Content Marketing can help you raise brand awareness, stand out from the competition and be recognized as an expert in your niche by providing your target audience with interesting and valuable content.

Joe Pulizzi from The Content Marketing Institute has compiled the 5 biggest content marketing trends that 2017 will bring and we have written a brief recap of them. Here we go!

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What Content Marketing Will Bring

More and more companies are starting to make use of content marketing to strengthen their bond with their target audiences. And the thing is that, it’s  not only important to create valuable content for marketing, but also to set up a wise promotion and distribution strategy.

Joe Pulizzi has identified these 5 key content marketing trends by talking with different companies, and has complemented this information with data extracted from the CMI annual research report “Content marketing budgets, benchmarks and trends”.

Let’s take a look at the main content marketing trends.


#1: Creation of a real content marketing strategy

Just like the author says, most companies are still focused on creating content that is product-oriented. This is a mistake. We, as marketers, have to go beyond and start producing real valuable content that is consistent, interesting and relevant to attract and retain key specific audiences. The CMI research tells us that those companies that have a documented content marketing strategy and that review it consistently are more likely to be successful.

#2: Native advertising

As we were saying in the first few paragraphs, it’s not only important to create content for marketing but also to promote it wisely. Pulizzi mentions that 5 years ago, companies were spending 80% on content creation and 20% on content promotion. This scenario is starting to change, with companies that focus on both creating and promoting content.


#3: Influencer marketing

Everyone talks about influencer marketing, many companies seem to have some kind of influencer strategy, but only a few implement a real strategy that makes sense. Influencer marketing has always been very important but, just like Pulizzi says, this topic has entered the top 5 in the last 6 months. Remember this: in 2017 take some time to work on a systematic influencer marketing strategy and learn how to create it, manage it and measure it thoroughly.

#4: Purpose-driven marketing

One of the most important things to keep in mind to get results is to have a clear goal in mind; a why. Are you creating content “just because”? Huge mistake! Ask yourself: “why am I creating content? Does it have a real impact on our customers and prospects?”. Check out this interesting video in which the comedian Michael Jr. talks about “why versus what”.

#5: Video and visual

As you might know, video is rocking the web. And it has  great power to provoke strong emotions, persuade people and encourage them to take action. Unfortunately, many companies only focus on making viral videos and forget about the wide range of possibilities that video content offers. And what is worse: they forget about setting up an organized process of creating valuable video content. Start 2017 by planning a thorough visual/video content marketing program!

We strongly recommend that you go over this article so that you can fully understand why video is such an important part of every content marketing strategy.

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