3 Social Media Video Recipes for B2B Companies in 2022

14 January, 2021  

With 3.5 billion social media users, more and more B2B companies are turning to social platforms to promote their businesses, build brand trust, attract prospects, and ultimately further them down the sales funnel.

And when you consider how video has become the preferred type of content on these platforms, it’s only natural that social videos have become the go-to resource for achieving such purposes.

However, video marketing is not unlike cooking a nice meal – You need the right recipe to make the most out of your time and efforts. Yes, you can always improvise here and there, but only a consistent, well-structured plan will help you create tasty content that meets your goals.

With that in mind, today we’ll talk about some easy, yet very effective social video recipes to enhance your marketing strategy, boost your social media sales, and grow your brand. So roll up your sleeves and grab your cookware – we’re about to do some video cooking!Social Video

Brand Awareness Salad

Simply put, brand awareness refers to people’s ability to recall and effectively recognize your business. As such, it’s one of the building blocks that will help you attract new prospects and eventually win them over.

Now, social media platforms provide an ideal environment to boost brand awareness, as users tend to go there to discover and explore new accounts, products, services, or content. But you need to remember that these people sometimes don’t know who you are or what you do!

So, you need to properly introduce yourself with a mix of light, branded, and colorful videos – a nice and fresh content salad, if you will.

Here’s a simple recipe you can use for that in your marketing strategy!

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Industry-Related How-To Videos

One of the most effective ways to engage potential buyers is by offering them useful content, especially when it revolves around their most relevant pain points, questions, or interests.

In this case, How-to videos – also known as instructional videos – are designed to quickly and very compellingly demonstrate a process or teach an audience how to do something they didn’t know before. All while positioning your company as a reliable expert on the subject!

Now, for these social videos to help you boost brand awareness, it’s key to choose topics that are related to your industry, product, or service. They should also be very creative, straightforward, and clear so they can immediately catch the viewers’ attention and encourage them to keep on watching your content!

Dynamic Culture Videos

Instead of putting your product or service in the spotlight, company culture videos are created for highlighting your brand’s culture, and make it more relatable and approachable.

In terms of structure, company culture videos – or company stories – let an intended audience see the human element behind a company. Usually by putting the people that make your products or service – AKA, your awesome employees – front and center.

Their main goal is to create a strong and sincere connection with the viewer. And to achieve that, they tell a resonating story that revolves around your company’s story, core values, and overall personality. So, the more your video represents your company, the better the audience is going to respond to it!


Announcement Live-Videos

Another great alternative for giving your brand more exposure and boosting your company’s organic reach is to use live-announcement social videos. Especially on platforms like Facebook or Instagram that have all the resources and technology you need to produce, advertise, and stream them.

Now, in terms of type of content, there are many different avenues you can take – from making a product launch or producing a virtual conference to streaming an exclusive interview with an industry-related expert or hosting a Q&A session. Whatever fits best with your brand identity!

So, whatever you end up deciding, the idea is to use live-announcement videos to interact more directly and dynamically with your audience, foster consumer trust, and appeal to more B2B potential buyers. Even more so, you can repurpose footage from your live event and create short videos to fill your social posting calendar with interesting content for months!


B2B Sales Burger

These days, more and more people are using social media during the buying process. So much so that most popular platforms have shopping features, like clickable links or tags, to improve the process and provide a better, more efficient buying experience.

Certainly, B2B marketers have a highly optimized ecosystem at hand that can help them put their catalogs in front of interested eyes and boost their social media sales. And in terms of your marketing strategy, that calls for your main course, like a big and tasty video content burger!

With that in mind, you should focus on developing a mix of enticing social videos that illustrate, in the most compelling, straightforward, and persuasive ways, how unique, rich, and life-changing your product (or service) is.




New Product Videos

Be it a new feature you added to your software or a special holiday edition of the product you sell, keeping your social media audience posted about your latest updates it’s a key part of growing your online presence and acquiring new customers there.

And for that, product videos are ideal. In a nutshell, these show how a product (or service) works in the most realistic and authentic ways. Displaying its main features and differentiators through high-quality and relevant images.

In a sense, they are designed to make online shoppers feel like they are touching or testing the product firsthand. Explaining why these social videos can help you increase product trust and get prospects closer to a buying decision.

Features Animated Explainer Videos

Online buyers need to make sure that the product or service they’re about to get is everything they expect and need. Incidentally, they usually watch explainer videos before they decide to buy or not. See where I’m going with this?

In case you’re wondering, explainers are short, animated pieces that in less than 2 minutes illustrate complex ideas or topics in simple, beautiful, and compelling ways. Hence, they’re perfect for social media sales!

What makes animated explainer videos so effective, though, is they combine powerful storytelling with gorgeous and high-quality visuals to address an audience’s specific paint point or need. Only to then introduce the perfect solution – that is, your product!

All in all, no matter how abstract, boring, specific, or tricky your offering or idea might be – with these animated social videos, you can turn it into an exciting, understandable, and effective brand message.

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FAQ Videos

In every purchase process there’ll be doubts or concerns that might prevent prospects from buying, especially for first-time shoppers.

How do I use this feature? Is this the right product for me or should I buy another model? How can I pay? Does the company have free shipping or do I need to pay extra for that? And what about the return policy? 

And the list can go on and on… So, anticipating your prospects’ most common doubts it’s paramount to get them close the deal and ultimately increase your social media sales.

A great strategy to address these questions is to develop short FAQ videos to provide relevant and precise information about your product, service, or brand, and share them on the social media platforms that your prospects like to browse the most.

Just remember that these social videos should always deliver useful and relevant data in clear, concise, and straightforward ways. The idea is to make the informative experience dynamic, meaningful, and interesting.


Brand Loyalty Cupcake

You probably know this, but a buyer’s journey doesn’t end when a customer finally buys a product from you. Don’t get us wrong, that’s a huge milestone! But a first purchase should be just the beginning of your relationship with a customer.

As a marketer, you need to focus on a marketing strategy that helps you to create brand loyalty so that customers keep coming back for more. And for that, it’s paramount to enhance their experience with your brand and provide sweet and valuable content – even after a purchase!

For this sugar-coated content recipe, there are three types of social videos that can help you turn “simple” customers into hardcore brand advocates!




Testimonial Highlights Reel

Potential buyers – be it B2B or regular consumers – always look for other people’s opinions to understand whether a product or service can meet their needs, and if they can trust the brand behind the product.

So, yes – customer testimonials in any form are perfect for fostering trust and building stronger relationships. But testimonial videos in particular are extremely effective because they feature real people – that is, your happy customers – sharing their unbiased experiences with your brand.

And yes, you most definitely should use testimonial-type social videos to share with your followers how your company helped other people solve their problems.

In fact, you can create a highlights reel on Instagram or a playlist on your YouTube channel to centralize all your reviews in one place. That way, your followers will have positive reviews at hand, and existing customers will feel rewarded by your recognition!


Behind the Scenes Content

We are curious beings by nature, this is why “behind-the-scenes” social videos are so popular and engaging. In a way, it’s like companies are opening their doors and inviting us in. Letting us see behind their exclusive curtains how things are done, and who does what.

Additionally, these videos are also great for putting a human face to your business and make it more relatable and accessible. At the end of the day, people trust and connect with other people, not faceless corporations that sell products, right?

In this case, Instagram or Facebook Stories can be really handy. Given their time limit and organic dynamism, you can use them to casually give your followers a peek inside your offices, showcase your different staff members and their daily routines, and so on.


Thought-Leadership Educational Videos

Basically, thought leadership social videos provide an educational and fresh perspective on a specific topic or idea. Live or pre-recorded, they are usually created by CEOs and experts to share their knowledge with people interested in their vision – colleagues, industry-related professionals, competitors, and, yes, B2B buyers.

Done right, thought-leadership educational videos are perfect for engaging your user base, building your brand as a trustworthy leader in your industry, and increasing your online presence. But, above all, sharing valuable information with these videos help you strengthen your bond with existing customers.

In terms of platforms, they are perfect for sharing on LinkedIn, as it’s where people usually go for professional development and research. YouTube is also another great platform that audiences turn to when they want to answer a pressing question or educate themselves with video content.


Wrapping Things Up!

In the last couple of years, social videos have been growing nonstop, becoming now a key part of our everyday interactions with friends, family, and brands we like.

For B2B companies, this trend translates into a unique opportunity for using social platforms for promoting their products or services, engaging bigger audiences, and targeting potential buyers more effectively with video content.

However, you’ll only get profitable results when there’s a robust and well-implemented video marketing strategy to guide you throughout the entire process. Luckily, you can start with these awesome social media video recipes to start outlining your upcoming marketing strategy for 2022, develop tasty content to appeal to prospects, and increase your social media sales!

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