7 B2B Marketing Strategies for A Post-Pandemic World

5 April, 2021  

There’s no denying that the pandemic and the consequent lockdowns have made us all more dependent on technology and transformed the way we do business.

Several brick-and-mortar shops are now relying on eCommerce more than ever, and companies’ entire staff have had to transition to work from home for the first time. In this context, businesses that target other companies are forced to attract and connect with customers by digital means only – even more so than before.

This is undoubtedly a big challenge for those B2B businesses that have never put any effort into their digital strategy, but even those who have can find this new scenario challenging, as they can find themselves lost when resorting to digital marketing strategies they have never tried before.

If that’s your case, don’t fret: We can help you out!

Today, we are going to share with you seven B2B marketing strategies that are a great fit for this new era. Moreover, we have combined them with easy-to-follow advice to help you achieve better results.

Let’s take a look, shall we?

B2B marketing strategies

1. Creating Videos with Data Storytelling

Creating enticing video content is one of the most promising B2B marketing strategies for 2021.

You see, professionally-made videos have a tremendous synthesizing and streamlining power – perfect for conveying most B2B companies’ value proposition. That said, there’s something vital you need to know about corporate videos specific to the B2B marketing arena: how storytelling works.

The first and foremost goal of B2B video storytelling isn’t to pique emotions in the viewer as it would be in a B2C environment. You see, a business executive won’t – or at least shouldn’t – let their emotions get in the way of their corporate purchase decisions. Instead, these decisions should be mainly based on facts and analytics data.

So, video content meant for the B2B industry should consist of data storytelling. We are talking about highly informative videos based on research that often mention data regarding surveys and trends.

Even if being informative should be your video’s primary goal, it’s still vital to offer entertainment value. This way, business executives will be more likely to watch your video entirely and process and remember it better. Moreover, your video will be capable of making a more significant impact.

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2. Taking Full Advantage of Social Media

Strengthening your business’ social media presence is one of the best top-of-the-funnel B2B marketing strategies.

Though it’s not commonly thought of as a B2B channel, social media is increasingly used by business executives for researching providers – sometimes even more used than referrals and recommendations.

It’s also an excellent way to gauge your audience’s perception of your brand by leveraging social listening tools. These inform you of any mention regarding your brand or field in social media.

Moreover, by providing educational content on social media, you can boost customer trust and brand awareness.

To no one’s surprise, the most recommended social network for B2B organic content and paid ads is LinkedIn. That said, using a platform like Twitter can be a great way to address customers’ questions and complaints.

3. Leveraging Email Marketing

Far from losing its efficiency, email open rates have increased significantly since the lockdown started and will continue to be one of the most effective B2B marketing strategies out there once the pandemic is over.

Thanks to the immediacy and incredible cost-effectiveness of email, B2B marketers can nurture their leads efficiently. They can also capture new leads, as most B2B buyers are likely to share valuable content through email.

The thing is, many marketers forget about the vital differences between B2C and B2B marketing strategies when writing an email.

While a B2C email marketing campaign strives to attract clients by fostering emotions, a B2B email focuses on information.

Like video storytelling, a B2B email campaign should contain hard data and facts to help business executives inform their decisions. Even better if you address information about profits, as it’s bound to pique recipients’ interest.

B2B marketing strategies

4. Building a High-Quality Website

With face-to-face communication out of the table, your business’ website becomes your biggest presentation card. Business executives will check it out when looking for providers, so you should strive to leave a good impression.

The speed and user-friendliness of your website will speak volumes about your company and its digital literacy – something that can be instrumental in your industry and, therefore, influence your customer’s purchase decision.

Another aspect that will play a part in this decision is the website’s design. The layout, color scheme, typography, logo, and more, will send a cohesive message about your business. This message should match your company’s attitude and style and express what differentiates it from others: its streamlined service, professionalism, innovation, or whatever sets your business apart.

To have a website that makes you proud, you need to work on its visibility on search engines. By working on an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) strategy, your site can rank higher on search engines and drive more visitors in.

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5. Adding a Live Chat or Chatbot to Your Website

Let’s define the basics first:

A Live Chat is a widget on your website that enables a conversation between a visitor and one of your team members in real-time. Meanwhile, a chatbot consists of software that uses AI technology to decipher and answer visitors’ questions.

Business executives – and everyone else, really – like to find information fast and are likely to abandon your site as soon as they don’t see what they were searching for. Adding a live chat or chatbot will allow visitors to ask straight away any quick question. As a result, they can clear out their doubts sooner and find whatever they were looking for on your website faster.

In this framework, it’s no wonder this B2B marketing strategy can increase lead generation and improve customer assistance, as well as benefit your website’s performance.

Both live chat and chatbots are great options to add to your website, and there’s no objectively best option between the two. Bear in mind, though, that a chatbot runs the risk of misunderstanding what the visitor wants, but it’s also more economical than a live chat.

b2b marketing strategies

6. Offering Virtual Events

Before the COVID-19 pandemic aroused, in-person trade shows and other kinds of events used to be an instrumental lead generation strategy for many B2B companies. These events are now out of the picture, and who knows for how long it will be that way. The nearest thing at hand is hosting a virtual event.

Virtual events might not be as impactful as their in-person counterpart, but they possess many other valuable benefits.

Since geographical distance is not a barrier, more people can ‘attend’ these events, no matter where they are located. For obvious reasons, virtual events’ performance is also more measurable than live ones, and it’s easier to manage the leads they generate.

There’s a problem with virtual events, though. Many companies regularly resort to this post-pandemic B2B marketing strategy, so it’s becoming hard to differentiate your event from others. We encourage you to let your creativity fly and try to find new ways to make your event memorable for your target audience.

7. Hosting Valuable Webinars

This type of virtual event deserves a section of its own.

As the name hints, a webinar is a virtual seminar. It consists of streaming an educative presentation, allowing the audience to ask questions and interact with the instructor in real-time (usually through a text chat). Even though this is a live event, it can be easily recorded and saved.

A webinar brings the same benefits as any other virtual event, such as a growth in the number of attendees compared to a regular seminar. However, it also provides additional advantages.

For example, valuable webinars can help enhance your business’s reputation and credibility, establishing yourself as an authority in the field. In fact, this method is commonly used by aspiring thought leaders in the B2B industry.

Hosting a webinar is one of the few B2B marketing strategies that not only work for generating leads, but also for strengthening current clients’ brand loyalty. After all, you are providing them with valuable content they are bound to appreciate.

Let me reinforce that: valuable content. Try to offer viewers helpful information they can’t easily find elsewhere. Otherwise, you will be far from positioning yourself as a thought leader.

Parting Thoughts

Just like almost every other field, B2B marketing has shifted significantly during the pandemic. It has become more dependent on digital communication channels, and it’s bound to continue that way once the pandemic is over.

In this new scenario, B2B companies that don’t invest time and resources in enhancing their digital efforts are setting themselves up to fail. That’s why we believe it’s now more important than ever to inform yourself about online B2B marketing strategies that can make a difference.

The idea is to eliminate as much as possible the barriers the pandemic has caused– something that all the tactics mentioned today can do efficiently.

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