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5 Powerful Reasons To Start A Custom Animated Video Production Today


Saying that people love video content is one of those ‘duh’ statements no one can argue right now. It’s something that’s right in front of your eyes: in the people waiting for the bus watching YouTube, in the colleagues checking movie trailers in office hours, in the stats that talk about 55% of people watching videos every day.

That’s also why marketers don’t have to struggle to convince their bosses and clients to go with videos for their marketing strategies. The current worries aren’t about why should anyone use video – they are about how can anyone use it to their advantage. The possibilities are countless but our experience has shown us that there’s something that never fails – betting on custom animated videos.

Cartoon animation has proven to be a strong ally when looking to stand out from the competition. The endless possibilities when thinking about characters and situations, the colorful palettes used on them, the playful spirit often seen in these cartoon marketing videos – all of those are real advantages.

But today I want to focus on something else that most people overlook – the custom quality. There are several reasons why creating a video from scratch and tailor-made for your brand is the best move you can do. Out of all of them, here are the top 5 reasons why your next animated video production should be custom.

#1. Branding is more palpable in custom videos

Let’s say you don’t want a custom video for your company. Your next best option is to use some templates to put together a video that can send the message you want. Yet, even if you find the perfect pre-created clips for the story you want to tell (or find a production company that does that), chances are they won’t feel like they “belong” to your company.

In other words, your company’s colors and communication tone won’t be as present as if you were working with an animated video created with your brand in mind. The characters, the backgrounds, the music and voiceover – all of that will be a good fit at most. But that probably isn’t what you want from your animated video production. You want the perfect fit.

The perfect fit, obviously, is to work with custom characters in a custom setting. You need for every little thing in your video to be designed for your brand and your brand alone. That’s the only way you can make sure that the people watching will leave with a strong association between what they just saw (your message) and you.

Take a look at the video we did for WSP. It looks fresh and different. It looks like WSP and no one else.

WSP | Explainer Video by Yum Yum Videos

Videos contribute to your brand’s visibility and awareness. You need for your brand to pop up in your target audience’s heads when they are looking for the product or service you offer. That’s why you brand every little detail in your cartoon marketing videos – you want to ingrain your brand’s feel into people’s minds.

#2. People have stronger engagement with content that speaks to them

And the only way they can feel like you’re talking to them is by creating your message around them AKA going with custom productions. Your target audience has to be at the center of your video. The characters have to look like them, talk like them and have their same problems. How could you achieve that with template videos?

What you’re looking for here is for your audience to watch your animated video production and say “hey, that’s me!” You need for them to be invested in the storyline, for them to want to see where you are going, for them to hear your message. Given that people watch explainer videos whenever they are looking for a solution to a specific problem, you need to reflect that same process in your video.

Take this video we did for Gigtown as an example. You want to know why Hubspot chose it as one of the best explainer videos out there? Because it perfectly identifies its audience, showcases how it understands the audience’s problem and even offers a solution.

Gigtown Music | Explainer Video by Yum Yum Videos

The customization part was a crucial factor here. If the characters weren’t carefully designed, then the target audience wouldn’t have felt represented and it would have abandoned watching the video long before it ends. It’s the carefully tailor-made elements that make room for a quick connection.

#3. Custom videos are all about trust

Whenever you meet someone that knows your issues and makes you feel understood, you probably start trusting him or her. If that someone has gone through the same things as you, then there’s a sense of shared ground and experiences that can make you bond and trust one another. That’s precisely the feeling you should be after when tackling a new animated video production.

Full customization can bring you closer to your audience by showing your viewers how much you and they are alike. Bridging that gap is essential to truly “talking” with your audience. They have to feel like you know where they are coming from. They have to see that you have been there, in the same spot, and in that, see that you solved the shared problem.

explainer video step by step
You can do that with a custom cartoon animation whose characters and situations are relatable for your target audience. If your viewers can put themselves in the shoes of your characters, they’ll feel that stronger connection I’ve talked about. And in doing so, they’ll start to trust you more and more and treat you like an experienced voice.

That level of authority is something you’ll only achieve over time but customization is the way that leads to it. Being treated like an expert and being trusted by your viewers is an unbeatable asset. However, you have to show them that you know what you’re doing first. Talking to them on what feels like a personal note will surely bring their guards down. Make them listen. Then, make them feel like you’re one of them.

#4. Custom guarantees uniqueness (which brings a ROI boost)

Being perceived as an expert will make you a trusted brand which, in turn, will bring more and more people that will pay attention to you. If you keep your video marketing with that custom focus, then you’ll only get stronger with each passing day. More people will watch your videos in their entirety simply because you’ll be known as a source of valuable information.

People increasingly watching your videos will mean they’ll be closer to your brand. They’ll visit your site more often, refer you to friends and even share what you create. All that kind of exposure surely is nice – especially when you consider what it can do for your Return on Investment (ROI).

Though there isn’t a fixed number, many researchers show that you can expect an increase in your sales by an average of 20% when you put custom videos in the center of your marketing strategy. Videos contribute to your brand’s visibility and making them custom ensures your audience will feel closer to your videos’ messages. Visibility will mean more traffic, and more traffic will boost your search engine rankings.

If more people get in contact with your brand, then predicting that you’ll have more leads and more sales opportunities seems pretty logical, right? The first step towards it all is a custom animated video production. With it comes the connection, the trust and the authority to make all of this happen. The best thing is that even if you’re worried about how much a custom explainer video can cost you, you’ll get what you paid back in no time, thanks to all of these benefits.

#5. Tailor-made videos are about exclusivity

In the modern digital world, it’s pretty hard to feel exclusive. Companies are selling similar products and are marketing them with similar tactics. The digital landscape is overcrowded with messages that feel interchangeable. Finding something different seems like a daunting task with each passing day.

Sounds bleak? It is what it is. And the only road you can take to break away from it all is to put what makes you unique on display. It’s more about your competitive edge (AKA your product’s unique value). It’s about how you talk, the image you show, the way in which you want to be perceived.

Making your marketing about exclusivity can make your audience feel like a part of something fresh, different from everything else. That’s what the big boys like Apple do – they bet on their voice and use all of its power to make their clients feel like a part of some distinct club (even if there are millions of them!).

A custom video can really help you with this. It can separate you from your competitors and show you are the real deal. From the characters to the story, you can show everyone you’re dead serious about your marketing, that you aren’t like others that settle with what’s established. That sort of attitude can bring a lot of rewards if you nail the message.

Now, do you think you can get that with template videos? No way. There’s something extra about custom videos that force you to watch them. Check out this custom video we did for a mobile app called I’m Here to see that in action.

Kala | Explainer Video by Yum Yum Videos

I’ll presume you’re unique and you want everyone to notice. The simple question you have to ask yourself is – how can I be unique if I use content created for other people?

To wrap it up

Animated marketing videos have a strong potential to make a connection with any audience. The only condition they have to meet for that to happen is to be custom made. The only impression that lasts is the one that feels genuine and you can’t get that feeling with template videos.

So, if you’re truly asking yourself why you should put money on animated video production, then you have to consider all of the above. Do you want to be an authority in front of your target audience’s eyes? Do you want them to trust you? Do you want more traffic, more engagement and more sales? Well, do you?

If you’re positive about this, then custom videos are what you need. And if you don’t know that much about the subject, don’t worry. You can always count on Yum Yum Videos to share its expertise with you to take you to success. Contact us and let’s get this going!


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