7 Myths About Working With an Explainer Video Company Abroad

Your online hunt for the perfect explainer video company was looking promising. You learned about the benefits of working with a company abroad. You read about the work process of modern agencies that serve brands around the world. You were already excited about how your company video was going to look (and cost). But you came across certain warnings that set off your alarms.


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It was bound to happen. Negative experiences, lack of knowledge about work methods, or simple animosity against companies that aren’t from the US all come together to warn you to stay off that path. That’s how many myths about working with foreign companies were born. The thing is: once you take the time to look deeper, you will find that many of them are just that – myths with no relation to reality.

At Yum Yum Videos we’ve been working with remote clients for quite a while and we’ve heard it all. That’s why we want to save you from the confusion. Here’s a list of the most common myths people believe when considering video development companies from abroad.

#1. It’s impossible to keep a good communication line with someone working abroad

One of the biggest concerns when we meet with clients for the first time is communication. You already know that any successful project relies on a great communication strategy between all the members involved. Corporate animated videos aren’t an exception. So, how can you expect to work well with someone that’s in another country?

I can see that fear being valid a decade ago, when the Internet wasn’t as evolved as it is now. Today, however, there are numerous tools that can keep the communication flowing smoothly. Collaboration platforms, video calling software, broadband connections – they all team up to bring a new way of working remotely, making it easier for people from all over the world to create something awesome together.


The remote gap has been bridged so effectively that even if you hire a company from your own city, you might end up having a meeting to discuss details through Skype or Facetime. It’s how the world works now! In light of that, it really doesn’t matter if you work with a team in Los Angeles, Berlin or Buenos Aires. There’s one thing you should keep in mind though, which brings us to the following myth.

#2. Different time zones will surely end up with scheduling issues

How are you supposed to arrange meetings at convenient times for you and your staff if the video company lives in a whole different time zone? You can imagine that when you’re just getting to work, some of the video professionals are already leaving or worse – sleeping! Time zones that are radically different can lead to delays in important communication or in meeting cancellations or postponements. You can’t afford that!

While this might hold some truth for considerable time zone differences (such as New York and Sydney), it isn’t applicable at all when working with companies from countries with slightly different ones. Perhaps not even Europe is right for you but there are plenty of companies south of the border in countries like Argentina (which, incidentally, has a very similar time zone to the ones used in the USA).

So, this myth can’t be applied to all video companies from abroad, really. It’s just a lazy way to dismiss some serious candidates for helping you create memorable whiteboard videos, commercials, testimonials and animated videos. Time zones should be considered, sure, but if you pick your alternatives carefully, it’s just a small and rather easily solvable issue.
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#3. Video companies from abroad can’t compete with the quality of US agencies

Some people like to think that no one can beat the United States professionals when it comes to creating high quality videos. The combination of a well-developed industry, highly skilled professionals and years of experience surely gives the American industry a certain edge and an undeniable quality. But the video companies from abroad have evolved so much that they are now neck to neck with their US counterparts.

This is especially true in the explainer video industry. Many companies have made their way to the top by providing extraordinary services at a very affordable price. That way, they made themselves a name and can compete with anyone from the States. You don’t have to believe me if you don’t want to. Hubspot has made a selection of the best explainer videos out there and picked one made by Yum Yum Videos to top that list.

As you can see, the high quality is undeniable. In fact, I’d bet that if I didn’t tell you that the animated explainer video above was made by a non-American company, you wouldn’t even have noticed. That’s possible because of the evolution made by the industry abroad and the possibility to work remotely with members from all over the world that bring that extra something needed to stand out.

#4. The language barrier will bring trouble at one point or another

I’ve said above that, given the time zone differences, the best thing you can do is look for companies that are located in one similar to the one you’re in. But what happens if the only countries eligible according to that condition are ones that don’t have English as an official language? Some people might be tempted to point out that, no matter their English level, this will bring out some problems at some point during development.

They can say that there will be miscommunications, that video voice overs won’t sound natural or that the script won’t be appealing to your audience, simply because it was thought of and developed in a different language. Working with a professional video company, however, will save you from all those concerns.

If you work with a team of video experts like Yum Yum Videos, then you’ll work with professionals that have an advanced level of English, so there will be no problems with communications. That’s because companies from abroad have a global audience in mind when marketing their services. And since everyone is speaking English on the Web, then company members MUST speak it too (and fluently, I might add).

That’s not all. To avoid an unnatural English feel in the final videos, video companies work with talent from the US itself. That way, the phases where English needs to be perfect are developed by native voice over talents that make it all sound perfect for their target audiences. Only the most technical aspects (such as animating the characters or editing the video) are done by foreign collaborators.

Watch this cool example:

#5. Foreign companies don’t know your target audience

If you are in the US, you might feel tempted to hire an American video company, simply because they understand your audience. What does a foreigner know about the US, your company and how it relates to the public?

That’s a very important point, one that corporate video companies have addressed a while ago. What solution did we find? The help of the local talent I’ve mentioned above. It’s more than just a language thing – people native from your country know the details of everyday life and language and can imprint it into the final work.

Particularly, we have that consideration embedded right into our production process. You won’t just meet with our production team to explain your needs to us. You’ll also meet with the script writer in charge of delivering your message through the explainer video. That way, you’ll be sure the video developers understand you and know what you want to say to your audience. Want more details about how we work? Watch the following video.
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#6. Video companies from abroad don’t have enough experience

You may think that, even if all of the above is right, US-based companies are simply more experienced. You could be thinking that companies from the rest of the world have been playing catch up with American companies. Thus, the experience you can get from the former can’t be compared with what the latter can provide. Well, that’s simply not true.

There are thousands of companies around the world that have been working in the video industry for years. Companies that have focused on different styles and that have brought a fresh focus to the table. Agencies that have worked with brands from all over the globe and that have developed a strong and unique way of understanding what an explainer video can actually be like.

Hey, don’t take my word for it. Do some research, check out their portfolios, watch their testimonials. You’ll see that foreign companies are serious contenders to American video companies with strong backgrounds and experiences that include giants across all industries. This is a myth that’s easy to debunk – just take a look at some of explainer videos made by these companies and you’ll see that experience becomes evident in each one of them.

In the meanwhile you can check one of our testimonials:

#7. You won’t save that much by hiring a video company from abroad

An explainer video seems like a fairly ‘simple’ project to tackle. A 90-second video that explains the value of your brand can’t be that hard to create, right? Many people believe so, and that’s why they think that there isn’t much money you could save while creating one. Unfortunately for them, this whole approach is wrong.

The greatest explainer videos need a lot of work and attention to detail, something only the best video companies can give you. Writing the script, animating the whole thing, recording the voiceover – it’s all part of a complex process that takes time and effort to get right. And time, as you already know, costs money. That’s why premium US-based companies are charging between $15,000 and $20,000 for a high quality 90-sec video.

Want to know how much Yum Yum Videos is charging for the same type of content? Between $6,000 and $8,000 – that’s less than half! Considering that you can save that much without losing quality in the final product, I’d say you have to entertain the idea (to say the least) of hiring a company like ours.

Now that you know all of this, there are two possible roads for you to take: you keep believing all this nonsense and discard companies from abroad just because, or you understand that those companies can be the perfect fit for you. Your corporate video is waiting for you to make a decision. Which one will you choose?

Need help with this decision? Perhaps our free ebook ‘How to Choose the Right Explainer Video Company for your Business’ can lend you a hand.


how to choose the right explainer video company

customer testimonial

Why Do You Need A Testimonial Video?

Your brand needs a Testimonial Video. Why? Because your brand is amazing! Your product is the best one in the market. Of course, you’re sure of it, and we trust you!

But what about your prospects? Hm, maybe they don’t know it yet.

This is of course, a problem. You need your customers to believe that your product is the best option that they can find.  This is where testimonials come into play.

customer testimonial

Testimonials will provide evidence that your brand and product actually work as promised: it solves your customer’s’ problems, and they’ll tell others everything about it!

Actually, customer testimonials are considered the most effective type of marketing content right now. 88% of people trust online reviews by other customers just as much as they’d trust a recommendation from a friend.

But just a text testimonial won’t be enough. Of course, they may be better than nothing, but in fact, video testimonials are much more useful.

Your viewers will feel more willing to believe a testimonial if they’re watching a real person telling their story. Text testimonials are easier to fake, this means, they’re harder to believe.

But video testimonials are more human and real, and they actually create a connection.

Video Testimonials: What are they? Why do you need one?

When your prospects are about to make a purchase decision, they’re considering different options.

What you need, of course, is for your audience to choose the option you’re offering them! But how can you do this?

You have to prove the value of your product. Your potential customers are doing research, and they need to know why your product or service will be a better option than the others they’re considering. But, of course, they might be skeptical, or not willing to trust you right away.

To prove the value of your product, it’s not enough that you just say it’s great. Your prospects will trust their peers more than anyone else! So, how about letting your happy customers do the talking?

Your testimonial video will be a platform to show how others have benefited from your product, and this way you’ll be encouraging possible buyers to take action.

Testimonial videos in your buyer’s journey

The buyer’s journey is the name of every step your customers take, from the moment they realize they have a problem, to the moment they make a purchase (to solve that problem).

During this three-staged journey, your customers have different needs. Your goal is to deliver the best video content for every stage, and cover those needs.

Providing the video content that your prospects are looking for translates into an effective inbound marketing strategy! 

If you don’t know what is Inbound Marketing, don’t worry! Watch this cool video so you have a clear picture of it:

Not every video works for every stage, and video testimonials are a great example of that. Testimonials work perfectly for the final stage of your buyer’s journey, which is the decision stage.

Why? Because during this stage your customers are almost ready to make a purchase decision, but they need some final help from you, to make the right choice.

Video testimonials do exactly that. These videos work as a way to build brand trust; and they’re also an important validation, to your prospects, from their peers.

(You might find this interesting: How to close sales using online video)

The perfect testimonial video

Brand trust, validation, online presence, improving SEO… The “pros” on this list are endless! But, if you want your video testimonial to work, then it must be done the right way. Let’s look at some tips!

#1. Real people, natural responses

You want your video to be relatable and authentic. The key for this is to make it real: nobody will believe a robotic response or a staged opinion.

If you want to get lasting results, you want real people sharing their real thoughts and experiences. This is what you need to generate a connection with  your viewers and give your video a “special touch” that will make it credible, enjoyable and human.

#2. Lay out the structure for your video

With your customer testimonial video, just like any other marketing video, you need to lay out a structure first. This could mean a full storyboard or a general sketch of the takes you need and the order they will be put in.

Organization is important. By planning the structure in advance you’ll be able to film some insert takes as an example of what’s being said during the interview.

(Pst, we have a free slide for you, if you want to get a deeper look at the video production process!)

#3. Give  context to your video

Are you shooting the video inside of a building? An office in China? On Mars? Give some context to your viewers.

Context will add a new layer of meaning and credibility to your interviewees and your video. This is why it’s important to add some takes that show a geographic location, or the specific place in which your video is taking place.

Look at this example! You’ll see this in action:

#4. Prepare your questions in advance, but remember, it’s a conversation!

The time that you have to interview your clients is limited. You’ll probably only have one chance to interview them, because they’re investing time in helping you! So, you need to make the most of the time you have with them.

How do you do this? By preparing your questions beforehand. This will help you get all the information you need to create the best video testimonial.

But, remember, don’t be tied to those questions. The way to do it is to have a conversation with your clients — listen to the answers they give you, so you can ask follow up questions that might be useful too.

#5. Send the questions to your interviewee

You want your clients to be prepared for the points that will be covered in your video. One way to do this is to send a question list, but in that case they might be tempted to practice too much, and maybe it will sound robotic!

To avoid this, it’s better to send to them a general idea of the topics that you’ll be discussing, so they can prepare accordingly, but not excessively.

#6. Let them have time to elaborate on the answers

As I said before, you only have one chance with them on camera! So, let them speak, let the interview become a conversation. It’s better to have extra information than to have too little (you can always edit that later!).

#7. Include key pain points

So, remember we were talking about how your viewers should feel connected with your clients? It starts by including key pain points in the dialogue. Your prospects want to know if these past clients were having the same struggles as them, and if they found a solution with your product.

Create a connection between your brand, your clients and your viewers, by letting your viewers feel like they could be the ones talking to the camera!

Look at this testimonial. Wouldn’t you feel connected with them  too?

#8. Edit wisely

If you have let your interview become a conversation, and gave your clients time to elaborate their answers then you probably have a lot of footage. Great! You’ve got raw material to edit. But you need to edit wisely:

  • Stay true to what your interviewee has said
  • Use editing to give the video a good rhythm
  • Make your video brief but powerful: remember to keep it  the correct length for web usage

After the testimonial: Promote your video!

You have the best customer testimonial video, now what? It’s time to promote it!

First of all, compile all of these videos in a testimonial page in your website. After you’ve done this, share your videos: send the testimonial to your featured customers, and also your other customers if you think they might be interested!

Remember to include a link to your testimonial page in your homepage and “About Us” page; and make it easy to find, remember that it can play a big part in your inbound marketing strategy.

To boost this inbound marketing power, remember to add an extract or summary of the video, including some of your main keywords and pain points. This will improve your SEO ranking, so you can attract more clients in an organic way.

Let’s review!

Testimonial videos are your way to go, when you’re looking to gain credibility and build brand trust. This is because your prospects are most likely to believe a customer just like them, instead of just self-promotion from your brand.

To make a great video testimonial, you should aim for natural responses and real clients with real experiences. Also, you should plan everything ahead of time, create a storyboard and a list of the questions you want to ask your customers.

One important thing you must remember, is that your video has to be always of the best quality. If your video is not high-quality, your credibility will suffer, and that’s exactly what you don’t want! So the best thing you can do is to hire a professional team to help you with that.

At Yum Yum Videos, we know how important it is to have a great and professional team, and our clients know this! So, if you want to make the best testimonial video for your brand, let’s talk! We’re always ready to help you.


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The Art of Building Brand Trust: Customer Testimonials

We want you! To build brand trust (with customer testimonial videos), that is. That’s why at Yum Yum Videos we frequently share new blog posts about how videos can help your brand become reliable and truthful to your target audience.


awareness - how to improve your marketing

Customer testimonials are a great way to help your brand build trust. The reasons are simple! People trust other customer’s opinions because:

  • They are uninterested: They have no sales intention because they are unrelated to the brand.
  • They come from a point of view that is relatable to theirs: Other customers usually went through the same buyer’s journey as your leads , so hearing what they have to say after the deal was closed is definitely helpful!

Take a look at Google Maps’ Business View testimonial video to see what we mean:

Because they are directed to potential customers that are already aware of their problem, have been looking for a solution and are informed about different options, customer testimonials help best during the decision stage of the buyer’s journey.

Yummy reminder: At this point, people will want assurance on the notion that you are the best solution available to their problem, so your efforts must be directed towards that goal.

That’s why happy clients deliver lots of trust! See the confidence Phelps shows about having worked with us in this testimonial video.

How to Make a Killer Customer Testimonial Video

There are some tips you can take into account to ensure the best possible result throughout each stage of your testimonial video.


Be ready for the big moment! Before you record your video:

  • Write a questionnaire: include exactly what you want to know about your customer’s experience with your brand. You can start asking open questions and then guide your interviewee to narrower ones.
  • Send it to your client: make sure they get it and have an appropriate amount time to read it beforehand. It will calm their anxiety and make it easier the day you record your video.
  • Get the right equipment: lights and cameras are important! Be sure to choose a quiet and nice space to record your video and plan your lighting accordingly.


The Recording Session

  • Hire a professional: A recording session can be exhausting and not deliver the right results if someone who doesn’t know much about handling a camera takes charge. It is best that a pro cameraman handles the pro equipment!
  • Watch the noise: Make sure you don’t have much ambient noise when recording your video. In order for your testimonial to be professional, it must look and sound tidy and be easy to understand.

Editing Your Testimonial Video

  • Edit subtly: Some videos can profit a lot from rigorous edition, but not customer testimonial videos. If you cut it too much, it might look like it was set-up or you want to cut specific parts out of convenience. Keep it casual!
  • Add some blitz: You can add questions as text intertitles or use lower thirds to mention the name of your customers. These details will make your video look pro and will add variety to your visuals.
  • Keep it branded: Your brand can be present throughout the testimonial video in subtle ways, such as using the correct type for texts, applying the colors in your brand palette and adding your logo at the end.

See what a pro customer testimonial video looks like when it’s done!

Now that you have your video, you can add it to your decision stage marketing to boost your sales. If you do so, tell us what you think about your experience! At Yum Yum Videos we are certain a quality customer testimonial video can be the difference between tying the knot between you and your customers or keeping them hesitant.

If you want to know how we can help you take your marketing to the next level, why not give us a call? Just a friendly, yummy chat to see how videos can help your business. ☺


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When Is It A Good Idea To Use A Motion Graphics Explainer Video?

Do you need to pass out complex ideas or abstract concepts, and you’re not sure about what explainer video style you should pick out? Today you’re going home with the answer in your pocket: an amazing style that is just stunning from a visual point of view, and highly effective from a marketing point of view 🙂 We’re talking about motion graphics! Learn why this explainer video style is one of the best techniques to synthesize an idea and how engaging it can be to help you maximize your marketing efforts. Enjoy the reading!

motion graphics explainer videos

explainer video step by step

The Basics

So far, you’re probably aware of the amazing power video content has for your marketing strategy. Animated marketing videos, in particular, are a very interesting resource to pass out your business idea in a fast, simple, and engaging way. And, among the different explainer video styles, motion graphics stand out as one of the most popular style. Check out this video so you can have a better understanding of the different animated explainer video styles and their traits:

Historically, graphic design has always been used to explain things visually and to solve communication problems, like explaining a complex idea in a very simple way. Of course, we’re still using graphic design in today’s world but we also have the chance to enhance it with the most modern techniques, like video animation. And guess what? That’s when motion graphics come in handy!

Basically, this style is about graphic design in motion. And, true to its essence, they are perfect to explain complex ideas in a very simple and straightforward way. Just watch this example to get in the mood:

Motion Graphics: Key Features

So far, you know that motion graphics is a great video style to deliver complex or abstract concepts. But besides that, what makes this style so different from others? Let’s dive into their main features and characteristics, so you get the big picture.

  • It’s one of the most sophisticated and elegant explainer video styles.
  • It’s also a little bit more formal than other techniques.
  • It combines colorful graphics in an educational but also very attractive way.
  • It has an amazing synthesis power, so it’s great for passing out numbers, statistics, categories and specific facts (all of these could be harder to transmit if you use other styles).
  • It has the ability to turn boring information and data into the most appealing and engaging content.

One Of The Best Explainer Video Styles

Besides its amazing features, we want to summarize 3 key benefits that make motion graphics stand out from the rest of the styles.

#1. Great visual power

As you may know, marketers are using more and more visuals to communicate their messages and synthesize their ideas. Keep in mind that we are all visual learners: drawings, diagrams, designs, charts and any other kind of resource helps us understand any kind of concept assimilate them pretty quickly and remember them in the future (visual content is highly engaging, appealing and also memorable). So imagine how powerful video content mixed with graphics and designs in motion can be! Motion graphics gets the most out of visual learning and helps you get to your audience with compelling and enticing content.

#2. Designs that come alive

Remember that motion graphics content is not only about designs, we have to go one step further…it’s about animation too! Motion graphics explainer videos get the most out of animation techniques to make designs really come to life. One of the best advantages of these videos is that they give you the possibility to pass out any complex business idea by making use of graphic elements in motion. This means you will make your audience understand what your product is about in a just a matter of seconds!

#3. Merge with other explainer video styles

Motion graphics can lack that human or emotional approach that other video styles can have. But that’s not a problem at all! Motion graphics can be easily merged with other animation techniques to get the most out the two approaches. Hence, if your company needs a more warm approach, maybe you want to include some cute and nice animated characters that make your target audience feel connected with to enhance engagement, or maybe you want to “tell a story” besides passing out some of those specific figures and stats. You have different possibilities to merge motion graphics with other explainer video styles, but we’ll talk about that later 😉

When You Should Use A Motion Graphics Video

Now you have a lot of information on hand. Despite this, maybe you still have some doubts on whether this is the right animated marketing video style for your company. Take a few minutes to review these bullets and analyze if it would be a good fit for you.

  • Does your company have a “serious” or “professional” image?

If you sell a product / service that has a more “professional” profile and you want to reinforce that image through video marketing, then consider making a motion graphics video.

  • Do you want to provide your video with a more elegant and sophisticated style?

Then develop a motion graphics video: this is one of the most “formal” explainer video styles and it doesn’t lose its visual appeal. It will definitely bring some particular seriousness that other marketing videos may lack.

  • Do you need to convey abstract or complex concepts or ideas, and do so in a fancier and more appealing way?

If you need to pass out numbers, facts, statistics, or any other data that could be harder to digest without making use of animated designs and graphics, go with a motion graphics video.

  • Do you need to synthesize concepts in an educational and attractive way?

If an image is worth a thousand words, imagine the huge power pictures in motion may have! Motion graphics videos have a terrific synthesis power and give you the chance to combine colorful graphics in an educational and charming way to convey any kind of concept.

  • Do you have a B2B company, or even a B2C company that is more related to “hard data”? (such as a financial company, IT solutions, or a computer software company)

If that’s your case, both B2C or B2B companies, go with motion graphics. It will definitely help you deliver your message in a very straightforward and understandable way, without losing engagement.

Combining Motion Graphics With Other Explainer Video Styles

Your marketing video doesn’t need to be “100% motion graphics”. Remember we said that one of the best benefits of this style is its great versatility: it can be easily merged with other animation techniques to get the most out of the two worlds. Let me give you some examples:

Motion graphics combined with Live Action

Live action may have some limitations, but if you mix it with some design in motion, your imagination is the limit! By mixing motion graphics and live action you can transmit ideas or concepts that could be impossible to pass out using Live Action solely. This is a good example we developed for Stocks In Value:

Motion graphics combined with character animation

Motion graphics has an amazing synthesis power but they also may lack that special human touch many companies also need. Adding some cute and funny characters may be a great move to make your video even more attractive and engaging. Check out this cool example:

Motion graphics combined with whiteboard video

In every high quality whiteboard video there will be a Motion Graphics specialist behind it to make all the camera movements, graphics, hand animations and the rest of the elements look just great. Remember that most whiteboard video productions are made digitally. So, even if you don’t notice it, any high quality whiteboard video will have motion graphics applied to it. Check out how motion graphics have been applied to this whiteboard animation:

At Yum Yum we have developed many different explainer videos for every kind of company. So if you now feel ready to develop your own marketing video, get in touch with us and we´ll help you decide what the best style of video for your business is.


Today you have learned what this specific technique is all about and how you can use it to attract your audience with a simple but engaging message. Also, we’ve seen the amazing features and benefits this style offers and how (both B2C and B2B companies) can leverage its huge synthesis power to transmit any kind of concept in just a few seconds. We’ve also shared some strong arguments on why this is one of the best explainer video styles out there in the market and have shown you how you can merge it with other styles to maximize its effectiveness. Now you’re fully ready to develop your next motion graphics video that can complement your content strategy!

Drop us a line!

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ideal explainer video lenght

What Is The Ideal Explainer Video Length?

So, here’s the situation: you are about to develop your brand new explainer video. You want to make it engaging and compelling enough so as to quickly grab your audience’s attention (you know you have strong competition out there). But you also need enough time to pass out your key messages. With this in mind, what’s the ideal length your explainer video should have? We have some valuable tips to share with you. Join us!
ideal explainer video lenght

free ebooks awareness

Video Length And Engagement for All Kinds of Videos:

Grabbing people’s attention in today’s world is a huge challenge. Just for you to know, the average attention span has decreased to 8.25 on average. This means you have to create highly catchy and attractive content that hooks your audience right from the start, and also keeps their attention all the way through (or, at least, makes them remember something about your content).

From a general point of view, if people’s attention span is shorter than a goldfish’s, you have to be very careful about the duration of your marketing video. Statistics seem to support this. Check out the relationship between video length and engagement, from a study carried out by Wistia. Here are some highlights:

  • Videos up to 2 minutes get great engagement. Keeping your video under 2 minutes will keep your audience hooked and entertained.
  • There is a significant drop of engagement between 2 and 3 minutes.
  • From 6 to 12 minutes, you have another sweet spot to take advantage of.
  • From 12 minutes on, every minute loses the attention of people. So stay alert…

wistia study

Is There A “Perfect” Length for Your Marketing Video?

Now that you have gone over Wistia’s key findings, please don’t think that every marketing video should last 2 minutes to meet “the perfect standards”. It not about cutting down your 8-minute video to 7 minutes, because it won’t make a huge difference in engagement. In the same line, it’s not about trimming your 10-minute video to make it fit with the 2-minute scenario either.

Just like a TED talk video, for instance, will never last less than 15 minutes, a pitching video shouldn’t be longer than 2 minutes. Everything depends on different factors, such as the content, the target audience you’re aiming at, and the overall context. Let’s analyze this in detail:

  1. The type of content

    In video marketing you have lots of possibilities: behind the scenes videos, how-to videos, educational videos, animated marketing videos, testimonials, documentaries, and SO much more. Of course, depending on the content you develop, the length of your video will vary (just because some content warrants longer videos).

  2. The target audience you’re aiming for

    It’s important that you have a clear idea on who you’re trying to reach, and the specific action you want them to take. This will certainly have an impact on the length of your video. It’s not the same to educate viewers and wanting them to take a specific action as simply entertaining them. Be clear on this.

  3. The context

    The devices, the platforms and the overall expectations of your target audience will also play a key role in the length of your video. For instance, according to some stats revealed by Hubspot, videos under five minutes in length seem to be widely chosen on smartphones. Regarding social media, the ideal video length on YouTube seems to be 3 minutes. The expectations of your audience also play a key role: the title (what it is about, how it is written, etc.) , the thumbnail you use, the platform in which you promote it, etc. are all key factors that will lead your audience to think that the video will be short, or long. Meeting their expectations is a must!

Some Standard Video Lengths

The Next Web, for instance, compiled some of the most common video formats and suggests specific lengths for each one. Take a look, so you can see the big picture:

  • For tutorials, the ideal length could be between 45 and 90 seconds. More than 2 minutes will make the viewer feel that the content needs more concentration and time.
  • Creative commercials should be between 15 and 59 seconds. We all know that commercial ads tend to be very short.
  • Crowdfunding videos could have an average of 2.5 minutes. In this type of video, the viewer is willing to learn about a specific “project” and that´s why they require more time.
  • Customer testimonial videos can go between 60 and 119 seconds. Again, the viewer is interested in what the speaker has to say; they have a previous interest about a specific brand/product and is well predisposed to “invest” a little more time.

Watch this cool example of a commercial:

What About Explainer Videos?

As you may know, an explainer video is a short animated video that aims at explaining a business idea in a simple, engaging and compelling way by using attractive visuals and cool animations. Basically, it explains what the company offers, how it can help the customers with their problem and why that product/service is the best option in the market.

Due to its idiosyncrasy, this type of video shouldn’t be long. Keep in mind that the idea is to give a compelling solution to your audience’s pain points. You have to be straightforward but persuasive enough so as to make them take action.

Of course, depending on the type of animated video you choose, the field of your company and the stage of the buyer’s journey for which it´s made, the length could vary. But, based on our experience, we can say that the ideal length for explainer videos is between 60 and 90 seconds. It’s like the perfect length to pass out your key messages, keep your audience entertained, and encourage them to take action, without losing views. Check Picniic’s:

How Can You Avoid Dropped Views In Your Explainer Video?

We have some tips and tricks to share with you so that you can get the most out of these 60/90 seconds!

First, keep in mind these useful resources:

  1. YouTube Cards

    They are a great option to encourage your viewers to take action in the direction you want. As they add interactivity to your videos, they’re perfect to keep your audience’s attention, while you also encourage them to “take the next step”.

  2. Call to Actions

    If used the right way, they are an amazing resource to keep your audience’s attention (you have plenty of alternatives if you get creative). Check out some valuable tips on how to add Call to Actions to your explainer videos.

So, these two are great to avoid dropped views caused by the length of your video.

Youtube Animated Explainer Videos

But, of course, dropped views may have other reasons behind them: a poor script and a bad quality video. Try to follow these guidelines to assure the quality of the script and the entire video:

  • Start your video by delivering, in an appealing, clear and straightforward way, the main problem you intend to solve. This will help you quickly grab your audience’s attention, as they’re looking for the right solution for their needs.
  • Make sure your animated video is 100% custom. This way the viewers will identify with the characters, landscapes and backgrounds and will feel that the video was specially made for them. Believe me: this helps a lot to boost engagement and trust towards your brand.
  • Give your video the best quality, in every aspect of the video production process: this will make it unique, captivating and -ultimately- effective.
  • Give your explainer video the right length. Keep in mind that 160 scripted words in English is equal to around one minute on video. So, for a 90-second video you will need 240 words. You can download our free eBook on “How to write a script for an explainer video” to get some valuable information about this and other aspects of the scriptwriting process.

Finally, one gold tip you can’t miss: hiring a professional video production company that can help you in each of these stages. This is the only way you will get to a high-end marketing video that gives you the ROI you expect.

At Yum Yum we have wide experience in explainer video production and, what’s more, we take care of every single detail to assure the best results for your marketing video. We always develop 100% custom videos to meet your specific needs: we want to develop a video that helps you increase conversions and sales through brand engagement and trust.

This is one of our top explainer videos, so that you can get a better idea:

We also have one of the best quality standards in the market and have worked for companies from different sizes and industries. So, no matter what your case is, drop us a line and we will be glad to help you produce your next explainer video!

Remember: the length of your video will depend on several factors. Regarding animated marketing videos, don’t forget to follow some basic guidelines to assure great engagement and get the most out the timing you have.

Finally we invite you to check our video marketing resources, where you’ll find lots of information on explainer video production, the scriptwriting process, inbound marketing techniques, and more!


explainer videos the ultimate marketing tool


5 Key Tips for Casting Voice Actors for Your Video Production

You’ve put love, sweat and – maybe even a few tears – into your marketing video production and now you’re ready for the voice over.

While it can feel like a long road to travel from conceptualization to realization, there’s still nothing like finally seeing your vision come to life.


video the greatest marketing tool

So, as you’re excitedly posting your voice over project through an online platform like Voices.com, or putting out a casting call, there are some considerations to keep in mind so that the hiring process goes smoothly.

#1. Quality Reads Start with Quality Writing

Just because a concept makes sense in your head, it doesn’t mean that it will come out as clearly when someone reads it out loud.

Truly, the quality of your script will set the tone for how well the voice actor’s performance will go.

script for animated explainer video

There are many tips and tricks for writing a great script, and one standout recommendation is to read what you’ve written out loud. When you do, do you stumble? Do some words make you take pause? Are you missing punctuation – or is the ‘flow’ off? It only makes sense that if you’re writing words that will ultimately be spoken aloud, that you test your script with your own voice first.

#2. The Right Voice Actor Will Breathe Life into Your Script

Once you know your script for your video production makes sense and flows when read out loud – the next phase is to put it in front of someone – i.e. a professional voice actor, who can provide you with the ‘read’ of your dreams.

Hiring a professional voice actor is crucial.

When most of us speak, we don’t consciously consider how we sound – we simply say what we mean. And put a script in front of us to read, and we will – well, just read it. But a voice actor? He or she will have an approach to your script that is more than conversational or robotic – professional voice actors help your words come to life. check at this cool example:

Your video production deserves the right inflections and emotions to power the words you’ve so carefully crafted. By hiring a professional, you’re ensuring that your content will reach the audience with an impact that is unmatched.

#3. The Casting Process Now Moves at the Speed of Business

It used to be that casting a voice over project could take months to sort out. Now, no matter who is on your team (from writers and directors to the CEO), you can receive auditions from professionals around the world in a matter of just a few short hours or days.

If you feel compelled to take a walk down memory lane and see how far we’ve come, thanks to technology, you can always compare the past and present methods for sourcing and hiring voice actors.

It’s a comfort knowing that time and distance are no longer barriers (or even a hindrance!) to a knockout vocal performance.
selecting the right person for your explainer video

#4. Professional Voice Actors Can Save You Money

There’s a reason why the saying ‘you get what you pay for,’ has had such longevity. While many people are tempted to ask friends, family or colleagues to ‘voice’ their project as a way to save money, more often than not, this strategy backfires.

This is because many issues of quality are revealed on playback. From clicks and pops to awkward pauses or mispronunciations, the time and money spent going back to the studio to ‘fix’ the track quickly adds up. And at the end of the day, there are some mistakes that even post-production can’t fix.

A professional will give you the right read in the right quality, right off the hop. When you hire someone, you’re making your investment go further and protecting yourself from costly attempts at ‘saving the piece’ down the road.

Truly, there are a myriad of reasons why professional voice actors offer priceless value.

#5. With the Right Casting, the Authenticity of Your Brand Will Shine

Voice actor hiring trends have revealed that modern marketers are opting for conversational voices. Gone are the days of ‘barking’ at your audience with the command of an announcer – today’s audiences are craving an approach that connects with who they are and what they’re all about.

‘Conversational voices’ seem to have risen in popularity in tandem with the rise of social media, which has allowed us to connect with like-minded people in ways that are anything but formal.

When you’re casting for your video production project, listen for voices that sound like they would resonate with your target personas. There’s no right or wrong answer as to which sound is the ‘right sound,’ there is only the sound that makes a personal connection with your audience.

Ask yourself:

  • Does my target audience have an accent?
  • Do they gravitate towards voices that demonstrate diversity?
  • Would a female or male voice command more attention – or respect?
  • What would cut through the clutter of other content that is trying to reach your audience at the same time as you?

If you take the time to ensure that you’ve chosen a voice actor with your audience’s preference as top of mind, you’ll be in the company of other successful businesses – like Disney – who have cast based on authenticity.

In the End, Don’t Push Casting to the Bottom of Your List

Given the importance of a voice actor’s role as the very literal ‘voice of your project,’ it only makes sense that the element of voice over be treated as a high-priority production item.

All too often, producers find themselves in a bind where they are trying to locate top notch talent at irrationally low prices, simply because they haven’t properly allocated budget for production. But just because the recording tends to occur near the end of the project it doesn’t mean that it should only get whatever is left of the budget.

By ensuring that you set a healthy amount of funds aside, you’ll be sure to protect one of the best investments that you can make in your marketing video production: a voice that delivers your message, on spec, on time, and as intended.

About Voices.com

Voices.com is the largest online voice-over marketplace in the world. Over 200,000 talent from around the globe, speaking over 100 languages and dialects, are connected daily to the job opportunities posted by 200,000 clients. These clients include such brands as Microsoft, Hulu, GoDaddy, Bell, Lumosity, and National Geographic.


how to write a explainer video script

the perfect video production company

Are you Scared of Hiring an Explainer Video Company That Works Abroad?

You did it. After following all the advice you could get your hands on to find the perfect explainer video company, you found the one that impressed you the most. They have the experience, the professional team, the perfect portfolio. But as you are getting ready to hire them you discover something that bugs you – the company isn’t from the US!

the perfect video production company

video the greatest marketing tool

You burst into panic mode. How can you work with a company that works abroad? There could be trouble understanding each other. There might be time differences that could wreak havoc on how you like to work. Heck, there may even be cultural differences that might seep into the work. Can you afford all that?

I can see this scenario playing in your head. However, you shouldn’t worry. Although all of those concerns are genuine and seem very likely, they don’t have to be real for you. You just have to pick the right explainer video company and you’ll see that it won’t matter if they are based outside the US. Here’s why.

Remote companies work exactly the same as in-house teams

People accustomed to in-house teams find some reassurance in the proximity of the professionals they work with. They can see what they are doing, they can meet at convenient times, and can even consult with them whenever they feel like it. I won’t argue that all of these factors come in handy when it comes to creating a company video. How can a remote team beat that?


A professional video company can work remotely with you and make you feel like you’re involved in every step of the way (download our step-by-step Explainer Video Production Process to see how that’s possible!). Do you want to meet to discuss the details of your project? Just fire up your webcam and talk away! Forgot to clarify an important aspect of your brand? Send a short email to the team and you are all set. Have a doubt you need to cover ASAP? That’s why chat tools were invented.

If you stop to think about it for a second, you’ll see that even US-based companies use all of the above. Unless you hire a company that works in the same building as you, then chances are you’ll meet online for every step of your project. That’s the modern standard! So, that’s not much of a difference between a company from New York and one from Buenos Aires.

Now, of course there’s the time difference issue. It’s obvious that you can’t work with an Australian or an Asian company, as they’ll be working while you sleep and vice versa. But you can surely find some of the best explainer video companies in the world in a time zone that you can work with. Take Latin America as the perfect example. Its countries have the same time zone (or very close ones) to the ones in the United States. Working with professionals from there won’t hurt your schedule and you might even get some extra perks by doing that.

Basically, a remote team doesn’t mean you’ll have to sacrifice much of your working routine. Thanks to the many, many Internet tools we can use to communicate, share and collaborate online, a company working abroad can assist you with everything you need as if it was established across the street.

Companies from abroad use the same professionals

Ok, timing and communication may not suffer that much (or at all) when working with a video explainer company but surely the quality isn’t the same, right? Wrong. If you do your homework and find a reputable and experienced video company, then the results will be the same as you’d get if you worked with a US-based company. How’s that possible? Thanks to the talent used to create the video.

The best explainer video companies in the United States and around the world work with a team of experts in all of the project’s stages. So, while the scripting and the narrating phases are done by American professionals, the production stage is outsourced – even to other countries! The main reason for doing that is to reduce costs but also because there are countless professionals that provide excellent results on time.

Working with script writers and narrators from the States guarantees that the tone, the pronunciation and the language used in the company’s video are perfect for the target audience. In the meantime, the more technical aspects of the production can be done at a reduced cost in any country (thanks, again, to the wonders of online collaboration).

Hey, don’t believe me about the quality work the companies from outside the US can give you? Then take us for example. We’ve worked with dozens of companies from the United States and surpassed all of their expectations. Check out one of our videos below to see what a non-American video company can give you.

Video companies from abroad use your language too

The communication tools are there, the timing is not a problem and the talent is exactly what you need for your brand. But you might be still worried about misunderstandings, especially because some of the foreign companies don’t use English as their official language (nice to see you’re so detailed in your company assessments). Again, this won’t be a problem if you work with the right people.

The whole video production industry has been evolving for the last couple of years. Most premium companies understand that the current context calls for excellence in all aspects. The competition isn’t just limited to the companies in the same city – now anyone can have customers from all over the world!


So, to grow, video companies have to keep that global audience in mind. And given that English has become the official language of the whole Internet, the best companies started hiring and training employees with a high English proficiency.

You can quickly check that out with the explainer video company you’ve just found. Ask for an introductory meeting with the excuse to discuss the project. There, you’ll have the possibility to check their English level, their communication skills and their professionalism. It’s important to remember what you need from the production team – to get your point across, to be understood. If the team on the other side can do that for you, then you should feel relieved.

By combining a production team with advanced English skills and native speakers working on the script and the voiceover, you can rest assured that your video will be everything you want it to be.

A company from abroad can be more affordable

If I told you that you could get what the best US-based video companies are putting out for half the price, you’d tell me that I’m nuts. Well, perhaps, but not about this. As you’ve seen above, the best companies in the United States aren’t that much different than the best companies abroad, at least in technical terms. But there are price differences that make non-US companies a very competitive alternative for anyone out there looking for quality work.

The best ROI

When talking about high-quality, fully customized videos, the main US companies are charging between $15,000 and $25,000 for a 90-second animated video. Sounds like a lot? It probably is, given that a company like Argentina-based Yum Yum Videos is charging between $6,000 and $8,000 for the same thing.

Keep in mind that being that affordable doesn’t mean the final quality suffers. It’s just how the global video development industry works. Companies in other countries can have amazing prices thanks to favorable exchange rates that keep everyone happy – the professionals, the company, you and your wallet!

Wouldn’t you give a chance to a company that can cut your video budget in half? I thought so! But just before doing this, check out what that reduced budget can give you and see for yourself that quality is never sacrificed. The video below was featured in Hubspot as one of the best examples of explainer videos – and it was done by us!

Feeling calmer now? Go check out that company you’ve found earlier and see if all of these factors apply to them! If what they offer looks great and you feel like it can work for you, then don’t let the fact that they are based outside the US discourage you. As you saw, there’s nothing to worry about when you work with true professionals – and there’s even something amazing to gain!

Still aren’t convinced? Then let us be your matchmaker! We can pair you up with some of the best professionals in the video industry and provide you with a video that will bring customers right to your front door. And we’ll do all of that at a very competitive price! Stop being scared – nothing good has ever come out of feeling that way. Video companies from abroad can be the ones that you were looking for all along!

Want to see how this can work? Contact us and let’s talk!


how to choose the right explainer video company

custom explainer videos increase sales

Don’t Tell Your Boss to use an Explainer Video. Convince Him!

If you’re constantly reading about marketing strategies to improve your company, I won’t need to tell you how much an animated explainer video can help you. Numbers don’t lie: these animated marketing videos can provide you with a sales increase of 20% on average while also giving your site’s average visit a boost of up to 2 minutes.


awareness - video academy

If it were up to you, you’d already have a series of company videos online. But it’s your boss that needs to see that and, up until today, you couldn’t convince him. Worry not! At Yum Yum, we make animated videos for a living and know how you can get him to agree with you. You just have to show him the facts – and use some of the following suggestions!

#1. Animated explainer videos have loads of benefits

Like you, me and everyone in this business, your boss needs to see results. Since he won’t risk  making a mistake and lose money, you need to lay out the benefits of marketing videos before him. Luckily, there’s plenty you can show him. For instance:

  • These videos can help your website get higher rankings. Google makes a huge deal out of videos (you’ve heard about that little platform of theirs called YouTube, right?). The Mountain View giant makes that evident by rewarding sites with original and compelling content with better positioning in search engine results. This works both in Google and in YouTube which, incidentally, is the second biggest search engine in the world.
  • People will stay on your site much longer. If you’re a human being that spent a least an hour in front of a computer in the last 5 years, you don’t need me to tell you how much people consume video content. So, who benefits from that? Companies that invest in them, of course. That’s because people spend an extra 2 minutes on sites that have embedded videos.
  • Sales go up and up with animated marketing videos! This is the biggest benefit you need to explain to your boss. Data shows that a website can expect an average 20% conversion rate boost. It’s pretty logical if you think about it: you explain your services or product in a unique and charming way that people can relate to and remember. Whenever they need a company that sells what you’re selling, you’ll already be on their minds.

Those 3 benefits should already have your boss wondering why your company never put some money into explainer videos. Take advantage of that. Push harder and make a more exciting case. You can do that by underlining how a video is a more direct way of flashing your visitors with the company’s lovable personality. Given that people tend to favor videos over text on a 4:1 ratio, this should be easy.


You can also tell him something that all bosses around the world love to hear – animated videos cost less to market than keywords. That’s right! The ads you see on YouTube and Google Display are cheaper than Adwords keywords and can be as effective! A quick comparison will be enough – an Adwords keyword can cost up to $20 per click while a Display ad can cost only $1. Don’t tell me that’s not great!

#2. Animated explainer videos are an investment

Let’s say you already have your boss in your pocket with all the benefits of animated marketing videos can bring to the company. The time will come when you’ll have to discuss how much the company will have to pay for a well-crafted video – and that’s when many people hit a roadblock. Why? Because most US-based video development companies are charging between $15k and $20k per video.

Sure, that seems like a lot to pay for a video. But don’t panic. We are going to show you some of  the factors that affects a video production budget and what you can make to get a better price without sacrificing quality or results.

First of all, there are all the benefits I’ve discussed above. If you could convert them into money (which you totally can), then your boss would see that the impact of the video cost is minimal. But there are other things to factor into the final price.


Quality is one of them. Take a minute and think of the company videos you remember the most. They are probably funny, touching or highly spectacular. Know how they got that good? After hours and hours of hard work by a team of video developers. Having a group of experienced and knowledgeable people to work on your video will cost you more but they will show you how fantastic the final result will look. That’s why it is so important to get the right explainer video production company!

Customization is another huge factor here. I’m not saying you can’t make a company video with what’s already out there (like existing video templates) but chances are you’ll want to have your company’s personal touch on it. You’ll want people to watch your video and feel like they are in front of a unique animated video production company, a brand that can’t be compared to any other one.

Creating whiteboard videos with your brand’s spirit, designing characters for cartoon animations and motion graphic videos that speak to your target audience are some of the options you have to differentiate yourself from the rest. Of course, none of that is easy nor cheap.

A video production company that can fit in your boss’ agenda is also something to consider. A video with a tight deadline doesn’t cost the same as a video with a less demanding release date. There are more extra hours and video developers involved in the former than in the latter, so being flexible with your deadlines can also have an impact on the final price.

Finally, you can tell your boss to relax – there are video marketing companies that charge far less for videos while providing the same quality as US video companies. How’s that possible? Location! While most companies work with US talent (such as narrators and script writers) to ensure the final quality, agencies located outside the US use their local teams to create the technical aspects of the video. This can have a huge impact on the final price and the quality could be the same or even better!.

This is a video that we made (in Argentina) and it’s considered one of the best explainer videos by Hubspot in this blog post (one of the most important marketing platforms in the world).

Given that nowadays you don’t need to meet face to face or have your video development team in the same city (heck, not even in the same country!), you can always outsource. There are countries that host amazing video companies with top-notch quality that are charging between $6k and $12k per video. That’s half of what a US company is charging!

Ultimately, you have to make your boss understand that what he’s paying for a marketing video is an investment. As with any investment, the more you put in, the more you get out of it. With these videos, you’re investing in a high quality marketing material that can work for you for a long time, giving you results that won’t just cover the initial investment but far surpass it.

#3. The perfect video production company is a few clicks away

I said it above and I’ll say it again – you don’t have to limit your search for the video production company that suits your need to the ones in your city. The Internet has made it extremely easy for anyone to look up the best video production companies all over the world. In that way, your boss should know that he can get all the benefits of videos by paying a reasonable amount that fits the company’s budget.

Now, if there only was a way to find the perfect video company… I know! Let me tell you about an Argentina-based company that works with talent from the US and can give you all of the above. Yes, I’m talking about Yum Yum Videos and, yes, we have no shame in saying we’re perfect for you.

There are several reasons why we’re so confident. We have strong experience working with the big boys (from Walmart and Fox to McKesson). We follow strict quality standards. We have unbeatable prices. And we have a process that will blow your boss’ head away. Take a look!

In fact, Yum Yum isn’t just an animated video production company. We have developed testimonials, commercials, and educational videos – all with the same fantastic process! Don’t take our word for it – here are some examples:

The bottom line is this. You’ll only get great results if you work with the right people. Search your feelings. You know it to be true. We believe we are the right people for you. Reach out and let’s talk!

TL;DR – or what you truly need to know to convince your boss

It all comes down to a few key things, actually. While your boss can focus on the cost, you should remind him of all the things the company will be getting from a video. Increased sales, better visibility, higher rankings, an engaged audience, and an evergreen piece of content that will keep on giving great results.

And if he still isn’t convinced, then ask him to look to other companies and see how many of them are actually spending some money on videos. Once he sees that all the cool kids are going down this road, perhaps he’ll feel left out and want to belong. This are some of the greatest marketing videos out there.

Need even more help to convince your boss that explainer videos are what your company needs? Then here are some selected resources that you’ll definitely want by your side:

Videos are a cornerstone for inbound marketing and the whole buyer’s journey. Watch this video to understand that.

Some say that company videos are the greatest marketing tools around. We are among them! That’s why we think this infographic can help you.

Searching for the right video production company for you can be a drag. Perhaps our free eBook can help you with that. Remember, though, that some of life’s greatest things are sometimes right before your eyes and you don’t even notice them(wink!).


explainer videos the ultimate marketing tool