7 Mobile Video Stats that Will Make You Rethink Your Video Strategy

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that marketers have to offer the right content in the right place. After all, even the most fantastic video would underperform if shown through the wrong medium. With this in mind, marketers tend to choose their advertising and content marketing channels with extreme care.

The problem is that they sometimes overlook another critical factor: the devices that viewers use, such as tablets and smartphones. This undermines the viewer’s watching experience and can even prompt them into abandoning a video, as the format and overall quality don’t fit their screen.

Now, this may not seem like a biggie if you think that those are just a few exceptional cases and the rest of your audience uses desktop devices. But in reality, the number of mobile users is much bigger than you can imagine. So much so that it’s becoming imperative for marketers to optimize their videos for mobile users.

If you don’t believe us, take a look at the following seven stats that prove the impact of mobile devices on the video marketing scene.

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1. Desktop Videos Lose in Terms of Popularity

If you had any reservations about the importance of optimizing your videos for mobile users, this Facebook’s finding1 should clear out those doubts immediately: people are 1.5 times more likely to watch videos on their mobile devices instead of their computers.

It’s a shocking statistic considering that many marketers focus their video marketing efforts on desktop users when their audience is actually elsewhere. They are not only providing customers with a less-than-decent user experience, but they are also losing many viewers who can’t stand to watch videos uncomfortably.

Don’t be one of those marketers! Now that you know how much reach quality mobile videos can have, you should get your hands dirty and start making videos that can be well-enjoyed through mobile devices.

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2. Videos are Wildly Popular Among Young Smartphone Users

It’s no mystery that the newest generations use their smartphones for almost anything these days. And yet, it’s surprising the number of 18-34 year-olds who choose to watch videos on their phones every day. More precisely, 98% of them2.

One could think that watching videos through a tiny screen isn’t an ideal viewing experience. And it’s not! Still, we have to consider the massive popularity of social media apps and the equally massive popularity of videos on those platforms. Not to mention the number of people who consume content while on the go.

So, if your target audience comprises millennials and zillenials, creating high-quality mobile videos is virtually imperative. Moreover, you want to optimize those videos with smartphone users in mind. For instance, you can make your content understandable without sound so that they can watch your videos on mute while in public.

3. People Focus More on Videos They Watch Through Mobile Devices

You know how everybody on the web is talking about our current short attention span? In case you don’t know, we humans have been beaten by goldfishes in the battle of who can concentrate for longer. It’s quite a shameful defeat, isn’t it?

The good news is, Google2 has found an interesting fact that you can use to make the most out of those few seconds of attention: Users are less distracted when watching videos on mobile devices than on TV screens.

It’s not that surprising when you think about it. After all, how many of us start multitasking while watching TV? On the other hand, when we consume content on our phones, we tend to give it our full attention.

This is just another proof of how mobile videos can enrich your content marketing strategy. They can not only help you reach more people, as mentioned before, but they can also help you connect with those people better and for longer. Isn’t it great?

4. Instagram Videos Are More Enjoyable than Other Social Videos

Have you ever visited Instagram through your desktop screen? If you have, you have probably noticed how uncomfortable it is to navigate the platform that way. We are not going to get into detail about the features that it lacks, but we do want to highlight that this platform is mainly optimized for mobile users.

With that in mind, we believe the next stat provides valuable information for those marketers trying to offer their audience a quality mobile video watching experience – doubly so if they wish to reach out to them through social media. Let’s cut to the chase and see what we are talking about:

Facebook has found1 that an Instagram video generates 1.8 times more pleasure than the same video on another platform. This interesting finding hints that this social channel may engage more viewers than other networks.

If you are an avid reader of our blog, you already know that we always recommend going with an omnichannel strategy. Still, it’s good to know Instagram can be a great place to concentrate your primary video marketing efforts, especially if your audience tends to hang there.

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5. Most Facebook Users Access the Platform via Mobile Devices

If your audience is not on Instagram, you might have read our last stat without much care. However, mobile videos are also relevant on the leading social media platform, Facebook3.

This is a network that currently boasts over 2.6 billion monthly active global users. And guess what? More than 98% of that overwhelming number of people access the platform through their mobile devices!

As if that wasn’t already staggering enough, there’s more! Nearly 80% of users only use Facebook on mobile devices.

So, if you are currently targeting Facebook users through ads or organic content, you need to bear in mind that your videos will be seen mostly through smartphones and tablets. In other words, the stat you’ve just learned urges you and other marketers to display high-quality mobile videos on Facebook.

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6. Vertical Video Ads Outperform Other Formats

As you may know, one of the first steps of quality mobile video optimization is using the vertical format.

This format may seem out of place on a desktop screen, but it perfectly fits the shape of a smartphone or tablet. So much so that mobile videos are practically synonymous with vertical videos. And since we have mentioned the importance and popularity of mobile content already, this stat shouldn’t surprise you at all:

Vertical video ads significantly outperform other formats in more than one way. For starters, they show an 80-85% higher completion rate than horizontal videos4. They also beat square videos on Facebook, resulting in lower CPV (Cost per View) and CPC (Cost per Click)5.

Moreover, people tend to be a bit lazy when watching ads on their phones – only 10 to 15% of mobile users flip their screen sideways to watch a video ad4.

This valuable data proves that size may not matter, but aspect ratio does!

7. Mobile Ads Will Beat TV Advertising

Speaking of ads, here’s a stat that hints at the doom of television advertising: It seems that in 2022, US marketers will spend double on mobile video ads than they spent on 20196.

Now, after reading so many great things about mobile content’s marketing potential, you may have seen that coming. What’s curious, though, is where these marketers will get the money from: They will cut costs in traditional advertising, like television ads, and divert those dollars to create video ads for mobile devices.

It’s only logical, really. People nowadays spend more time watching content on their phones than on TV. And let’s not forget that Google found that viewers pay less attention to TV screens than mobile ones.

But there are even more powerful reasons to tap into mobile ads instead of traditional TV advertising. Producing and transmitting a TV ad is usually much more expensive than displaying mobile ads. Moreover, digital ads can be way more segmented than TV ones, so they often lead to a more targeted and cost-effective campaign. Mobile ads clearly have the winning hand in this game.

To Wrap Up

There’s no doubt that mobile devices are steadily conquering the video marketing scene. Their potential is unstoppable, and today, we have proved it so.

From engaging more viewers to making them stay for longer, creating a video tailored for mobile devices has numerous advantages for marketers, especially for those targeting social media users.

Mobile content provides juicy benefits for advertisers as well! Investing in a high-quality mobile video ad can be more cost-effective than using traditional advertising mediums and help you reach better-quality leads.

We’ve started this article by mentioning the importance of providing your audience with the right content through the right medium. Considering the stats you’ve learned today, it’s possible that your ‘right medium’ has shifted and that you should be channeling your video marketing efforts towards mobile devices.

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