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10 Best Promotional Videos for Businesses That Really Work


Nowadays, the internet is more interactive than ever. Long gone are the days of static websites made of giant blocks of texts with the occasional image or animation. Now, if you want to grab people’s attention, your marketing strategy needs more.

That’s why video is regarded as the king of all content. It has the ability to combine several elements – text, sound, movement – and transform them into a very effective medium. A lesson most marketers and business owners know very well by now.

When it comes to digital marketing, few things can stand toe-to-toe with a well-made, engaging, video. The operative word there being well-made. Because that’s the thing about promotional videos: they can be super effective pieces of content and lead to great marketing results… if done right.

Which is precisely why we put together this list!

We’ve taken some of the best promotional videos for business marketing out there, to give you a perspective on what they accomplished, and how — hopefully inspiring an awesome video for yourself!

10 Best Promotional Videos for Businesses That Really Work

What Makes a Promotional Video Great?

As the name hints, these videos are made to showcase the benefits of a brand’s product or service, without getting too salesy. Their focus is to convey value and transmit important information to viewers without strictly asking them to buy something.

These videos are everywhere, so you have probably seen your fair share already. But what is it exactly that makes them so popular across all niches?

Let’s take a look!

  • Simplicity: These videos can explain the most complex ideas or concepts in a simple, approachable, and engaging way. Keeping the information fresh and entertaining.
  • Length: They are made to catch the viewer’s attention quickly. Within two minutes, they can make your audience understand the value and benefits behind your product, service, or brand.
  • Narrative: Driven by well-written scripts, these videos use compelling narratives that revolve around a single problem.
  • Visual Delivery: These videos come in a variety of forms – animation, 3D or live-action – But high production quality and eye-catching visuals are a constant across the board in those that stand out.
  • Professional Finish: Online, your brand and company’s reliability is measured by the quality of your content. Which is why it’s so important to use a skilled video production company to help bring your video’s vision to life.

So, now that you know what to keep an eye out for let’s jump into that list!

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10 Best Promotional Videos For Businesses That Really Work

Ok, now that we are on the same page about the basic aspects that make these videos great, let’s go over our top 10!

  • Rhombus Network
  • Microsoft Cloud
  • Fulcrum
  • Spigit
  • Amazon Go
  • Mulesoft
  • Wine Country Gift Baskets
  • Spotify
  • Old Spice
  • Picniic
  • Tripcase

Oh, and one more thing: While we deeply love animated videos, we made sure to include other types of videos as well! Just to make sure you’ll find something to get inspired by, regardless of what you are looking for right now.

Rhombus Network

Rhombus Network provides an oracle to connect your smart contract to real-world data.

Depicting complex IT solutions in clear and compelling ways is often challenging, as intricate processes and ideas are often par for the course. Rhombus’ video eases its way into the list for being a perfect example of combining meaningful animations with a tight script to clearly convey all the necessary details.

Throughout the piece, audiences are exposed to the four most important aspects of their service: That is dependable, secure, accurate, and computable. Not only is this an entertaining and informative video but also makes it look easy to boot!

Microsoft Cloud

Microsoft Cloud provides a hybrid cloud infrastructure to give businesses the freedom to operate their applications and data.

They wanted to convey that their solution is agile, flexible, and exactly what your enterprise needs to transform itself into a better version of itself.

That’s precisely what this video accomplishes. Every second of it is well-managed with a straight-forward and clever script, combined with clear and dynamic visuals. Making the end-result an entertaining and informative video.

Amazon Go

Talk about a promotional video for business innovation.

Amazon developed Amazon Go under one concept: make shopping simple. When they launched this new kind of store with no line or checkout process, they had a PR challenge ahead: To explain it to customers who knew nothing about it.

They had to introduce the revolutionary service from scratch, so they put together a great video to explain, step by step, all the important marks: How, when, and why. And, on top of that, they did it with humor and great cinematography, showing the “grab and go” tech in action.



Although a bit longer than recommended, this video is a perfect example of squeezing the juice out of a piece.

They took a kinda complex question (What’s an API?) and used it to develop a fun and educational video. What makes it even more interesting is that Mulesoft is actually an integration platform that provides agility to businesses by connecting their data, applications, and devices. And how do they do that? Yes, by using an API-led approach.

It’s clever, clear, and useful… All you look for in these videos!


When you need to cover a lot of information, there’s no better option than a whiteboard animated video. In this case, it worked perfectly for Spigit, which provides a software solution for companies to manage breakthrough ideas. By coming alive and unfolding right in front of the viewer’s eyes using beautiful animations, an otherwise abstract process becomes fun to watch, while keeping it engaging and informative. Beyond the outstanding visual design, it also comes with a charming and kind of sweet narrator that brings everything together!

Wine Country Gift Baskets


This Wine Country Gift Baskets video is centered on one essential premise: Why? That is, why should you buy their gift baskets. In only a minute, it displays a couple of customer examples, like getting a gift for your grandpa or a business client, paired with solid and clean animations. But the real gem of this video is the emotional undertone behind it. It addresses the “why” question by saying that you don’t really need an occasion to gift their product, because appreciation doesn’t require one. Lovely!


This promo video was used to launch the platform back in 2012. It displays simple animations, featuring the brand colors, no voice-over, and just a few text prompts explaining the essentials of the app. The big star here? Super rhythmic music that dictates the pacing of the whole video and plays into the core of their product. Talk about brilliant branding!. All-in-all, a thoroughly fun, engaging, and a novel kind of video.

Old Spice

 This is an old video, but people still watch it, share it, and talk about it – which only goes to show the incredible staying power of a great marketing video. It’s pretty exemplary of how to use humor to promote a product. In only 30 seconds, this video not only establishes a common desire (to smell good!), but it does it with a fun, fast-paced approach that makes it interesting and novel in and of itself. The result? It remains relevant almost ten years later, and with more than 56 million views, you can safely say it has done its job marvelously.


Picniic is an app designed to simplify your family’s everyday tasks and organization. From calendars to to-do lists, events, and meals, you get to centralized everything all in one place. And this warm video addresses those situations showcasing ease-to-use solutions through lovely animations and on-point voiceovers.

Nevertheless, what you should take from this video is how it tells the story in a relatable way, through an empathetic narrator, that sets the tone and brings familiarity to the viewer. Ultimately, it combines these elements to make viewers feel understood and give them that “aha” moment when they realize the app’s usefulness- It’s entertaining, super clear, and gives all the information needed.


Tripcase is an app to make traveling better by sorting all your trip information in one place. This video centers on a woman at the airport, about to get on a plane, and does a great job of tapping into a feeling their audience can relate to instantly: the hassle of travel.

Characterization is at the center of this vid, and the company had a clear understanding of the audience they were going for and used that knowledge to inform every aspect of it. The continuous scene showcases the usual troubles a traveler often deals with while keeping the spotlight on how the app helps her solve them. All the while keeping her cool. Why? Because she has the app.

Well, there you have it! A list of the top 10 promotional videos for businesses that really work. What did you think of them? Which one did you like the most? We know… It can be hard to choose just one since they all bring something uniquely great to the table. And that’s precisely the point!

Creating an awesome marketing video is all about finding the right recipe to bring your message to life, in clear, interesting, and innovative ways that capture your audience’s attention.

Here at Yum Yum Videos, we think the best way to accomplish that is by listening to our clients’ needs and making sure the final product addresses them. That’s why we work with exceptional dedication and attention to detail throughout the whole process, paying special attention to your feedback.

Then, we combine that feedback with the creativity and innovation our team can bring to bear, ensuring every promotional video for business marketing we work on surpass your expectations! That way, we guarantee beautiful, entertaining, and compelling pieces.

But you don’t have to take our word for it, as we are more than happy to let our work speak for us!

So, if you need help turning that great idea into a beautiful piece that helps your marketing, get in touch today!  Let’s talk it over and show you how we can help.

Wrapping Up

Using a promotional video for business marketing is a practice that keeps growing and growing, and as you can see with this list, the competition is fierce!

That’s why it’s so important to find an experienced video production company that’s actually capable of creating pieces that make an impact and stand out from the crowd. Otherwise, you risk your message getting lost among the sea of content out there.

Take the ideas and inspiration you’ve seen in these videos and use them to shape the one your business needs and find a company that helps you make it a reality!

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