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13 reasons why you need to create a video for your business


Thirteen reasons might seem like a lot of reasons for justifying anything, anywhere. Yet, as we’ve learned from Hannah Baker’s horrible fate, when minor things start to pile up, they can certainly have an impact on a bigger scale. That’s how 13 seemingly oblivious people ended up driving poor Hannah to her suicide. And that’s how 13 apparently minor details can justify the bucks you should be putting towards creating an explainer video for your business to prevent it from following Hannah.


That’s right. If you don’t want your brand to go down the same way the Baker girl did in the Netflix series, you should be betting your money on animated explainer videos. There isn’t just one, or four, or even ten reasons why you should do it. There are 13 reasons why an explainer video is the best strategy to protect your brand from self-inflicted damage.

Don’t worry, though. You won’t have to listen to endless tapes to learn all about them. Here they are, all in one neat article!

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#1. People prefer to watch videos

When given the choice, most people would definitely watch your explainer video rather than reading paragraph after paragraph about you and your products. It was demonstrated a long time ago that humans tend to avoid demanding cognitive strain, which lead us to choose our information sources according to how easy they are to process.

And, guess what – video is processed 60,000 times faster than text by our brains.  That preference is supported by experience: consumers would rather watch a video about a company than read about it on a 4-to-1 ratio. So, if you are going to say something (and you wish for that something to be heard), then video is your best shot at it.

#2. Videos are great for your SEO

Since people love video so much, they’ll definitely play the ones they find along the way. So, if they are researching your brand and come across your explainer video, chances are they’ll play it and watch it before going through your whole website. That makes sense given what I’ve said above. Now, you can understand by this that, when people are watching your video on your website, the time they spend on that site increases.

You know why this should matter to you? Because Google (and the other, less thought-of search engines) see the time spent on your site as a factor for your video rankings. Thus, having video on your website will surely send positive signals to those search engines and boost your rankings. In fact, there are some figures saying you’re 53 times more likely to show up first on Google if you have a video embedded in your site.

#3. They get you on the second largest search engine in the world

If I were to ask you what the second largest search engine in the world, was, chances are you’d reply with something like “Bing”, right? Well, you’d be very wrong. That honorific title goes to YouTube, the biggest video platform in the world and one of the websites with the most traffic on the Internet.

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If you think about it, it makes sense. People don’t always get on YouTube to watch the videos from the channels they subscribe to. A substantial portion goes there to find educational videos, especially “how-to” videos that teach how to do stuff or solve a certain problem. Given that “how-to” searches went up 70% the last couple of years, if you are able to create a video for your business that has this approach, you’ll maximize your visibility and improve your traffic and awareness.

#4. Videos establish a stronger relationship with your audience

Videos have proven to be extremely effective in building trust and strong ties with the most varied of audiences. That’s possible thanks to the stories you can tell with your videos. By showing your audience that you are able to understand them and their problems, you can make sure they pay attention to what you have to say, thus increasing your visibility.

This is especially true when talking about animated explainer videos. Animation makes it far easier to create compelling characters that your audience can link to the cartoons they watched as children. That nostalgic connection associates your brand with emotion, the objective every video should be aiming for if they want to be successful. If you can click at that level with your audience, then you’ll have half the battle already won.

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Read this article about cartoon videos and their effectiveness to learn more about this.

#5. Conversions and purchases are higher thanks to video

I’ll let the cold numbers explain this. A website that doesn’t use video has an average conversion rate of 2.9%. Compare that to the 4.8% average conversion rate of a website that uses video. Seems enough to get you to bet on video. But there’s more.

64% of people say that they are more likely to purchase online after watching a video, with 40% of mobile users showing the same kind of tendency. Those kinds of numbers should already have you running out to find the perfect company to create videos for your business. And before you start complaining about the cost of making videos for your brand, keep reading to the next point.

#6. Videos show a very high Return on Investment

Return on Investment (commonly known as ROI) is one of the main things business owners worry about when making decisions. If you are one of them, worry no more, at least when it comes to video. After many years of developing videos, a whopping 52% of businesses say that videos have the greatest ROI.

Even when videos can be somewhat expensive, it’s safe to assume you’ll get your money back in just a couple of months’ time. Everything that comes after that will be pure gain for your brand. And given the extended shelf life explainer videos can have, you can safely bet your money on them knowing you’ll get it back.

#7. Social networks live off videos

If you’ve been paying attention for the last couple of years, you’ve surely seen how Facebook has started putting a strong emphasis on video by launching a myriad of video-centered features: 360 Videos, Facebook Live, Lifestage. It even bought Instagram, the king of short social videos. Why would the biggest social network in the world do this if it weren’t because of the rising importance of video in the daily lives of its users?

That’s a practical demonstration of how videos have become a cornerstone of not just Facebook, but every social network worth considering. This popularity is backed up by the fact that 76% of users say they’d share a company video as long as it’s entertaining. People are looking to be entertained regardless of the source. Many conversations are shaped by that entertainment. See where I’m going with this? Your brand can be at the center of the conversation just by betting on video.

#8. Your email click-throughs are boosted by videos

Since more than a decade now, you, me and everyone in the business world has known about the power of email marketing. But that power can certainly be improved just by the hint of video all around it. There are 2 figures capable of explaining this better than I can.

enhance your digital marketing strategy explainer videos

First, the simple inclusion of the word “video” in the subject line of your email can increase your open rate by 7 to 13%. Second, if you put a video thumbnail in the email’s body, the click-through rate will be multiplied by 2. Showing people that they’ll get your message in the most direct and comfortable way possible seems to work amazingly well for emails so, when you create a video for your business, be sure to include it in your email marketing efforts.

#9. Videos are multi-purpose

As you’ve surely noticed by now, videos can be used everywhere for maximum effect. From uploading them to YouTube to embedding them on your website or placing them in your emails, videos will boost the performance in every corner you put them in. But that’s not all you can do with them. Videos can be transformed into other contents for different and more specific uses.

For instance, you can make GIFs out of specific parts to share funny moments on Twitter or create easy-to-watch how-to videos in Instagram. You can reshuffle them to make whole new videos or to make up a teaser about your company. Recycling content is one of the keys in modern marketing. Videos are great for that, which means their value increases even more if you know how to do that.

#10. Videos make for amazing ads

Many modern Internet users are starting to grow tired of ads popping up in their news feeds or as aggressive windows coming out of sites of dubious nature. That’s why marketers need to bet on tools that are able to grip their audience’s’ attention and hold on to it. You know what’s great for that? Yep, videos.

The average click-through-rate of video ads is approximately 1.84%. That’s the highest for any digital format! Besides, 76% of total Ad Recall (the amount of people that remember the ad after watching it) can be achieved within the first 10 seconds. So, even if people exposed to your video ad don’t click-through at first, they’ll surely remember you. Just be sure they do!

#11. It’s mobile users preferred medium

It only takes for you to go outside and stroll down the block to see that mobile devices have taken over the world. So, whenever you’re thinking of strategies to reach your audience, you’ll have to take those little screens into account. If you do, you’ll realize people don’t like to read that much when on these devices – and you’ll be right!

youtube video marketing

Stats talk of 33% of tablet owners watching about an hour of video every day, while 28% of smartphone users watch a video at least once a day. It might seem like too little now but that number is growing by the minute, especially among younger audiences. Video fits perfectly on those smaller screens, so if you’re truly serious about getting your message out there, you need to create some business marketing videos.

#12. Videos are perfect to explain products and services

Explainer videos have been a very popular item for any marketer’s toolbox for quite a while now – and there’s a powerful reason for that. 98% of users say they’ve watched an explainer video to learn about a particular product or service. That’s practically everyone!

How can that be? Well, we at Yum Yum Videos know that animated videos are perfect to explain concepts that are hard to grasp. Betting on that can bring to life any kind of character in any possible situation, adding a touch of fun and simplicity that can be enticing to anyone. Making your value proposition crystal clear is done best with explainer videos, and given how many people are actually watching those videos, not doing it feels kind of dumb.

#13. Videos are an amazing data source

Finally, there’s a somewhat technical reason why you should pick videos for your marketing strategies – the ability to track everything that happens when your audience is watching. The only way you can know for sure your plans are working is by measuring key factors around it. Video has a lot of data to provide you, as long as you take the time to learn how to interpret it.

You can see how long people are watching. You can see where they left off, how many times it was embedded, how many clicks on key areas there were. Basically, you can learn from the audience you’re targeting which, in turn, can enrich your marketing strategy even more.

Contrary to what happened with Hannah Baker, these are 13 reasons that can keep your business alive and kicking. Don’t ignore them! Look for the right video company for your marketing videos (like, ahem, a company like ours… so, don’t hesitate and call us!) and start developing the videos that will help you reach the whole world!

infographic: how to create an explainer video