays Intrapreneurship.


Who they are: An Armenian animated explainer video company that’s become one of the best in the Middle East. Their video services cover motion graphics, 2D, and 3D animations. But no matter the style the client goes for, their work always results in high-quality pieces that inspire viewers. They agree that video content can help brands explain even the most complex ideas in an engaging way, which is clearly reflected in their work.


11. Dinos & Teacups –  Explainer Video Services

.ebutler stay safe stay cautious 2

Founded: 2014

Team Size: 1 employee.

Clients: Vegan Society, E-butler, Vmarkt, Alfa Systems.

Pricing: —

Who they are: While this is a one-person explainer video company, Dinos & Teacups shouldn’t be underestimated because it’s still one of the best video agencies around. Impressively enough, the founder carries out the entire production process on her own, producing some remarkable, high-quality product videos. One of the key differentiators of this provider is that the service is guided by strong vegan values, even offering discounted rates to eco-friendly and vegan organizations and startups.


12. Motion Story – Explainer Video Production

.discover oneview 3

Founded: 2013

Team Size: 2 – 9 employees.

Clients: United Nations, BatNav, ACIAR.

Pricing: $5,000+

Who they are: Striving to bring a fresh and creative approach to each of their videos, this Australian company helps brands stand out from the crowd while remaining true to their identities. Like any of the other agencies on the list, Motion Story isn’t scared by how complex or crazy a topic is. On the contrary, they still aim to explain it through video in the clearest possible way by leveraging 2D animation, and 2D and 3D motion designs.


13. Grumo Media – Explainer Video Company

.tio mobilepay bill payments made 3

Founded: 2010

Team Size: 2 – 9 employees.

Clients: inDinero, Disqus, Clipboard, PadMapper.


Who they are: This animated explainer video company has a particular fondness for startups – a sentiment we can’t help but share! Regardless of this, they have also worked with multinational companies. Their animation style is purposely rustic, but their witty, concise, and engaging scripts make this studio one of the best around. Grumo definitely has all the attributes you should look for.


14. Blink Tower – Animated Explainer Video Agency

.yachtme redefining yachting recr 3

Founded: 2010

Team Size: 2 – 9 employees.

Clients: YachtMe, CashplanEnterprise, Filegear, QED.


Who they are: One of the best animated explainer video agencies in South Africa, Blink Tower works with giant, medium, small companies and even non-profits. They’re fully convinced that the substance of a video is more important than the style, which is why they prefer focusing on polishing the script. A fun fact about them is that, when looking for inspiration, they basically watch online videos that make them laugh.


15. Wyzowl – Explainer Video Company

.jotform the easy way to create o 2

Founded: 2009

Team Size: 10 – 49 employees.

Clients: Jotform, AppToPay, SalesMath, SessionCam.

Pricing: $5,000+

Who they are: While they might carry the title of being one of the best animated explainer production companies in the U.K., they can also produce other kinds of videos, such as mobile and web app demo videos and pre-roll videos. They’ve set up a step-by-step process to meet goals efficiently, get the client’s feedback throughout each and every single stage, and focus on revisions in order to minimize future adjustments. Additionally, Wyzowl offers fixed pricing and turnaround times.


16. Digital Spark Studios – Animated Explainer Video Company

.what is property tax management 1 6

Founded: 2014

Team Size: 2 – 9 employees.

Clients: Orbis, Atlas Copco, Hoover, CTE.

Pricing: $10,000+

Who they are: An explainer video agency specializing in creating videos that sell, connect, and educate audiences. Their work always aims at triggering both emotion and action, regardless of their clients’ industries. Speaking of which, they’ve worked side by side with a diverse group of clients from all kinds of backgrounds and generated high-impact content for them that could be used across a wide variety of mediums.


17. Kasra Design – Explainer Video Production

.salt loans get cash for your cry 4

Founded: 2011

Team Size: 10 – 49 employees.

Clients: Mindsay, AirSwap, Velco, PayPro Global.

Pricing: $10,000+

Who they are: A skilled team of video experts, creatives, and designers who have all spent over a decade making boutique animations for diverse marketing purposes. They like to build long-term business relationships with their clients, which is why they work hard to craft a high-quality visual story that nails all their goals. As evidenced by their portfolio, they’ve produced great pieces for world-renowned brands, NGOs, and even up-and-coming startups from all around the globe.


18. mhf Creative – Explainer Video Company

.automate connect and simplify yo 4

Founded: 2013

Team Size: 2 –  9 employees.

Clients: Egencia, Expedia, Hyve Group, Nubreed Events.

Pricing: $10,000+

Who they are: This boutique animated explainer agency might be smaller than most in this list, but they can nonetheless provide wonderful video content that elevates brands and connects them with their prospect in a more meaningful way. An aspect that helped this company make it into this list is how they prefer their production process to go unscripted because they believe it’s the best way to make their content feel more authentic.


19. Antimatter – Animated Explainer Video Agency

.beamwallet 6

Founded: 2016

Team Size: 1 – 10 employees.

Clients: BeamWallet, UEFA, YouTube,


Who they are: This Italian-based video agency blends compelling stories with high-end animations to transform a business’ message into a memorable experience. They mainly cater to NGOs and companies in the tech and innovation industries, but they have experience working in most commercial fields. In their own words, they always commit to creating visually appealing pieces that explain ideas, raise interest, and engage viewers.


20. Oddfellows – Explainer Video Services

.welcome to lunarcrush 6

Founded: 2013

Team Size: 10 – 50 employees.

Clients: Lunarcrush, Adobe, Pandora, Airbnb.


Who they are: Without a doubt, Oddfellows deserves a spot among the best explainer video companies in terms of design and animation. This creative team might not have an easily recognizable style, but that’s because they fully adapt it to the client’s needs and aesthetic. They’re truly passionate about tackling “rare and non-traditional” projects, which translates into a portfolio full of excellent content that can engage viewers from the very first frame.


21. SLON Media – Explainer Video Company

.ankr introducing ankr staking 6

Founded: 2017

Team Size: 10 – 49 employees.

Clients: Parimatch, Wordtune, Epam, Joom.

Pricing: $10,000+

Who they are:  This explainer video agency might be younger than most others on this list, but don’t let that fool you! It still has more than enough industry experience to create awesome video content across different industries. Not only do they produce eye-catching pieces, but they also offer other services such as mobile marketing, branding, and design to help brands grow.


22. Colormatics – Explainer Video Production


Founded: 2014

Team Size: 10 – 49 employees.

Clients: Hello Heart, Brandclub, Providence,

Pricing: $25,000+

Who they are: With a knack for working with businesses in the crypto, healthcare, and sports industries, Colormatics produces explainers, testimonials, live-action videos, motion graphics pieces, and even social media strategies. They’re known for taking on unique challenges and effectively tackling them using targeted video content.


23. Commotion Engine – Animated Explainer Video Company

.payscape registration 5

Founded: 2011

Team Size: 2 – 9 employees.

Clients: Payscape, Move Guides, Trimble, Pulse.

Pricing: $10,000+

Who they are: By enabling brands to effectively leverage video content, they ensure they can communicate with their prospects and seamlessly help move through the marketing funnel. Like us, this explainer video company puts its clients and their specific marketing goals at the center of the production process. That’s why their explainer video services translate into custom-designed pieces that can certainly enhance most existing digital strategies


24. REMEDY – Explainer Video Agency

.evolve your hiring process blaze 4

Founded: 2007

Team Size: 10 – 49 employees.

Clients: Chattahoochee Technical College, SharkBite, Reliance Worldwide Corporation.

Pricing: $25,000+

Who they are:  An award-winning provider with an extensive history in the niche, REMEDY definitely earned its spot among the best explainer video companies. They’ve been consistently creating outstanding content for years, and they’ve developed a creative process focused on working alongside their clients to get the best results –just like us!


25. Videorize – Animated Explainer Video Production

.how it works convergent and nati 6

Founded: 2014

Team Size: 2 – 9 employees.

Clients: Geodis, Cherwell, Tanger Outlets, CloudWave.

Pricing: $10,000+

Who they are: While this might be a smaller explainer video company, they’re just as passionate and skilled as the others on this list. The animation team lives and breathes video, and every member boasts an impressive background in animation. What’s more, they’ve developed a unique style that’s clearly reflected in the beautiful pieces that make up their portfolio.


26. Sparkhouse – Explainer Video Services

.teracube one kickstarter launch 1 8

Founded: 2009

Team Size: 2 – 9 employees.

Clients: Saphyre, Stellar Quest International, Zivelo.

Pricing: $20,000+

Who they are: The studio’s explainer video production style stands out not only for looking good but also for being fun to watch while nailing all the client’s goals. The award-winning team at Sparkhouse is made up of professional directors, producers, and filmmakers who’ve developed a strategy-focused approach to creating great video content.


27. VeracityColab – Explainer Video Production

.theres a new revolution in truck 8

Founded: 2008

Team Size: 1 – 10 employees.

Clients: Afiniti, Flexfit, Life Happens, tendeergreens.

Pricing: $20,000+

Who they are: A seasoned team that’s been offering explainer video services for over a decade, so they can definitely handle most video styles for any kind of client. The target audience is always the main focus of their assets, but they also adapt them to the brand’s image and existing content for seamless integration.


28. Lemonlight – Explainer Video Company

.participating in clinical trials 5

Founded: 2014

Team Size: 50 – 249 employees.

Clients: University of Denver, Home Chef, The Body Shop, Henkel.

Pricing: $8,000+

Who they are: One of the best studios you’ll come across, Lemonlight offers explainer video production services for brands and marketing agencies looking for conversion-driven video content for their clients. Their streamlined process allows them to guide their clients through every video production stage to ensure a seamless experience on every project.


29. Social Driver – Animated Explainer Video Company

.is your copd genetic 3

Founded: 2011

Team Size: 10 – 49 employees.

Clients: COPD Foundation, Main Street Alliance, UnidosUS.

Pricing: $10,000+

Who they are: Another remarkable player among the best explainer video companies, Social Driver brings to the table an interesting mix of brand design and video animation to create a solid digital content strategy. They believe that, by doing so, they can not only share a brand’s story but also convey its message in a way that makes an impact.


30. Indigo Productions – Explainer Video Agency

.qtsecured for chinas data securi 6

Founded: 1991

Team Size: 10 – 49 employees.

Clients: QTS Global, Burberry LA, ATL Private Equity, Unice.

Pricing: $10,000+

Who they are: Last but certainly not least among the best explainer video companies, here’s a relentless team specializing in creative advertising, broadcast television, feature film, journalism, video games, and social media. It’s their amazing versatility that allows them to also provide live-action shoots, documentary video production, and even still photography.

e book 03

These are, in our opinion, some of the best animated explainer video production companies you can find, those that have many years of expertise, work with top-quality products, and have an outstanding portfolio. We hope this list helps you make a wise choice!


Why Should You Partner with Yum Yum Videos?

Here, at Yum Yum Videos specifically, we always prioritize our customer’s needs, regardless of the type of company they lead or the marketing goals they pursue. This means that we fully customize their videos to make them memorable, highly engaging for their target audience, and, ultimately, effective.

We’re fully convinced that to get to a premium video, it’s vital to keep a close eye on the details, so that’s what we do throughout every single stage of the video production process. Moreover, we’re committed to always listening to our client’s feedback to produce an asset we’re all happy with!

To sum it up, this is what we offer:

  • All of our videos are 100% custom according to our client’s needs.
  • Our quality of work is supreme, one of the best ones in the market.
  • We offer the best price-quality guarantee.
  • We have an outstanding explainer video production process.
  • We provide our clients with an integrated video marketing strategy to help them grow their businesses.

If you’re interested, you can watch this video to learn more about how our explainer video production services work and understand how easy it is to partner up with us:

.mckesson testimonial video 23

So, remember that if you need help developing your next video, you can simply drop us a line, and we will be glad to assist you during the process 😉.

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Explainer Video Production FAQ

By now, you have plenty of info to help you find the perfect animated explainer video company to work on your project! But before you go, we’d also like to tackle a couple of frequently asked questions that we think you might find useful as well!


1. Why Do I Need a Video?

Among the many alternatives you can resort to, videos present some terrific advantages. The most important one is that they’re one of the most engaging, attractive, fun (and educative!) formats you could use to convey your business message or idea in just a matter of seconds.


2. What Is Explainer Video Production?

Explainer video production refers to the process of making videos! That is, the process of creating marketing videos designed to describe your products, company, services, or message in a compelling way that captivates your audienceand all of it in two minutes or less!


3. How Much Does a 1-Minute Video Cost?

In a nutshell, a fully customized 60-second animated explainer video costs around $7,000. However, that number can vary significantly between explainer video production companies, as well as the style and requirement of your piece and how fast you need it done.


4. How Long Does It Take to Make a Video?

Most experienced explainer video production companies can make a piece within three or four weeks, depending on how complex your project happens to be. But this is only thanks to the fact that they have an established and optimized process that accelerates all stages of production.

However, do keep in mind that there’s still a process that needs to take place to ensure the quality of the video, which includes idea generation, storyboarding, illustrating, animating, voice-over recording, and you might decide to spend more or less time at each stage to fine-tune the result.


Wrapping Up!

The explainer video production process has some unique peculiarities, and, to be done really well, it needs a well-prepared team behind it. When deciding between different providers, you have to weigh several factors, such as their expertise, general background, and skills.

Luckily, I’ve made a pre-selection of the top explainer video production companies in the market so that you don’t have to invest time researching, analyzing specific features and benefits, comparing services, and stuff. So I really hope this information has been useful!

See you in our next blog post, and meanwhile, I suggest that you take a little extra time to fully understand the overall video production process. This information can be extremely helpful when you’re working with explainer video companies. Good luck!

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