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5 Tips to Make Your Animated Marketing Video Production Effective


In just a few seconds and in a very fun way, explainer videos are able to show what your company can bring to the table. That’s why they’ve become such powerful tools for your marketing endeavors. Nonetheless, you need to take the whole explainer video production process very seriously -it will determine the quality of the final product. Doing anything but that will guarantee a painful failure.
But no worries, here at Yum Yum Videos we’re glad we can give you a hand with that. We know what the most common mistakes are that could harm your animated marketing video production, so please allow us to guide you through each one of them so you don’t make them and you can embark on the path to real success!

Tips to make an effective explainer video

Be quick, be interesting!

These Internet times are certainly frantic. There’s a lot of content out there, but there’s not that much attention to it, so your mission as a marketer is to trigger interest. You need to grab people by the shoulders so they can pay attention to what you need to say. You need to make sure they don’t look any other way. At the end of the day, all of the work you’re doing will be thrown out of the window if people don’t stick around for what you need to say!

Recent research proves that 85% of viewers will be able to watch a whole 30-second video, but roughly half of them will watch it completely if it lasts 2 minutes. There’s a magic number, though, and that’s 90 seconds.

The thing is that it’s not enough to try to put everything in less than a minute and a half. If you can’t manage to show interesting content in that period, then all of your effort will be lost. It is mandatory that you show compelling content, otherwise you will lose your viewers. That being said, you need to show something appealing in a short amount of time.

What’s the proper duration of your marketing video then? The length will be defined by your script. One minute in video equals around 160 scripted words. We think, here at Yum Yum Videos, that the key number is 240 words, which is the equivalent to a video that lasts 90 seconds.

If you want to have a taste of what an engaging video looks like, look no further! Here’s a great example!

Images are nothing but words put on the screen

Any image that shows in your animated marketing video will be based on words that were written for it, so the quality of anything that you will show will be based by the power of the words behind it. If you want to tell a great story, then you need to support those scenes with a great script.
Writing the script is so essential to your video that Hubspot even considers it “the most important part” of the whole process. And the solidness of your script will be determined by its structure. If you design a clear structure by very well defined sections, then you can fill those sections with precise content. It’s as if you were making a mold into which you will put the essence of the script. The clearer the shape, the clearer the final product will be!
Knowing what your audience needs to see is crucial for beginning to write your script. You need to forget your salesman hat and wear one from a helper instead. At the end of the day what you’re really offering is assistance, so you need to be passionate towards the help you’re bringing.
As soon as you have a well outlined structure and have a good grasp on what your audience needs to see, then you can start working on your script. If you make a solid one, you will have a solid story -as simple as that!

How to write an explainer video script

We managed to describe how this product works in this video without getting too techie about it.

Get specific and you will cover the entire world (of your audience)

It’s been often said that genius lies in the details, so if you want to apply that premise into your animated marketing video production (and who doesn’t?) then you need to get specific. The more detailed your story is, the more powerful your message will become. The minute you enter the Internet arena with your idea, you’re pretty much entering the arena of Rome’s Coliseum. I’m not exaggerating -it’s brutal out there!

So you need to be able to gain your audience’s heart. And you can only achieve that by crafting a message that connects to what your audience needs. You need to tell a story that your audience can later feel as if it were written specially for them. And the way to get into your audience’s heart is by the details!
Your brand will also enjoy the benefits of making a custom video. If people who watch your video end up feeling identified with what they see and a connection is made, then your brand will gain trust, a feeling that will later be equivalent to higher conversions and sales. Trust equals money, baby!
Check out this great custom video that we made so you can have a better idea of what we’re talking about!  

Quality always pays off -and big time!

Anything that’s been made with high-quality will be appreciated and esteemed. It’s been proven that our brains tend to reward any work that’s created by  hard work and effort. And you want your brand to be the object of that same appreciation.
That being said, you need to aim for a high-quality video, just because it will have a direct impact on the reputation that your company will gain. I’m aware this implies a lot of money and energy involved, but it is an investment that’s definitely worth the effort. The quality will become a great feature for your company, so you should take that into account at any time you worry about your budget.
Check out this video so you can see what a high-quality video looks like. Even Hubspot considered it as one of the best explainer videos!

Great things look great –it’s all about your looks!

Truth be told, there’s nothing new under the sun and you’re not going to come and invent it. So you may have the best idea in the world, but that doesn’t mean it will be original. The way in which you sell that idea, though, can be creative and you better make sure that it remains that way!
This is where style comes to play. Style involves the mode in which you sell your idea, and that means every single resource you have at your disposal in your animated marketing video production -music, color, texture- to get your point across. Take a look at any well-dressed celebrity and you can have a sense of how serious she was for every single choice she made to craft her outfit. 
You should apply that same criteria to the way you tell the story. When it comes to deciding on the style of your story, you need to be inventive in order to leave a mark on your viewer, which is your ultimate goal.
You can watch this video to learn more about how to choose the best explainer video style for your product. It was ranked #1 in YouTube for the main keywords in the industry of explainer videos.

If you want to reveal the mystery of how we were able to conquer YouTube, you can download our free eBook How to Rank #1 in YouTube.

In a nutshell: the greatness of your video will be defined by how great you produce it

A great result can only come from a great process, and the process of your animated marketing video production involves every step, so you better take each one of them with great seriousness. Focus on telling a good story, paying attention to detail, considering the needs of your audience and putting lots of emphasis on the way you tell that story. In the end you will have a high-quality video that will surely bring great results. On the other hand, failure will receive you with its arms wide open if you do anything but that.

How to write an explainer video script



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