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What are the Best Animation Companies Near Me?


Over the last couple of years, animated videos’ popularity has steadily grown and taken a strong-hold in the digital scene.

Marketers and business owners alike love it because people love it, as simple as that. Not to mention that it increases brand awareness, improves engagement, and boosts conversions!  

But it’s not enough just to create any animated video – Online audiences are a tough crowd now; they expect nothing but amazing content. So, if you really want to make an impression and lock your audience in, your content needs to be up to the challenge. 

The best way to achieve that? Finding a skilled video company, capable to bring your brand’s identity and message to life through a gorgeous and effective piece – Which is why we are here today! 

We’ve made a list with some of the top production companies out there, so you can start your upcoming animated video the right away. Let’s go! 

Top production companies

How We Picked Them

Before going over our video companies selection, let’s talk about how and why we chose them. 

The easy route most people go from here is to simply go to Google and type “animation companies near me” and call it a day. To the next thing! But finding a truly skilled video company actually requires a little more effort than that. 

It takes a lot of talent, creativity, and expertise to create a piece that’s as unique as your brand is – and as effective as your company needs it to be. Because, ultimately, that’s what your video is all about – it has to distinctly reflect your company’s identity, and be aligned with your business’ goals.

Long story short, when we started our research, we noticed that every company capable of being up to par to those expectations had five aspects in common:

  • Quality & Expertise: Every top production company has a solid portfolio, filled with original, entertaining, and high-quality work. 
  • Communication: When it comes to developing a video, animated or not, a fluid communication flow is one of the most important aspects of production. All great providers are always responsive and keep their clients in the loop every step of the way. 
  • Feedback: Few things provide as much valuable information as customer reviews do. Top production companies that stand out always have excellent reviews and third party feedback. 
  • Customization: World-class video companies can offer tailor-made content that reflects your core values and message, and makes your company stand out from the competition. 
  • Price: Cheaper options often risk quality given they work with templates. But spending more money doesn’t guarantee the best results either. You should always focus your search on providers that can deliver all other aspects we mentioned, at a budget that works for you! 

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Top Production Companies

Well, now that you know how we’ve picked our top production companies, it’s time to meet them! 

  • Yum Yum Videos
  • Studio Pigeon
  • Demo Duck
  • Thinkmojo
  • VeracityColab
  • Epipheo
  • Sandwich Video
  • RIP Media Group
  • Switch Video
  • LAI Video

For this list, we included a variety of companies and styles. We wanted to make sure that, no matter what idea you have in mind, here you’ll find the best alternatives to make it come true! 

#1 Yum Yum Videos

Yes, that’s us! Hi, there! 🙂 We know how this looks but, believe us, this is not us trying to brag – We wouldn’t be here if we didn’t think we’ve earned our spot on a list of the top production companies out there!

Over the last couple of years, we’ve built an outstanding and talented team of professionals that has the skills needed to create gorgeous, effective, and engaging animated pieces. 

And we always achieve the best results by sticking to a set of unbeatable guidelines: 

  • Our videos are fully customized to our customer’s business goals. 
  • Our content is held to the highest video quality standards. 
  • We follow a very sophisticated video production process that focuses on our client’s feedback and always has an eye on the detail.
  • To enhance our client’s branding and help them grow, we also provide an integrated video marketing strategy.
  • For all our projects, we deliver a price-quality guarantee that’s second to none. 

Oh, and we are also very experienced! By using this amazing recipe, we’ve worked with companies from all over the world, including big brands like Red Bull, Walmart, American Express, McKesson… to name just a few. 

However, we prefer to let our work do all the talking 🙂 Check out this cool motion graphics explainer video we created for Simply Agree, a management tool for transactional attorneys:

And if you want a peek behind the scenes and see what’s like to work with us, here’s what our friends at Spigit had to say about that: 

#2 Studio Pigeon

This animation studio believes that the best part of a brand is the story behind it. That’s why they put all their effort into developing stories worth telling. They mostly do commercials, animated explainer videos, and cartoon series for the tech, healthcare, and finance industries, with excellent quality!

#3 Demo Duck

Demo Duck’s team takes customization very seriously, and that’s why they are one of the top production companies. In their own words, they are a “group of curious people eager to learn everything about your brand”. By sticking to that inner curiosity, they create beautiful educational and explainer videos, especially for the healthcare and education industries. 

#4 Thinkmojo

They are the self-proclaimed “Viewer Experience Agency” because they aim to create amazing experiences through video. Their portfolio includes various styles, like animation, live-action, and the combination of both. Regardless of the style, what all their videos have in common is that they are always very elegant and full of color! 

#5 VeracityCola

This boutique agency from California may be small but still one of the top production companies out there! VeracityColab’s team strongly believes that the key to persuading an audience is by telling a powerful story. And they achieve that combining sharp scripts with wonderful designs! 

#6 Epipheo

Epipheo is one of the first explainer video companies, so you can count on their experience when it comes to video creation for businesses. They believe that for people to buy your product, first they need to understand it. That’s why the production process focuses on finding the best versions of their customers’ message, and makes them shine through video. 

#7 Sandwich Video

Even though they mostly develop live-action videos, Sandwich Video is one of those companies worth checking out. They are known for their funny scripts and a fast-paced style that makes their pieces very entertaining. The best part about them though, is that they offer a comprehensive service that includes a single team from the scripting phase all the way up to the distribution phase. 

#8 RIP Media Group

RIP Media Group is a large video company that mainly creates motion graphics and whiteboard explainer videos. They work under the principle of creating content that inspires an audience to take an action and finally make a purchase. How? Through meaningful storytelling.

#9 Switch Video

Switch Video has a very tight and effective video production process that focuses on effective time management, a smooth communication flow, and excellent customer service. They especially develop animated character and motion graphics videos work for healthcare, nonprofit, and education companies. 

#10 LAI Video

LAI Video is a full-service agency that’s specialized in video-driven campaigns for nonprofits, academic institutions, and a variety of corporations. They mostly develop campaigns to “create change or make something matter”, that’s why they focus on telling stories through powerful and memorable scripts.

Ok, folks, that’s it! If you are looking for the top production companies that can really help you elevate your brand through wonderful animated pieces, look no further! 

We can’t speak for the other companies included in the list, but from our part, we can tell you that our production process, first and foremost, revolves around fulfilling our client’s needs.  At Yum Yum Videos we know that the whole point of any video creation for business marketing is to bring its message to life in clear, original, and interesting ways.

That’s why our goal is to understand our clients’ core values, what makes them special, and how we can help them achieve their businesses’ goals.  With that in mind, we make tailored animated videos by paying special attention to details throughout the whole process, and listening carefully to our client’s feedback every step of the way, on every project we embark on. 

But, in case you are wondering how our production process actually works in detail, we’ve created this great video about it too! 

So, if you are looking for a production company to help you produce your next animated video, we’ll be more than thrilled to hear all your ideas. Get in touch today and tell us what you are up to! 

To Wrap Up

Animated videos are incredibly popular, so, as you can imagine, the competition is fierce – everyone’s trying to get your audience’s attention using animated pieces!  That’s why finding the perfect video company is paramount. 

But we get it, there are many things to consider and evaluate. So much so that it’s easy to get lost and feel overwhelmed. 

The good news is that the list we’ve put together for you with the top production companies should make things easier given it serves as a solid and trustworthy starting point. We can promise you that each of the companies included is truly capable of developing the amazing and customized animated video your brand needs to shine!

So, stop running around and go check them out for yourself 🙂 We promise you won’t regret it!

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