4 Things You Should Expect From a Great Explainer Video Company

26 July, 2018  

If you’ve arrived here, you’re probably thinking about creating an explainer video for your brand. And that’s a great decision– An explainer video will boost your online visibility and increase your conversions!

But after you’ve learned about the different styles of explainer videos and drafted some ideas, you’re still missing a crucial part of the puzzle: The perfect explainer video company!

There are many explainer video production companies out there, you can tell just by doing a quick search on Google. Some are small, some specialize in lots of things — there are cheap video companies and ones with great quality… And all of them claim to be the greatest.

So, how can you choose the best one for your brand? There are four things that you should expect from a great explainer video company, and we’ll share them with you today.

This way, you’ll be a lot less confused and you’ll know exactly what you should be looking for!

Let’s start.

1. Must offer high-quality videos

It’s a no-brainer that if you want your animated marketing video to be of great quality, you need to look for a company that makes high-quality videos.

This is especially important, because explainer videos are made to wow your audience and give them a great first impression. In order to achieve this, you need your videos to have the highest-quality so they’ll stand out and display what makes your company unique.

The only way to know if a video production company is capable of creating such high-quality videos, is to take a look at their own sales video and their portfolio.

Their own sales video should catch your attention from the beginning — if they couldn’t do that with their own sales video, why would you think they’d do it with yours?  If that can’t get your attention, then that company definitely isn’t for you.

After you’ve checked and approved the way this company is presenting itself, move on to their portfolio. Take a look at the past works they’ve done, how do they present other brands? How are the visuals, boring or eye-catching? Do they work with different styles, and are they good at doing so? Is it a fun video? Is the audio good and clear? Are they communicating a straightforward message?

A high-quality marketing video has to be a good combination of great visuals and a sharp message. After you’ve checked this first box, move on to the next point.

2. Their videos have to be fully customizable

Your corporate video must be able to show the true spirit of your brand. This is why customization is so important: the video company of your choosing must provide a video that’s precisely customized and tailored to your brand.

Some companies reuse their animations or rely on templates for the backgrounds, voice overs or color palettes. If you detect this in their previous works: Alert! Abort the mission! If they’ve done it to previous clients, they’ll do it with you.

A high-quality sales video needs a unique visual identity and its own voice. It has to be unmistakably yours: communicating the essence of your brand with every second. A video that looks just the same as every other explainer video in existence won’t be profitable or helpful for your marketing goals.

The reason why some companies do this, is because by reusing the same elements in every video, they can lower your price and offer cheap options. They rely on the fact that some people won’t mind that their videos are just reshuffled from others, because what they’re looking for is a cheap option.

But your brand needs a unique identity in order to be recognizable. Keep an eye on companies whose videos look exactly the same, or with generic and flat messages that could basically be applied to anyone.

Instead, choose the company that can offer a fully customized video, tailored to your needs and focused on your specific target audience.

3. They’re experts in what they do

The company that creates your corporate video needs to be experienced and made up of true professionals. You wouldn’t like to be anyone’s guinea pig!

Aim for companies that have worked with big names in many industries, because those are the most experienced video companies and have the best reputation.

We don’t say that this is important because we’re some sort of experienced snobs, or anything. We know that a video production company should have expertise in what they do because they’ve refined their work methods over the years — experience is what gives a company a well-established process that’s efficient and effective.

Working with experts, you won’t have any communication or development problems, and they’ll always meet every deadline in the schedule.

And that’s exactly what you need. A group of experts that make you feel accompanied in every step of the developing process.


4. They have an affordable price

Sales videos are a fantastic investment when they’re done right. A great explainer video company has to understand this and offer a nice balance between cost and benefits. If quality and customization are high, the profits will follow.

Of course, a lot of companies make decisions based solely on their budget, and that’s not a bad thing — we understand why money is such a big concern. But this is exactly the reason why corporate videos must be seen as an investment.

If you find a company who will make the perfect video for your brand, you’ll get all the benefits of having an explainer video: there will be a boost in traffic, you’ll get more qualified leads, and appear higher in the search rankings. But these benefits are the direct consequence of having the perfect video.

And this will only happen if you get the best team out there. Skimming on this will result in a video with a bad script and  poor animation — meaning, that people won’t take you seriously, and you’ll be losing your money. So keep this in mind when you’re establishing the budget for your video!

A cheap video will only take you so far. On the other hand, if you invest a little more in a high-quality corporate video, you’ll get good results for many years to come.

If you want a longer, more detailed version of this guide, we talk about it in this free ebook: How to choose the right explainer video company for your business! Click on that and save it for later, because right now we need to discuss some key aspects about sales videos that you should consider.

The four items above are essential things you need to know before choosing the company that’ll work on your corporate video. But those are not the only things that you should keep an eye on: there are key aspects of the video production process that go beyond the video itself.

Let’s talk about that for a minute.

animated explainer video

… Beyond your Sales Video

As we discussed before, having an explainer video is a great investment. And even though you’re probably just focused on explainer videos right now, it would be wise to think of it as a part of a bigger strategy.

Every piece of video content that you make should be included in your video strategy: Video marketing is a huge thing, and its popularity grows every day. This can only be explained with one sentence: Video marketing is effective.

Think of all the hours of video that are being watched every day! (Let me give you a hint: Only on YouTube, people spend a billion hours watching video each day). Because video content is an industry that’s growing so much and so fast, there’s no surprise in saying that videos are a great tool to promote awareness and sales.

For example, that amazing sales video that you’re planning to do would work great as a part of your video strategy. It’s like a piece of a puzzle: it will fit in perfectly for one of the stages of your buyer’s journey, but it will work to its fullest when surrounded by other ‘pieces’: educational videos, testimonial videos, “how-to” videos, commercials and behind-the-scenes…

All of these videos work great together as parts of a bigger video strategy, that will help your mission by making your brand more recognizable.

So, let’s go back to choosing an explainer video production company. A great production company must understand the importance of using your video as a part of a bigger video marketing strategy. Not only that — ideally they should be able to offer other types of video to help you create a complete video strategy.

testimonial video production

A great explainer video company offers you options and services that go beyond the creation of sales videos. So, make this your goal: to find a company with affordable prices, a lot of experience, and a team of professionals dedicated to creating an explainer video that fits perfectly with your brand (and after that, more videos to fill every stage of your buyer’s journey).

It may seem hard to find, but trust us — it’s not. Why? Because here at Yum Yum Videos, we work every day to be at the top of our field: we know that we can offer you a combination of the four pillars mentioned above.

We’ve got a lot of experience: you can take a look at our portfolio to see that we’ve worked with huge companies like Walmart, RedBull, Fox, and McKesson, among many others. Our team of professionals are expert creators for different types of videos: from testimonials to animations, whiteboard videos, and motion graphics.

So yes, we know what we’re talking about! Also, our prices are very competitive and affordable when compared with companies of similar quality. We’re experts in video marketing and we’ll make sure that your company gets an amazing explainer video, specially tailored for its needs.

You can keep looking, of course, and watch a hundred more explainer videos to see if they fit your needs. Or you could get a high-quality explainer video at the best price, today. Let’s talk!

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