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When Is It A Good Idea To Use A Motion Graphics Explainer Video?

Do you need to pass out complex ideas or abstract concepts, and you’re not sure about what explainer video style you should pick out? Today you’re going home with the answer in your pocket: an amazing style that is just stunning from a visual point of view, and highly effective from a marketing point of view 🙂 We’re talking about motion graphics! Learn why this explainer video style is one of the best techniques to synthesize an idea and how engaging it can be to help you maximize your marketing efforts. Enjoy the reading!

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The Basics

So far, you’re probably aware of the amazing power video content has for your marketing strategy. Animated marketing videos, in particular, are a very interesting resource to pass out your business idea in a fast, simple, and engaging way. And, among the different explainer video styles, motion graphics stand out as one of the most popular style. Check out this video so you can have a better understanding of the different animated explainer video styles and their traits:

Historically, graphic design has always been used to explain things visually and to solve communication problems, like explaining a complex idea in a very simple way. Of course, we’re still using graphic design in today’s world but we also have the chance to enhance it with the most modern techniques, like video animation. And guess what? That’s when motion graphics come in handy!

Basically, this style is about graphic design in motion. And, true to its essence, they are perfect to explain complex ideas in a very simple and straightforward way. Just watch this example to get in the mood:

Motion Graphics: Key Features

So far, you know that motion graphics is a great video style to deliver complex or abstract concepts. But besides that, what makes this style so different from others? Let’s dive into their main features and characteristics, so you get the big picture.

  • It’s one of the most sophisticated and elegant explainer video styles.
  • It’s also a little bit more formal than other techniques.
  • It combines colorful graphics in an educational but also very attractive way.
  • It has an amazing synthesis power, so it’s great for passing out numbers, statistics, categories and specific facts (all of these could be harder to transmit if you use other styles).
  • It has the ability to turn boring information and data into the most appealing and engaging content.

One Of The Best Explainer Video Styles

Besides its amazing features, we want to summarize 3 key benefits that make motion graphics stand out from the rest of the styles.

#1. Great visual power

As you may know, marketers are using more and more visuals to communicate their messages and synthesize their ideas. Keep in mind that we are all visual learners: drawings, diagrams, designs, charts and any other kind of resource helps us understand any kind of concept assimilate them pretty quickly and remember them in the future (visual content is highly engaging, appealing and also memorable). So imagine how powerful video content mixed with graphics and designs in motion can be! Motion graphics gets the most out of visual learning and helps you get to your audience with compelling and enticing content.

#2. Designs that come alive

Remember that motion graphics content is not only about designs, we have to go one step further…it’s about animation too! Motion graphics explainer videos get the most out of animation techniques to make designs really come to life. One of the best advantages of these videos is that they give you the possibility to pass out any complex business idea by making use of graphic elements in motion. This means you will make your audience understand what your product is about in a just a matter of seconds!

#3. Merge with other explainer video styles

Motion graphics can lack that human or emotional approach that other video styles can have. But that’s not a problem at all! Motion graphics can be easily merged with other animation techniques to get the most out the two approaches. Hence, if your company needs a more warm approach, maybe you want to include some cute and nice animated characters that make your target audience feel connected with to enhance engagement, or maybe you want to “tell a story” besides passing out some of those specific figures and stats. You have different possibilities to merge motion graphics with other explainer video styles, but we’ll talk about that later 😉

When You Should Use A Motion Graphics Video

Now you have a lot of information on hand. Despite this, maybe you still have some doubts on whether this is the right animated marketing video style for your company. Take a few minutes to review these bullets and analyze if it would be a good fit for you.

  • Does your company have a “serious” or “professional” image?

If you sell a product / service that has a more “professional” profile and you want to reinforce that image through video marketing, then consider making a motion graphics video.

  • Do you want to provide your video with a more elegant and sophisticated style?

Then develop a motion graphics video: this is one of the most “formal” explainer video styles and it doesn’t lose its visual appeal. It will definitely bring some particular seriousness that other marketing videos may lack.

  • Do you need to convey abstract or complex concepts or ideas, and do so in a fancier and more appealing way?

If you need to pass out numbers, facts, statistics, or any other data that could be harder to digest without making use of animated designs and graphics, go with a motion graphics video.

  • Do you need to synthesize concepts in an educational and attractive way?

If an image is worth a thousand words, imagine the huge power pictures in motion may have! Motion graphics videos have a terrific synthesis power and give you the chance to combine colorful graphics in an educational and charming way to convey any kind of concept.

  • Do you have a B2B company, or even a B2C company that is more related to “hard data”? (such as a financial company, IT solutions, or a computer software company)

If that’s your case, both B2C or B2B companies, go with motion graphics. It will definitely help you deliver your message in a very straightforward and understandable way, without losing engagement.

Combining Motion Graphics With Other Explainer Video Styles

Your marketing video doesn’t need to be “100% motion graphics”. Remember we said that one of the best benefits of this style is its great versatility: it can be easily merged with other animation techniques to get the most out of the two worlds. Let me give you some examples:

Motion graphics combined with Live Action

Live action may have some limitations, but if you mix it with some design in motion, your imagination is the limit! By mixing motion graphics and live action you can transmit ideas or concepts that could be impossible to pass out using Live Action solely. This is a good example we developed for Stocks In Value:

Motion graphics combined with character animation

Motion graphics has an amazing synthesis power but they also may lack that special human touch many companies also need. Adding some cute and funny characters may be a great move to make your video even more attractive and engaging. Check out this cool example:

Motion graphics combined with whiteboard video

In every high quality whiteboard video there will be a Motion Graphics specialist behind it to make all the camera movements, graphics, hand animations and the rest of the elements look just great. Remember that most whiteboard video productions are made digitally. So, even if you don’t notice it, any high quality whiteboard video will have motion graphics applied to it. Check out how motion graphics have been applied to this whiteboard animation:

At Yum Yum we have developed many different explainer videos for every kind of company. So if you now feel ready to develop your own marketing video, get in touch with us and we´ll help you decide what the best style of video for your business is.


Today you have learned what this specific technique is all about and how you can use it to attract your audience with a simple but engaging message. Also, we’ve seen the amazing features and benefits this style offers and how (both B2C and B2B companies) can leverage its huge synthesis power to transmit any kind of concept in just a few seconds. We’ve also shared some strong arguments on why this is one of the best explainer video styles out there in the market and have shown you how you can merge it with other styles to maximize its effectiveness. Now you’re fully ready to develop your next motion graphics video that can complement your content strategy!

Drop us a line!

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When Is It A Good Idea To Use A Cartoon Animation Explainer Video?

You’ve probably heard about the amazing engaging power video content has. But did you know that Cartoon Animation Explainer Video are a fantastic resource to enhance the bond with your audience even more? (and, what’s better, they help you achieve your marketing goals and maximize your ROI). Join us in this reading and learn when you should pick out this cool -and also effective explainer video style. Also, get ready to access some killer tips to make a stunning cartoon video that rocks the web. Let’s get started.

Cartoon Animation Explainer Video

awareness - how to improve your marketing

The Most Popular Style

In video marketing, you have lots of possibilities to get to your audience’s attention in a persuasive and memorable way. Of course, depending on your marketing goals and the stage of the buyer’s journey your prospect is in, you could choose to develop a testimonial video, a how-to video, an about us videos, an explainer video, or any other type.

Animated marketing videos, in particular, are a great opportunity to pass out your business idea in a simple, quick and catchy way. And cartoon animation videos stand out as one of the most popular types among the different explainer video styles. They are created to bring out emotion and personality to your brand while quickly grabbing your audience’s attention. In this explainer video style, the storytelling technique plays a key role: the main character (which represents your buyer persona) solves their problem with the help of your product. It’s the characters that make the story “unfold”!

Check out this cool example of cartoon animation, to get in the mood:

The Importance Of Animated Characters

The question is: why is cartoon animation one of the favorite explainer videos styles among marketers? The secret is in their essence: the animated characters.

From a general point of view, animated cartoons let you “humanize” your brand like no other type of video can do. Not sure what we mean? Check out some key features (and benefits) that animated characters have:

  • Nostalgia:

Animated characters bring back those great memories from our childhood. All positive memories: fun, joy, freedom, amusement,… what could be better than delivering your marketing message by using such lovable resources? You will then be making your audience feel really comfortable while you show them how your product can make their lives easier.

  • Customization:

Animated characters can be fully customized in order to optimize your marketing results. By crafting the characters of your video having your target audience in mind (age, gender, style, how they behave, how they look, etc.) you can make them feel emotionally closer to the story you’re telling. They will feel represented by those characters and assume that the video was specially made for them.

Cartoon Animation Explainer Videos

  • Flexibility:

Animated characters can be used both for B2C and B2B companies. For B2C companies, they are great as they give the possibility to enhance the emotional connection with the audience (this is, the chance to connect with real people with real emotions). In the case of B2B companies, animated characters bring that special human/personal approach that is harder to find in this type of business. It’s also possible to trigger emotions in B2B companies!

  • Promotion:

Another great ability of animated characters is that they help you promote your brand in quite a “natural” way: people tend to become fans of animated characters, just like (we bet!) you did with Spiderman or Scooby Doo when you were a kid. And the audience gets so emotionally close to those characters that the chances that they will spontaneously share the video increase greatly.

Explainer Video promotion

  • Versatility:

Character animation videos can be merged with other types of explainer videos styles to get greater results. You can mix cartoon animation with motion graphics, or mix it with whiteboard animation (and get the most out of the two worlds).

Why Do Explainer Videos Use Animated Characters?

Well…at this point you might be asking yourself: “what’s so special about animated characters? why are they so effective and widely loved? why do they maximize the engaging power of explainer videos?” And here we have some good arguments to share with you.

  • Empathy

Animated characters generate strong empathy from viewers, who end up feeling the happiness, anxiety or sorrow that the character on screen is experiencing (depending on the content of the video). Empathy is a must to get people involved in the story and encourage them to wait for more information (by generating curiosity). By using animated characters you will be generating some kind of empathy in your audience: the viewer will then be eager to know how the character on screen solves their problems. And this type of identification will be of great help to achieve your marketing goals. Trust us!

Explainer Video engagement

Tip: don’t miss this blog post in which we explore in detail the relationship between emotions and video marketing.

  • Identification

If people see on screen that the characters look like them (in terms of characteristics, behaviours and attitudes) they will feel instantly identified with (or represented by) them. This will make your video much more attractive, engaging and memorable. And, what’s better, this will generate trust towards your brand: your audience will feel that you have a true interest in solving their problems (you understand exactly what they need and you’re trying to offer a proper solution….)

  • Humor

Adding some humor to your video can be a great resource to increase engagement. And animated characters are your key ally in this sense. This way, you will make your video not only highly entertaining but also memorable. You have a wide range of possibilities: unbelievable scenarios, crazy metaphors, ridiculous or unimaginable circumstances, and even more! This way you will be able to explain any kind of concept while also making your viewers have fun, a great combination! Remember that you don’t need to be necessarily realistic: just get creative and surprise your audience! Have you ever imagined a ninja-marketer? Well…we did! 🙂 This video speaks for itself…

Again: the great thing about cartoon animation explainer videos is that you don’t have the limitations that you may find in a recorded video. The key is letting your imagination flow!

When Should You Use a Cartoon Animation Explainer Video?

So far, we have seen stunning character animations and have explored the amazing benefits of this style. But maybe you still have doubts on whether it is the right style for your next marketing video.

explainer video production

As some kind of recap of what we have seen so far, consider making a cartoon animation marketing video if you:

  • want to make your video super short (under 90 seconds): cartoon animation allows you to deliver your message pretty fast.
  • want to bring your brand a more personal / human approach.
  • want to make people laugh. This style gives you the chance to add a good dose of humor without being so exposed as you would be if other “fun touches” failed in other types of marketing videos.

Maximizing The Effectiveness Of Your Cartoon Animation Explainer Video

So, if you have made up your mind and want to start working on a cartoon animation explainer video…what should you bear in mind to make it highly effective? These tips might help!

  • Fully Custom

By developing a cartoon animation explainer video that is tailored to your audience you will generate a strong connection and empathy. This will help you boost engagement and build trust towards your brand. Go over these tips to learn how you can fully customize your marketing video!

Cartoon Animation Explainer Video Production

  • High Quality

Make sure you hire a professional and talented team that gives the best quality to every single stage of the video production process. This is the only way you will be able to get the best results. We have compiled some key recommendations in our eBook called “How to choose the right explainer video company”.

  • Good Direction

Talking about the production team…the Art Director will play a key role too, as he will be in charge of defining the funny scenes, the creative metaphors and every single element that makes the story stand out.

  • Brand Colors

The psychology of color has a huge impact in your marketing and branding strategies. And if you apply the colors of your brand palette to your video you will make it easier for your audience to identify (and also remember) who is behind that unique selling proposition. Just look how Gigtown applied the orange in their animated marketing video to meet their brand’s guidelines.

  • The Right Length

Your cartoon video should be the right length: not too long, not too short. We always recommend that explainer videos should be between 60 and 90 seconds. That’s the ideal length to pass out your key messages while keeping your audience’s attention. Don’t miss these tips on the ideal length marketing videos should have!

  • A Professional Voice-Over

Make sure you choose a professional voice over talent that is also a native speaker of the language of your target audience. This will give your video a specific personality and will make it more professional and credible.

Why not chat with us?

At Yum Yum, we have wide experience in developing cartoon animation explainer videos. And we work to get the best results: focus, an eye on the details and a talented team that works synergically to achieve the marketing results you’re looking for. Just as a reference, check out the best 10 character explainer videos we have developed so far. If you feel like doing something like this, drop us a line and we’ll be glad to help!

Yum Yum Videos


Cartoon animation explainer videos stand out as one of the most popular animated marketing video styles out there. They offer amazing benefits no matter if you have a B2C or a B2B company. Additionally, they are a highly versatile and flexible style that can be merged with other techniques to optimize your marketing results. But hey…don’t forget to follow some basic guidelines to make your video highly engaging and memorable.

We hope these tips have helped!

Finally, we invite you to surf our Video Marketing Resources section in which you will find a bunch of eBooks, infographics, slides and data around the video marketing world. Enjoy it!

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the buyer's journey

Types of Video Content for the Buyer's Journey

When planning video content for your marketing strategy, you must do it in a smart way.

This means knowing exactly which types of video content will work for your brand and your customers, and when you should use them to get the best results.

There are lots of different types of video content, and it may be tricky to understand which ones are effective for your brand, and which ones aren’t The trick here is to identify your audience and understand them, and what they really need.

You can do this by tracing a clear path of your buyer’s journey, and identifying exactly which types of video content work the best for each stage of it.

how to use video for inbound marketing

Keep in mind that, to succeed, your video content must be interesting, engaging and of great quality. But also it has to be delivered at the right moment.

Let me show you how! First, let’s talk about the buyer’s journey.

What’s the Buyer’s Journey?

The Buyer’s Journey is the active process your customers go through in order to buy a product or service: from the moment they realize they have a problem, to the final purchase.

It starts when your prospects realize that they are in need, somehow (they have a problem, or a question), and they start researching for answers.

As marketers, our job is to approach the buyer’s journey by focusing on solving our buyer’s problems. By creating great quality video content focused on that…

  • You’ll help viewers recognize their problems
  • Educate them with different solutions and provide expertise
  • And nurture them down the path of buying your product or service

But… why Video?

Because video content is the future (and the present!) of online marketing.

Recent statistics show that 90% of viewers say that videos are helpful in the decision process, and also one minute of video is the equivalent of 1.8 million words!

Yes, you read that right. Video is the golden tool of digital marketing right now, as is one of the most engaging and powerful types of content out there.

So, it’s time to join the club. Having good video content is important, because video is here to stay. But what’s also important is to know which types of video to use and when to use them, and here is when the three stages of the buyer’s journey come into play.

Three Stages of the Journey

Even though possible buyers may follow a slightly different route, they all encounter the same three stages of the buyer’s journey– awareness, consideration and decision. Your job, as a marketer, is to give your prospects the “fuel” they need to move through these three stages successfully, moving them towards the purchase.

The way to do this is through great quality video content.


The first stage of the buyer’s journey is the awareness stage. During this stage, your prospects are starting to understand that they have a problem that needs to be solved.

They’ve come to you looking for answers, they’re trying to solve a problem or meet a need. Right now, there’s no guarantee that they’ll end up buying from you. But if your prospects find your video content useful and interesting, they will be looking to advance with your sales funnel.

Your job is to provide this useful video content and keep them engaged, to help them go through to the next stage.

There are some types of video that will work better than others.

  • Commercial Ads

If your goal is to engage your future customers, then a commercial ad is your way to go. These are videos that share your brand spirit and values with your leads. They use an engaging story and they’re great to create a good first impression.

Let me show you an example.

  • Educational Videos

People love to learn new things, especially now that they’re at the beginning of their buyer’s journey and they’re looking for information that will solve their problems.

Educational videos are helpful and easily shareable, and it’s so easy to make them fun, too. For example, you could make an animated video, like this one:


In the second stage of the buyer’s journey, the consideration stage, your prospects are now aware of their problems. During the awareness stage you’ve used video to make them realize that they’re in need of a solution; now, in the consideration stage, your job is to show them why your products are the best solution.

This stage is, mainly, a point of extended engagement. Right now, it’s the moment to nurture your leads and build trust.

  • Explainer Videos

What is an explainer video? It’s a video that introduces your prospects to your brand and your product and lets them know why they need you, in just a few seconds.

They don’t just explain ideas– they make them interesting and easy to understand. Animated explainer videos are great to simplify a complex concept, because they’ll bring focus to what’s important and make it light and fun to watch.

There are various types of explainer videos, like:

  1. Whiteboard Animation Videos

A whiteboard animated video tells a story using drawings on a whiteboard. It has three basic elements: the white background, a continuous black drawing and a hand.

A great-quality whiteboard video can be really entertaining. Let me show you an example!

  1. Motion Graphics Videos

Motion Graphics are a great synthesis tool to explain any complex product or service. It’s a more sophisticated and elegant style of explainer video, but at the same time, it uses colorful graphics in an educational way.

  1. Cartoon Marketing Videos

With the use of humor and good quality animation, cartoon marketing videos are great for explaining your business idea to your customers.

They’re not only very engaging, but they also make your audience identify with your animated characters very quickly.

  1. Product Videos

Product videos are a great way to tell your prospects how great your products are and show them in action. It can be a live action video, but also a nice animation can be really interesting; or, if your product is a digital one, you can use a screencast video. Watch this example:

  1. How-to Videos

How-To videos are great to answer your customer’s questions, in a fun, entertaining way. Use them as a chance to educate your audience, and be a helpful resource for them.

Let me show you an example!


Oh, the moment of truth! The decision stage is the moment in which your prospects will be, finally, making the actual purchase decision. They’re ready to buy, but this brings up one big question: will they buy from your brand?

In most cases, what your prospects are lacking at this stage is just a final push in the right direction (your product’s direction!). You can do this by delivering the right kind of video content.

  • About your Brand

About Us videos give you the chance to build trust with your prospects, showing them who you are, who your brand really is and what it stands for.

  • Testimonials and Case Studies

Testimonial videos and case studies help your prospects connect with your brand’s advocates, increasing their confidence about the product that you’re offering them.

Sometimes, prospects need some form of validation from others before making the decision to buy a product, and with testimonials, you’re giving them exactly that.

Remember, these videos have to be authentic: use real customers, with real and valuable stories to share. If you want some examples, visit our Testimonials page!

After the Buyer’s Journey: Delight Stage

Let’s call the Delight stage a “non-official” part of the journey, but still an important one. What happens after you land a sale?

Well, if your customers had a positive experience with their purchase, they might not need so much convincing for coming back; but you still need to provide enough value so they want to return.

Video updates for your customers are an interesting tool to achieve this. If your buyers are engaged, they’re probably following your brand’s social media accounts, so use this in your favor. Whenever you have a new product or service, announce it with video!

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Let’s recap

All this means that you can’t be thinking about video content like a “one-size-fits-all” kind of thing.

Video content must be tailored especially for your customer’s needs, and these needs are not the same in every stage of the buyer’s journey.

So, if you really want to be successful with your video content, you must learn which types of video to use in every one of the three stages (awareness, consideration and decision). And after your customer passed all of the stages, you can still use video content to ensure customer retention.

Remember! If you want your videos to work at their best, they need to be of high quality, and also fun and entertaining.

If you’d like to know more about how to boost your marketing campaign using video, take a look at our free infographic, you’ll find it very useful! Also, if you’d like some help creating the best video for your buyer’s journey, let’s chat!

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