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13 Reasons to Use Animated Videos for Your Business


Animated videos for business have already had years of incredible success. They have been around for quite a long streak and have provided countless companies and brands with great results. Is their time over? Not a chance. In the golden age of video, animated videos are still one of the strongest bets you can make when creating an explainer video, an educational video, a how-to tutorial or even an ad.

There are multiple reasons why this happens and if you don’t believe me, well, frankly I don’t understand why are you reading an article called “13 reasons to use animated videos for your business.” If the explanation for your presence here is that you’re skeptical about that many reasons, hold onto your chair – you’re about to get blown off of it.

Reasons to use explainer videos for business

1 – People would rather watch than read

When comparing animated videos with long blocks of texts on a website, people definitely favor the former on a 4:1 ratio. That’s not without its reasons, mainly because people feel more comfortable when tackling easier stuff. And, according to research, our brains process videos 60,000 times faster than text.

So, given the choice, your audience will always prefer video over text (especially on digital screens).

2 – Animated videos boost your SEO

Search engines have been using numerous factors to determine a specific website ranking. Relevance value and social impact are among them. You know what else is in the mix? Average visit time. Basically, the more time people spend on your site, the more the search engines understand that your content is valuable (it is at least good enough to keep people online).

The numbers don’t lie. Studies have found that if you embed videos on your website, you’ll be 53 times more likely to appear in the top results on Google.

3 –  They help you rank on YouTube

Though you might not know it, YouTube is the second search largest engine in the world right now. Given how many people are uploading and watching content there, I’d say that’s hardly a surprise. People spend days on end searching for what to watch!

That’s especially true for ‘how-to’ videos, whose searches went up 70% in the last couple of years. You’ve probably searched for a tutorial in there too, so you may understand the phenomenon and its value. Because, if you’re able to get a video among the top YouTube results for your relevant keywords, you’ll see a huge increase in your traffic, visibility and awareness.
How to rank 1 on youtube

4 – Your audience can create a stronger bond with your brand

One of the best things about animated videos for your business is that they can fit in any concept, character or storyline that you need to deliver your message. You aren’t bound to actors or locations! There are, however, certain limits you’d better not push – especially with characters.

When it comes to the protagonists of your animated video, always make them look, talk and behave like your target audience. Make them face the same troubles as your prospects, too. That way, you’re extending an open invitation to your potential customers to identify with your characters, thus creating a strong bond that will allow them to see the benefits of your products more easily.

5 – Conversions can be boosted by animated videos

Animated videos are interesting enough to spark people’s curiosity and be watched. However, they also are great at boosting your conversions! Just like the increase in average time you get every time you embed a video on your site, you’ll also get the added bonus or a bigger average conversion (4.8%, to be exact, 1.9% more than sites without videos).

Besides, those videos are more than just eye candy. 64% of people are saying they are more prone to buying products after watching videos about those products, with 40% of mobile users saying the same thing. That takes the animated videos out of the ‘cutesy’ category to put them into the ‘selling machines’ field.

6 – Business owners agree on their great ROI

If you are like most business owners, you probably worry a lot about Return on Investment (ROI). I can’t say I blame you, though in this particular case I’d also say ‘perhaps you should go ahead and try to be more like your peers.’

Have I gone insane? I don’t think so. What I’m saying is that 52% of business owners think of videos as the content with the best ROI in marketing. They aren’t exaggerating, IMHO. But you’ll only know if you try to use them!

7 – Animated videos and social networking work perfectly together

If you’ve ever spent some time on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, then you don’t need me to tell you how much of a big deal videos are on social networks. People love to share videos that are interesting, funny or inspirational as long as they are short and to the point. This applies to animated videos for businesses too!

A study shows that 76% of users would share a company video if they found it entertaining. And what’s more entertaining than an animated video with a cool story? That huge amount of people willing to spread your word is truly priceless. You just need to step up and make a video worth watching!

8 – Emails benefit from videos too

I can’t think of a channel that doesn’t benefit from videos – even the old email marketing method gets something! The power of video is so important that just by mentioning that your email includes video on the subject, it will boost your open rate by 7 to 13%.

That’s not all. After people open your email, the click-through rate will be multiplied by 2, simply because you put a video in there (a video thumbnail, to be exact, because you can’t embed a video just yet. Still, you know which thumbnails look entertaining and sexy? The ones from animated videos!)

9 – Animated videos are perfectly recyclable

Tons of stuff can be recycled these days, even in marketing. Videos aren’t the exception. That means you can take your finished video and get various content from it to use on different channels.

Still images, funny GIFs, even whole new videos rearranging the parts. You might worry about the cost of an animated video. Don’t. There’s so much you’ll get out of it that it’ll be worth every penny.

10 – Ads work best when they are videos

People are starting to ignore or block ads. That’s because businesses got too greedy and devised all sorts of invasive ways to show their brands. Now, the only way you’ll get the attention of people with an ad is if you use videos. They can be naturally interesting and eye-catching – and they perform great too!

Just two numbers to illustrate that. For one, 76% of the total Ad Recall (the amount of people that remember an ad after watching it) is achieved in the first 10 seconds. Additionally, the click-through rate of video ads is 1.84% on average. So, on one hand, you’ll be remembered even if people don’t watch your entire video. On the other, there are more chances that people end up acting on your video’s CTA. Still don’t want to try?

11 – Mobile users love animated videos too

Everyone has a smartphone these days, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that 28% of smartphone users watch a video at least once a day. 33% of tablet users, on their part, watch at least one hour of video every day. Video consumption has uplifted its roots and is now on the go.

It’s your job to go meet it outside. Given their length, simplicity and entertainment value, animated videos are perfect for little breaks, commute hours, and waiting times. Your target audience is always plugged in – your brand should be too.

12 – Animated videos are perfect to explain your product

98% of people say they’ve watched an explainer video at one point or another to learn more about a product, service or company. That basically orders you to go make one. Now, among the many styles your explainer video can embody, animated videos are among the best.

I’ve already mentioned the main reason – their more flexible nature allows for any kind of storyline and character. But they are also easier to produce and adjust later on while their cartoony feel gives them a nostalgic vibe that can hit home for many people and remind them of their childhood in front of the TV.

13 – These videos give great insights

The secret to any successful marketing strategy is constant control and adjustment. You go out with a strategy, try it out, measure it, and come back with the results to make the necessary adjustments before going out again. That’s oh-so-very true with animated videos.

The best part is that videos provide a lot of data that makes this process a lot easier. You can identify all kinds of demographics and their behavior (when did they stop watching, how many times did they watch or share a video, if they went to a related video, etc.). The insights you can get are great for fine tuning your efforts and getting better results.


It’s true that many of these benefits can be applied to other types of videos. The SEO impact, the ROI, the people’s preference for the format – they all justify the use of any kind of video for your brand.

What makes animated videos for business so great is their flexibility when creating them, their limitless nature, and, of course, their nostalgic feel that can catch the eye of practically anyone and take him or her back to the innocent days of childhood. That strong emotional connection can tie your company to something deeply important to your audience and make them trust you and connect with you.
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