7 Channels For A Killer Video Distribution Strategy

20 September, 2017  

Are you developing a marketing video or defining your video marketing strategy? Then in the short term, you will have to work on a consistent video distribution strategy that puts your video in the eyes of the right people. In today’s blog post we’ll share with you 7 effective channels you can use to promote it while you also get some additional information on how to optimize your video marketing campaign. Keep on reading!

4 Types Of Videos That Are Easier To Promote

So far you’ve probably heard about the fantastic benefits video content can offer to your business, such as brand awareness, more online visibility, and more conversions and sales, among many others. The fact is that video marketing will account for 80% of all internet traffic by 2019. Pretty amazing, right? You need to be part of the game too.

So, considering that you’re totally aware of the key role video content plays, let me tell you something: you can resort to many different types of marketing videos to enhance your strategy, but the truth is that some of them are easier to distribute than others. Let’s give them a quick review:

Video marketing guide for 2020

Educational videos

Educational videos are a great tool to inform and educate your audience about a specific topic: they have a problem, you know how to help them, and you present that solution through an educational video. If they find your content valuable they will certainly share it with others. And guess what? This is free promotion! Keep in mind that in today’s world, people go to the Internet to find answers to their questions. If you’re there to help them…you will gain points!

Check out this example of an educational video:

Videos with humor

Video has huge engaging power, but if you make it entertaining and fun, even better! People love consuming and sharing entertaining and amusing content, and if they enjoyed watching your video, they will spread the word about it. A dose of fun can make your video even more attractive and memorable.

How-to videos

Just like educational videos, with a how-to video, you can offer a specific solution to a problem: you can explain a process or train your target audience about something you do or know about, and this way you will gain a special place in their minds. If that content was helpful for them, they will feel encouraged to share it with their peers.

Explainer videos

Animated marketing videos are a great tool that informs and educates at the same time. They have a strong engaging power due to the combination of different resources, such as stunning animations, nice visuals,  catchy music, a compelling voice-over, and more. It’s a highly shareable format and very easy to distribute!

What if your marketing video does not fit any of these categories? That’s no problem at all! You have to know that any type of video is promotable. And we’re here to help with that 🙂 Check out this useful checklist on some of the most effective distribution channels.

7 Channels For A Stunning Video Distribution Strategy

To maximize your reach you can resort to as many channels as you can, but keep this premise in mind: pick out these ones that best fit with your marketing goals, types of products/services you offer, and the buyer persona you’re targeting.

You will find them on organic channels, paid channels, and you can even do a mix of both

Organic channels

  1. Your own network

The first thing you have to do is spared your video among your primary contacts. Sending it via email to the current subscribers you have in your database can be a good first step. Don’t underestimate it!

  1. Social media platforms

Video content fits perfectly with the “social media” logic. Networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Periscope, and many others can give you a huge hand in promoting your marketing video. By developing an attractive and engaging video you can get likes, comments and shares and extend your reach. Just remember that you have to pick out those that fit better with your specific business.

Talking about promoting videos on social media…YouTube can’t be out of your mix! It’s the 2nd largest search engine and the 3rd largest social network in the world. You have to be there too! Just make sure you set up a video SEO distribution strategy to stand out from the competition and get to the first positions. This free eBook on How to rank number #1 on YouTube compiles some interesting tips on this matter. Don’t miss it!

Tip: take a few minutes to review these recommendations on how to pick out the right social network for your marketing video.

  1. Social groups and forums

Seeding your video in different groups and forums is also a good approach. Make sure they gather the target audience you aim for, that they are active, updated and that they are highly relevant. These are very useful promotional channels as these platforms gather potential customers that have a true interest in what you have to say. You have them there for you!

  1. PR tactics

PR techniques can be a good complement too. Write a press release or prepare some specific corporate marketing material that features your video and share it with media (journalists, editors, producers, reporters, etc.). If you work on a solid relationship over time you can get pretty good results.

  1. Blogs

Start promoting your video on your own blog, which will help you boost your SEO. Also, distribute it on other people’s blogs to gain more reach using SEO tools like Linkio. In this sense, choose those that are relevant to your niche, highly-rated, that target the same customers like you, etc. Another good alternative is writing some guest posts for third-party blogs (don’t forget to include your video!). This way you will get more visits to your website while you also provide their audience with useful content. The two parties win! 🙂

Paid channels

  1. Paid ads

Platforms like AdWords and AdSense can bring you good results in a pretty short time (at least, faster than driving traffic organically). There’s no magic behind them, but the great thing is that you can focus on a specific audience, measure the results of your campaign and adjust what could be improved upon.

Video Distribution Strategy

  1.  Paid content promotion

You can also pay for content promotion on other channels. Platforms like StumbleUpon, Reddit Ads and Outbrain are some alternatives. You can also promote your video through Twitter, Facebook or YouTube ads. These are just some ideas!

All these channels and platforms can be complemented with others, such as websites, landing pages, newsletters, and more. But we’ll cover this in upcoming posts 😉 Now let’s dive deeper to understand how you can optimize your video distribution strategy.

6 Killer Tips To Optimize Your Promotional Efforts

Now that you know which promotional channels you can use, let’s review some basic considerations to get the most out of your distribution campaign. If you disregard them, all efforts will be in vain, trust me!

  1. Thumbnail: pick it out wisely, as it can make a big difference in terms of clicks! Choose an image that is catchy, inviting, attractive and representative of the content. These tips on how to leverage the power of video marketing thumbnails might help!
  2. Video hosting platform: you might find many in the market: YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, and Vidyard, just to name a few. What you have to know is that they all offer different features and advantages. Pick the one that best suits your needs. You can start by checking out these top 5 best video hosting sites for businesses.
  3. Call To Action: when developing your video don’t forget to include a strong call to action at the end, so as to guide your viewers in the direction you want. The CTA has to be in line with the goal of your video. This will be vital to measure the effectiveness of your campaign.
  4. Title: make sure it’s brief, attractive, enticing and descriptive of the content itself. Avoid tricky titles that might confuse or mislead the viewers.
  5. Keywords: choose the most important keywords and longtail keywords that preponderate in your niche and add them to the title and tags of the video. This will get your video in front of the right people in Google and YouTube searches.
  6. Key channels: as we mentioned before, pick out the promotional channels that best fit with your specific business (marketing goals, target audience, product/service). Not every channel works for every company!

At Yum Yum Videos, we have developed thousands of marketing videos for different companies all over the world. We can help you with yours too! Just get in touch with us and let us know about your needs. We can guarantee a fully custom marketing video, premium quality and an eye on the details through the entire video production process. Watch this video to learn more about how we work:

In Summary

Once you develop your marketing video, you have to outline and implement a good distribution strategy to maximize its reach and put it in front of the right people. In this article, we have explored 7 key channels for an effective video distribution strategy, while we also shared some valuable tips on how to optimize your promotional efforts. Now, all hands on deck! Make the best video content distribution strategy ever! 😉

Stay tuned to our blog for more trends, tricks, and tips on video marketing.

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