10 Reasons Why You Need an Explainer Video for Your Business, Right Now

21 March, 2018  

Yes, right now. We’re not being dramatic, we just know that having a video marketing strategy is something that’s necessary for everyone. Every business can benefit from creating an explainer video.

And after you’ve read these 10 reasons why your business needs to step up its video game, you’ll understand the urgency.  

So, why do you need a video for your business? We’ll tell you!


1. Reading vs. Watching Videos

Who would win this match? You guessed it — videos, of course. People would rather watch your explainer video, instead of reading lots of text about your brand and products.

Your audience will choose the information they want to see based on how easy it is to process it. Why? Because humans tend to avoid the tasks that are too demanding in a cognitive way (and that’s why we procrastinate too much!).

And given the fact that video content is processed 50,000 times faster than text, if you give your audience the choice between reading long chunks of text and watching an explainer video, they’ll always choose the video.

So, if you want your message to actually get into your audience’s brains, then video is your choice.

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2. Videos boost your SEO

One of the factors that is taken into account by Google for their rankings (and other search engines, like Bing or Yahoo), is the time that your visitors spend on a website.

If your audience spends more time on your website, it will send a positive message to the search engines, and it will contribute to your content appearing higher in searches.

But, what does this have to do with video content? Well, you’re 53 times more likely to show up first on Google if you have a video embedded in your site.

This is not surprising, because people prefer to watch content in the form of video, so they’re very likely to play every video that comes their way.

If you use video content in your landing page, when your audience is researching your products, they will take some time to watch it — This will increase their time spent on your website, and it will boost your rankings on search engines.

3. You get to be in the second largest search engine in the world

YouTube is one of the websites with the most traffic on the internet, it’s the biggest platform in the world, and (after Google) it’s the second largest search engine!

Confused? Well, you shouldn’t be. Think about every time you’ve entered YouTube to find educational content, “how-to” videos, or DIYs that have helped you solve a problem or teach you how to do something.

Seeing it this way, it’s actually pretty obvious why YouTube is such a big deal, and uploading video content to it becomes very important.

“How-to” searches went up a 70% in the last couple of years, so creating educational videos should be a part of your marketing strategy to improve awareness and maximize your visibility.

4. Video helps you build a strong relationship with your audience

Video content uses the power of storytelling to build trust and strong relationships with your audience. Stories are powerful enough to let your audience know that your brand understands their struggles, and that you actually know how to help them.

This is especially true when you use animated explainer videos. With animated characters and scenarios, you get to create characters that resemble your target audience (based on your buyer personas) building a sense of identification with your viewers.

Cartoon scenarios also create a nostalgic connection between your viewers and your brand — they link to the cartoons that they used to watch as children. This nostalgic connection associates your brand with positive emotions, which is the ultimate goal for any marketing video.

If you reach that kind of emotional connection with your audience, then the battle is already half won.

5. People are more likely to purchase after watching a video

… and there are many numbers that back that statement up! Let’s look at some of them.

A website that doesn’t use video content has an average conversion rate of 2.9%, but video doubles that. When websites use video, that average conversion rate grows up to 4.8%

Purchases also get higher when companies invest in video content: 65% of users say that they’re most likely to purchase online after watching a video, and 40% of mobile users show the same tendency. That’s a high percentage right there!

These numbers are really impressive, so you’re probably already in Google looking for the best video production company, right? Well, wait a hot second — let’s talk about investments.

6. Videos have the highest ROI, and the best shelf-life

We need to discuss the level of Return on Investment (ROI) that video has, because that’s the main thing business owners worry about when they make business decisions.

You’ll be glad to know that video is the type of content with the greatest ROI, according to 52% of businesses.

So, you may think that video content can be somewhat expensive, but it’s safe to assume that you’ll get your money back in just a few months — and given the extended shelf life that video content has, after the money you’ve invested returns to you, it will all be pure profit for your brand.

Besides this, video content is like a gift that keeps on giving. You can recycle video content to extend its value, by creating GIFs out of videos to share them on Twitter or create easy-to-watch how-to videos on Instagram… You can also reshuffle a video to create an entirely new one, or make up a teaser video about your company.

Videos are multi-purpose, so if you know how to recycle your video content, you’ll be increasing their value.

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7. Video content is gold for both social media and email marketing

If you’ve been paying attention to the digital world, you’re probably certain of two things in life: One, the power of email marketing is unquestionable. Two, video content is the cornerstone of every social network worth considering.

Let’s talk about email marketing first. As unquestionable as its power is, it can easily be improved by using video content. In fact, the simple inclusion of the word “video” in the subject line of your email will increase the open rate from 7 to 13%. And if you put a video thumbnail in your email’s body, the click-through rate not only increases– it gets multiplied by 2 (just make sure your emails are being sent out; you can use this guide for top bulk verification services by AccuWebHosting.com to decide which service to use)

So video content is a golden tool to use for email marketing! But as we established before, it’s also gold for social platforms.

You just have to take a look at the social giant that’s Facebook to understand how video is impacting the lives of its users. Facebook has been launching lots of new features that focus entirely on video: 360 videos, Facebook Live, Lifestage — they even bought Instagram, which is the king of short, shareable social videos!

People are looking for entertaining and shareable content, in fact, 76% of users say they’d share a company video as long as it’s entertaining. If you’re not using video on social media for your brand, then you’re falling behind.

8. They make for amazing ads

Internet users grow tired of ads constantly popping in their newsfeeds, and they tend to overlook them– if said ads can’t hold their attention effectively. Luckily for us video fans, the average click-through-rate of video ads is approximately 1.84%, which is the highest for any digital format.

Not only that. Thanks to the very nature of video, it’s a tool that’s able to grip your audience’s attention and hold onto it, and that’s why it also has the highest and quickest Ad Recall among users: 76% of total Ad Recall (the amount of people that remember the ad after watching it) can be achieved within the first 10 seconds.

So, if you want an amazing and effective ad, it’s essential that you rely on video.

9. Video is the preferred medium for mobile users

We can all agree that mobile devices have conquered the world– it’s expected that by 2020, the average number of connected devices per person will be 6.58, which makes more than 50 billion connected devices in total, most of which are mobile. That’s just impressive!

But it also means that you must keep up and create content tailored for mobile users. And if we can be sure of something, it’s that people don’t like to read that much on mobile devices. Those little screens must be taken into account, and in this context, video content works much better than text.

Actually, over half of video content is viewed on mobile, and the reason why it’s the preferred medium for mobile users is because it’s the best way to communicate a message– video fits perfectly on smaller screens and it doesn’t require that much of an effort.

And, as we discussed before in the first point of this list, between watching a video or reading long chunks of text, people always prefer video.

10. Video content is great to explain products and services

There are some concepts that need to be explained in a crystal-clear way– things like what your business does, how your product/service works and how it can help your prospects to solve their problems. For these kinds of things, text is just not enough.

And this is why explainer videos have been a necessary item in a marketer’s toolbox for quite a while now. If you want to explain a product or service, there’s nothing more effective than using an explainer video, especially an animated one.

Animated explainer videos can bring out to life any character in any situation, so they can be easily tailored for your audience and your brand’s needs. These animated characters will help in communicating fun, simple explanations to any complex subject.

You can ask the 98% of people who have watched an explainer video to learn about a product!

At Yum Yum Videos we’re aware of all the advantages of explainer videos, and we want you to learn it first-hand too. So, if you’re ready to start creating a killer explainer video for your business, drop us a line!

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