7 Effective Video Types For Closing Deals

10 January, 2018  

Did you know that video content can help you achieve your marketing goals in each stage of the sales funnel?  It’s one of the best formats not only to educate your audience, but also to generate awareness about your product, tell them about the great benefits your product offers and persuade them to finally pick you out. In today’s blog post we will share with you 7 effective video types that work great for closing deals (this is, for the “decision stage) and you’ll also understand why video content is such a powerful tool. Join us!

Video types / closing deals

Reviewing the Basics Of Inbound Marketing

Years ago, marketers used to struggle a lot to get people’s attention. Those days are gone and in todaýs world it’s much more effective to set up an inbound marketing strategy. This way you can get better and faster results. Let’s give a quick review to what inbound marketing means so we can be on the same page.

As you can see, with an inbound marketing strategy you create tailored and relevant content for your audience according to their specific needs (depending on the stage of the buyer’s journey they’re in). Which are these stages? Let’s give them a quick review:

  1. Awareness Stage: your prospects are aware that they have a problem but still need to put it into context and understand what the possible solutions to solve it are. In this stage you have to make a very good first impression and quickly grab their attention.
  2. Consideration Stage: now that the prospects are aware of that specific problem, they’re looking for the best means to solve it. they’re analyzing the different alternatives they find in the market, and it’s your time to show them all the benefits your product offers.
  3. Decision Stage: the prospects understand what problem they have and what the possible means to solve it are. They’re comparing the different alternatives and are ready to make the final choice. It’s your big chance to persuade them to pick you out and close the deal! In today’s blog post we’ll focus on this specific stage. Read on!

Video marketing guide for 2020

Video Content: A Great Tool For Raising Sales

Of course you can make a great mix of different formats as part of your content marketing mix. But let me tell you something: nothing is as effective as video is: it’s the most persuasive, enticing, alluring and memorable format you could resort to in your inbound marketing strategy. Video content offers great benefits for helping you increase your sales. Let’s  dive into this:

A format people love

People love watching videos as they’re a highly entertaining, attractive and fun format! Video is the perfect format to quickly get your audience’s attention, but it also helps you in another sense: to drive them in the direction you want. And also, to take action, which is even more important. “Take action” means closing deals. Interesting, right? 🙂 That’s why marketers resort  to this tool a lot to enhance their marketing campaigns (76.5% of marketers and SMB owners that have used video marketing affirmed that it has a direct impact on their business). Video is also a key element to persuade customers – check out these stats: 74% of users who watched an explainer video to get more information about a product/service ended up buying it, and 77% of consumers said they were convinced to buy a product / service by watching a video.


You can have a sales rep make phone call to your leads and this can work great for you. But please take a minute and analyze this: video is scalable and it can work 24 x 7 without rest! You develop it once and…. voilà! You can post it on your website, landing page, social media channels, emails marketing campaigns, or any other channels, and it will work for you! (or for your sales rep, better said). It’s a great investment: with a video you can deliver you unique selling proposition in a cool and engaging way, over and over again.

Power of synthesis

Simply consider that a one-minute video is worth 1.8 million words. Amazing, right? The mix of attractive visuals, animations, a compelling voice-over, the music and other resources provide video with a unique synthesis power no other format has. Keep in mind that in video marketing, both visual and auditory senses are involved and this makes it very persuasive and entertaining. Just for you to know: 4X as many consumers would prefer to watch a video about a product than to read about it.

Strong emotions

In video marketing, different resources end up generating strong emotions in the viewers: the movements on screen, the voices, the body language of the characters,….different elements are decisive to make the viewer “feel”. Why do things work like this? The mirror neurons, the oxytocin and some other elements play a key part. You can go over this article to learn more about the scientific explanation about why video generates such strong emotions.

7 Useful Video Types For Closing Deals

Here you have some valuable ideas to get the most out of video content in order to raise your sales. See below!

#1. Explainer videos

You may have heard that explainer videos are used mainly for the consideration stage of the sales funnel, and that’s true. But guess what? They also work very well for the decision stage: they deliver a concise message about what you do and what your offer is. In no more than 90 seconds, this type of video is great to communicate your business idea in a brief but engaging way (by telling your audience what problem you solve, how you do it and why you’re the best alternative in your niche). Animated explainer videos combine different elements (images, animations, music, voice-over, etc.) to quickly grab the viewer’s attention and persuade them in the direction you want. 

How can they help you  close deals? By including a compelling Call To Action in the end, plus the strong emotional and persuasive power this type of video has.

#2. Testimonials

Customer testimonial videos let you build trust around your brand. How do they work? Well, other people’s opinions hold a huge weight: 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. So just imagine how powerful this type of video can be. They can definitely help you turn your leads into clients!  

Watch this testimonial so that you can get the big picture on which key elements it should feature:

#3. Case studies

Just like customer testimonial videos or any other third-party endorsements, case studies are great to tell the world how great you are at what you do. The good thing is that someone else is speaking very well of you; you’re not bragging about yourself! Customers tend to feel connected with their peers and pay a lot of attention to their opinions, so take advantage of that! Make sure you include a reference to the context/problem, the solution and the results. This is one of the best video types to increase conversions and sales!

#4. Product videos

A product video lets you share with your audience useful and valuable information about a problem they’re trying to solve (with your product/service indeed). It’s a very practical way for them to see it “in action”. You can resort to different animation techniques (such as live action, screencasts, etc.) to make a clear demo of the main characteristics and functionalities of your product/service. This will help you to persuade them to take the next step.

#5. FAQ videos

These videos are a great alternative to compile different frequently asked questions that your target audience usually has. This way, you provide them with the information they need. Keep in mind that it’s feasible that, before purchasing your product, they might come up with lots of doubts around it. If you produce a video that addresses their needs you will gain a special place over the competition.

#6. Company videos

Also known as “about us videos”, company videos are a good alternative to bring your brand to life. They give you the chance to set up an emotional connection with your audience, and this is vital to encourage them to pick you out. Company videos are about showing your customers who your company is and what it represents (culture, values, beliefs, etc.), by appealing to different emotions (nostalgia, humor, empathy, etc.). Try them out!

#7. Behind the scenes videos

This type of video is also a good resource to connect with your target audience on a different level. They are similar to company videos but, in a way, more “hand-crafted”, and they let you show the essence behind your brand. Keep in mind that establishing a strong emotional bond with your audience is vital to persuade them in the direction you want, this is, to purchase your product!

At Yum Yum we have been developing marketing videos for years, and we have gained wide experience in a bunch of industries and niches. Get in touch with us so that we can help you with your marketing video too! (no matter if it is an explainer video, a testimonial video, a product video, or anything else). We can develop a stunning marketing video that helps you raise sales, but we can also produce marketing videos for other sales funnel stages. We totally adapt to your needs! Watch this brief video to learn more about our work:


Video content stands out as an amazing resource to persuade your prospects about your selling proposition and also, to go one step further: to encourage them to buy your product. In this blog post we have reviewed the fantastic benefits video has to get your audience’s attention with the blink of an eye, establish an emotional bond, persuade them to come back for more, and -finally- purchase your product. Additionally, we granted access to 7 killer video types for closing deals you can’t leave aside if you want to optimize your marketing strategy. Ready to start working on your next video to raise your sales? 🙂

Stay tuned to our blog for more tips and trends on video marketing!

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