8 Ways Your Explainer Video Could Damage Your Brand Image

6 July, 2017  

An explainer video is one of the best tools you can resort to to enhance your marketing strategy. This cool (and also highly effective) format is meant to inform, educate, and entertain your audience all while doing it in a catchy, engaging, persuasive, and emotional way.

If you, as a marketer, don’t give it the right approach, you can really damage your brand’s image and reputation. So pay attention to these valuable tips and avoid misusing your animated marketing video!

8 Ways Your Explainer Video Could Damage Your Brand Image

Avoid These 8 Highly Detrimental Things For Your Explainer Video (And Your Brand’s Image!)

Prevent yourself from making these mistakes if you want to maximize the ROI of your explainer video, optimize your marketing results…and take care of your brand’s image and reputation!

#1. No clear goal

Your animated explainer video should have a specific purpose or goal to achieve. It needs to have a reason why behind it, it has to be useful and valuable for your target audience. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and define a clear goal for your video!

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#2. Wrong length

In video marketing, length and engagement work hand in hand. You have to make sure you give your explainer video the right length. Based on our experience, the ideal length for this type of video is 90 seconds – that’s the right amount of time to pass out your key messages while keeping your audience entertained and engaged.

#3. No reason to watch

People need to find a good reason to watch your video. Bullet #1 will be important in this sense, but you also have to focus on their specific needs and expectations. This way they will naturally feel encouraged to press the “play” button…and keep on watching. A “good reason to watch” has to be with the topic of your video, the content itself (customization is a must!) and how catchy and amusing you make it.

#4. A bad script

The script sets the foundation of your explainer video and it’s definitely one of the most important stages in the video production process. If you don’t give it the right approach and the best quality, you will get a poor and feeble video. Make sure you avoid these 4 typical mistakes in scriptwriting!

script for animated explainer video

#5. Brag about yourself

As we said previously, you have to focus your marketing video on your target audience’s needs. Talking about how great your brand is or how fascinating the characteristics of your product are could be very detrimental for your image. Instead, communicate tangible and specific benefits about your product that could be valuable for your audience. That’s what they want to hear!

#6. A stodgy video

Making a dull, monotonous and boring video will only shoo away your viewers. Your explainer video needs to combine attractive visuals and animations, a compelling voice-over,  catchy music, appealing colors and a compelling message to quickly grab the viewer’s attention and keep it all the way through. If the type of product/service you want to promote and your niche itself allow it, adding a dose of humor can also work well.

#7. A bad audio

Bad sound editing or quality can ruin the whole video (and your brand’s image too). A typical mistake made in explainer video production is playing the music and sound effects too loudly, which makes the voice-over really hard to hear. Also, sometimes the music is not linked with what the viewers are watching on the screen. This leads to a messy and incoherent video.

voice over talent

#8. A poor quality

To optimize the ROI and the marketing results, an explainer video needs to have premium quality in every single stage of the video production process. This is the only way you can get to a highly engaging, attractive, and effective video. Saving money in this sense could be harmful for your brand’s image. By making a high quality video, you can generate trust towards your brand and your proposal itself. Check out what makes a premium explainer video!  

Make sure you avoid these mistakes to get to a stunning memorable explainer video that represents your brand’s image and exudes confidence, professionalism and top quality!

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