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Animated Video Production: How To Avoid These Typical Mistakes


Marketers recur to animated videos because they’re one of the most effective tools for promoting any product. In less than 2 minutes, your audience can see what you have to offer through an array of attractive resources that please their senses and introduce them to what you have to sell. The thing is that you really need to embrace the animated video production process as the beginning of a process that you need to take seriously.

Considering the production as the base of the whole process will guarantee that you can reach the great potential of marketing videos. Otherwise, you will lose the many advantages marketing videos have to offer. Let us give you a hand in this regard, by listing and describing the most common mistakes you need to know to enjoy explainer videos’ many benefits!

Quick and fun: the formula for Internet’s success

Time is the most important asset in our online routines. There’s a lot of content posted on the Internet, so you need not only to make people watch it but also to retain it. Your mission then is to catch your audience’s attention so they can retain what you need to show them.

A vast majority of people, around 85% to be exact, will watch a 30-second video in its entirety, but only half of them will watch it completely if it lasts a couple of minutes. We have found then that the magic number, time wise, is 90 seconds. Please keep that in mind all along your animated video production process.

Now, putting everything you need to say under a minute and a half is only one half of it. The other part, and may be the most important, is about what you’re actually showing because if the story you’re telling isn’t interesting enough, then it doesn’t matter if you tell it in ten seconds or ten minutes, you will lose your audience’s attention. So you better show them something worthy!

The question then is how many seconds should it take you to tell your story? And the answer is in the script! One minute in video is about 160 words in the script. 

Great words make for a great video

Words are the source of a good film. If you write an interesting story, then the audiovisual translation of that content will be equally interesting. The greatest movies of all time are all based on great stories, so keep that in mind whenever you sit down and write your script.

The essence of a great video then lies in its script, so don’t take it lightly! Hubspot considers it, and rightly so, “the most important part” of the process. If you’re able to craft a good script, then whatever you create after it will be undoubtedly solid. In other words, when you’re writing the script, you’re building its foundation, so you need to outline a proper structure that goes through every section. The clearer those sections are, the clearer the content of your video will become.

The needs of your audience must be considered when you’re writing the script. You need to have them in your mind because they will be the ultimate judges of your work. Try to provide them with solutions, so stay away from a salesman mentality. You’re offering them assistance, so try to convey that!

If you have a good sense of what your audience is looking for and you have a precise structure, then you can start working on your script. Never forget that the best films are great stories told visually!

Check out a great example of a video we made intended to explain how this product works without coming off as too technical:

A powerful cause generates a powerful effect

If you’re talking to someone and you’re trying to make a case for them, the more specific your argument is, the more powerful it will get. So how can you get specific? With outstanding content! If you present your case with impressive and solid arguments, then the debate is over! You will be able to get your point across in a matter of a few seconds.

Being active online is taking part of a huge war that knows no pity. So you need to get equally relentless when pursuing attention. And how do you manage to stay relevant? By getting into your audience’s heart! In other words, you need to make an impact -in their heads and on their emotions.

It’s not an easy job, I’m with you! But you need to make an effort to craft an engaging story that gets to your audience’s emotional center. When they watch your video, they need to feel as if it were written for them, so you need to take into account what they really need to see and then try to be eloquent with your message.

When you’re able to achieve something that customized, your brand will enjoy the benefits of your hard work. Not in vain, custom videos represent an investment -time, energy and resources will be spent- but it is one with a high return. Your audience will end up feeling identified with what you show them and the content will resonate with them. All of this will translate into more sales and more conversions, so there’s a lot to look forward to!

This a great example of what a good customized video looks like!

Aim high, gain high!

If you do something of great quality, people will notice. It’s been proven that when a lot of effort has been made on a particular project, people seeing that work will reward it with appreciation and respect, which are both traits that need to be associated to your brand.

Whenever you see great commercials -inventive, well-made- you tend to value those brands with loyalty, so you need to have that feeling in mind when it comes to determining the quality of your video. High-quality will require more money and energy but in the end it will all be worth it. At the end of the day we’re talking about your brand here, so every investment that you can make to embellish it will be not only necessary but mandatory as well!

This is what a high quality video looks like! Hubspot named it one of the best explainer videos!

It is all about the way you say it

Your explainer video will probably touch on some stuff that’s already been covered thousands of times before, so let’s be honest: you’re not creating anything new. But your story does need to be told in an original way, so you better be creative when you choose how you tell it.

You need to recur to style, which involves every single resource -the colors, the tone, the sounds- that you count on to tell your story. If you take a look at style icons, you can find a certain identity that’s based on details. And those details are nothing but choices, decisions. Every color, every combination, every texture has been wisely decided, so you need to practice some of that wisdom whenever you decide how you’re going to tell your story.

The content of your video has already been taken care of, so focus on the style of your animated video production process. Try to be outstanding with every aesthetical choice you make. This will make your video attractive to the senses and it will also make your brand more appealing.

Watch this nice video of ours on how to choose the best explainer video style for your company. We managed to rank #1 in YouTube for the main keywords in the industry of explainer videos!

If you want to know the secrets of how we were able to conquer YouTube, you can download our free eBook How to Rank #1 in YouTube.

Summing it up

The key to making a great video lies on how seriously you take the animated video production process. If you tell a great story in a brief and engaging way, considering what your audience needs, and you do that in an impressive style shown in high quality, then you better be prepared to enjoy its benefits. Failing at doing that will make a failure of a video, so get into a successful mentality and you will have nothing but success!



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